The Tri-Weekly Freakly: A New Challenge(r) Approaches

Video game challenges are things that have existed since shortly after video games. Now I hear you saying “But Freakshow what’s the point?” Well dear reader, I’ll tell you. You know that copy of your favorite game you’ve beaten a million times? Maybe you can do something to make it harder on yourself. It could be no healing items, only using starting equipment, or even not leveling up. Something to give it that extra little edge so you have a challenge to make it harder. You’ll fall in love with it all over again. Who doesn’t like to overcome a challenge, right?

Take for instance my favorite game Chrono Trigger. If you’re completely crazy you can do a challenge called Chrono Beast Mode. Basically you can only use Chrono and you must skip everyone else’s turn. Sounds crazy right? Well no matter how crazy it is it will breathe new life into your charasited games, and let you enjoy kicking ass.

You can even grab a group of friends and try a couple challenges in online games like Destiny. Tired of the controller layout you’ve been using for three years? Change it up! If you’re feeling really frisky invert the look, or if you’re Grunt change it back to not inverted. You and your friends will share laughs, look down and run into walls, or throw random ‘nades.

In the end video games are made to be enjoyed the way you want. If that means you want to go God Mode and collect all the best gear and have the enemy pray to you, or if you want to be the last great bastion of humanity in Fallout by not killing anyone. As long as you’re having fun that’s what matters. If you want to share your adventures in challenges I, and the rest of the Frantic Talks crew, would love to hear from you!

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