Wrestling QnA with Grunt

Hey everyone, guess what! Yeah, more wrestling stuff. This time I take questions from our very own wrestling noob, Grunt. All questions have been asked by him, and I will do my best to answer them. Let’s start this.

Q: Finishers – what are they?

A: Well, finishers are a wrestler’s go-to move for finishing a match. Most commonly that move is something special to that wrestler and is normally only used when the wrestler is fairly certain they can pick up the win by using it. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than someone kicking out of the best move you have.

Q: Do they differ from signature moves. Are signature moves even a thing?

A: Yes, they are indeed a thing. Signature moves are moves that the wrestler just likes doing, and uses them often, normally used as a setup for their finisher. Some examples include Hulk Hogan hulking up before throwing some punches, and throwing the other guy into the ropes then hitting them with a Big Boot before hitting his finishing move The Leg Drop. Bret “Hitman” Hart liked to do a Piledriver or a Scoop Slam before locking in The Sharpshooter.

Q: Gimmicks, what exactly are they?

A: There are two types of gimmicks: a wrestler’s gimmick and a gimmick match. Gimmick matches are any match with some sort of extra condition. Hardcore matches, Hell in a Cell, Ladder matches, and First Blood matches are all examples of matches with a gimmick. A wrestler’s gimmick, on the other hand, is their character. The Rock, for instance; his gimmick at one point was that he believed he was the most electrifying man in wrestling. When he started making movies, he tweaked his gimmick to be that of a hot shot movie star who believed himself to be above all the other wrestlers. Also he became the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment.

Q: How closely are they tied to storylines usually?

A: Usually the wrestlers gimmicks always play some part in the storylines. If The Rock is over there bragging about how much he’s making in all these movies he’s in, that might draw the ire of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin’s gimmick was that he represented the every-man. He drank beer after matches, enjoyed hunting in his spare time, and decked the boss on a number of occasions. Gimmick matches on the other hand are few and far between when it comes to feuds. They should be used sparingly as they should be used as the end-all-be-all to cap off a feud. If two wrestlers dislike each other so much they need to be put inside of a Steel Cage, then that should be used as a blowoff to the fued.

Q: What are some basic terms commonly used?

A: Pro wrestling is very cryptic in the way wrestlers speak to each other. Basic terms used would be…

  • Babyface: the good guy.
  • Heel: the bad guy.
  • Spot: anything that happens in the match is a spot in one way or another.
  • Bump: whenever a wrestler takes a move with any sort of impact move.
  • Win by Submission: the act of making an opponent tap out.
  • Win by Pinfall: the act of winning the match from a three count.

Q: Why are there so many “championships” so frequently?

A: Well championships are something for all the wrestlers to chase. Why get into anything competitive like that if you don’t want to be recognized as one of the best at what you do? Even if wrestling is predetermined ,it still takes real talent and skill to do what they do. So just like anything, the best tend to rise to the top.

Q: What are promos, and what do they contribute?

A. Promos are anything that is used to promote a match between two or more wrestlers. From the two wrestlers in the ring talking to a video,  they contribute building up hype for an upcoming match or promote the return of somebody.

Well that’s all for this time. If you have an questions you would want to know the answers to hit me up on Twitter @Freakshow187

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