The Tri-Weekly Freakly: Finishers in Pro Wrestling

The finisher in pro wrestling: the end all be all of a match. Or is it?

In the early days of pro wrestling things were very different. The dropkick, now commonplace, was once a feared finisher. Depending who you ask it was innovated by either “Jumping Joe” Savoldi or Abe Coleman. Now-a-days though you have finishing moves like The Burning Hammer (more on that in a moment), the F-5, and the 630 senton for the fans of high flyers amongst us.

Today unless you’re a very protected wrestler, Brock Lesnar, or your finishing move is badass, Randy Orton, your finisher is going to get kicked out of like you just hit someone with a light breeze more often than not. I was watching Survivor Series and noticed the F-5 hasn’t been kicked out of lately, and it will stay that way at least until ‘Mania. On the other hand, John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment is kicked out of by any bum off the street in a big match. The problem now is that finishing moves have lost all meaning except for a select few.

Wrestling has evolved to the point where everyone is all about the high spots and doing 16 flips on a moonsault before they hit the ground. If someone can kick out of that, how am I supposed to believe that a simple power bomb will put someone away anymore? It’s a case of too much sizzle not enough steak in matches now. The Superkick, better known as The Sweet Chin Music, is a move every wrestler and their brother uses now. Yes, that was an Usos. The Young Bucks do a million Superkicks in a match, so how is it that when Shawn Michaels does it once he can normally pick up the win?

The flip side to this is little known moves fans have come to call Uber Finishers, which are moves only brought out in the highest of high profile matches. I’ll list my two favorite with a piece of trivia after. First up is the Japanese wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi, and his move The Burning Hammer. Now he didn’t invent this move, but is the most famous user of it. He only used it 7 times during his career and it has never been kicked out of. Kenny Omega uses a very badass move called the One Winged Angel which only one person has kicked out that I know of, that person being Kota Ibushi.

Bonus Trivia: Scott Hall is my favorite wrestler, and in his time in WWF as Razor Ramon no one ever kicked out of his finishing move the Razor’s Edge.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, or any thoughts on pro wrestling at all. Just be careful Scott Hall doesn’t hit you with the Razor’s Edge. Until next time!

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