Tri-Weekly Freakly: Pro Wrestling and Why You Should Watch

Here I am with wrestling article. Who would’ve guessed? I’m just going to get right into this: if you’re one of those people who are all like “Why do you watch that fake shit?” I’m going to in turn ask you why do you watch movies? They’re both fake. Only difference is one has a higher budget, and one can be watched at a local high school gym.

Wrestling has a very rich history of brightly colored characters, and the best part is there’s a style of wrestling for you to like no matter your taste. Like a larger than life character who is always an asshole, and flaunts that he’s better than you? Look no farther than “Superstar” Billy Graham. He inspired many a pro wrestler after him with his unique look. Or do you like more punk rock anti authority characters? If you do, Raven is the man for you. His real life high IQ combined with the look of a common man in the 90’s means that he looked normal, but deep down inside he was a master at mind games, and who doesn’t wanna be a master at mind games?

If you like action movies then you will find some of the fast paced wrestling of the cruiserweights more your style. They fly around the ring at 100mph and never stop. If you are still against watching it because it’s fixed, or are convinced that it really doesn’t hurt, just lookup any Mick Foley match. He put his body through hell to entertain the fans. At the end of the day that’s all anyone of us really want to be is entertained.

I encourage you to check out some wrestling. You might not be into WWE, but there’s more companies out there than just them. Look around, and see different styles. It’s like movies: you might not like the more serious movies (WWE),but you love comedy movies (see: DDT in Japan). There’s something out there for you, and it’s up to you to find it.

Wrestling like anything else can bring people together over a mutual love for it. Is there people who would want to ruin your fun? Yes, but those people are everywhere. If you’re afraid of some sort of social stigma of watching wrestling just remember as long as you enjoy yourself, that’s what matters. The stories told in wrestling can rival that of big budget movies. Just because the wrestlers are trained doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt, or even worse couldn’t die in the ring, and if they are willing to take that risk doing what they love then I’ll gladly support them. They put their bodies and lives on the line for a story I’ll enjoy. The least I, or anyone else could do, is give them a watch. You never know, you might become a wrestling fan.

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