Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: It’s Not That Bad

The new TMNT movie has been out for just over a week now and I got the chance to go see it. I love the 80s cartoon and 90s movies (except the 3rd one) so I was extremely skeptical.  I must say I was surprised.

Before I start, this “review” contains spoilers.

I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie.  In fact I thought it was a total travesty that it was even being made.  Michael Bay producing it?  Sounds like it’ll be Transformers: Age of TMNT. If you were thinking that, you’re highly mistaken.  I went in with an open mind and left happy I went.

This movie wasn’t the best movie ever made.  It wasn’t the best Turtles movie ever made.  It was okay.  There were just 2 things that stood out: The Turtles and the action.   I loved every minute of the Turtles being on screen.  They felt like the Turtles I had grown to love over the years.  They had some funny moments, a few “meh” moments, and each Turtle got their moment to shine during the avalanche scene.

The action was pretty good as well.  The last Michael Bay movie I saw was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and I’ve seen that a few times.  The thing I remember about that movie and the first Transformers movie was shaky cam and lack of seeing what’s happening in the action scenes.  For the most part, TMNT has some pretty good scenes where I can actually tell what’s going on.  The avalanche scene was a bit “uhhh” when trying to comprehend everything but  I still had a good idea.

This movie is getting a lot of hate and it’s mainly due to everything besides the Turtles and action and I honestly agree with what I’ve heard: Megan Fox is awful; the script was lazily written; character motivation is lost; really all the typical things that shitty movies have.  Megan Fox hogs the screen time breathing loudly instead of the Turtles being in the limelight (I mean they are the title of the movie right?). The script is a little too convenient, and what I mean by that is out of all the people in New York, Megan Fox happened to be apart of the creation of the Turtles who she really wants to use to make her big break on Channel 6 news so she goes to the Shredder’s sidekick to tell him “Hey bro I found the Turtles.”  It’s just extremely convenient.  Splinter just happened to self-teach himself perfect Ninjitsu from a washed up handbook?  And besides that Megan Fox met the Turtles and a few minutes later she’s calling them by nicknames?  I guess if you’re that friendly it makes sense but seemed odd.

My biggest grieve was during the avalanche scene (I know I’ve mentioned it a lot but it had a lot of stuff happening). Megan Fox had been trying to get pictures of the Turtles and that’s the whole reason she meets them: she snaps a pic and they wipe her phone then have to protect her from what she had learned or something.  She never tried to take any pictures up close and personal.  EVER.  During the avalanche scene while she’s in a semi truck with Will Arnett, fighting for her life basically, seems like a good time to pull out the camera phone, hang out the window of the semi, and start documenting this stuff?  Makes absolutely no sense.  Oh wait, I know why she did this!  It was so Will Arnett could look at her ass while she was hanging out the window and then for her to fall into a damsel in distress position.  Because that’s exactly what happens.  Would’ve totally made sense if she didn’t say that the whole reason she never blabbed about them was because they were family to her.

But like I said, all of that crap aside, it was a fun movie.  The Turtles were fun and the action was good, which is really the only reason you should go see this movie at all.  If you’re looking for a justified reboot of the Turtles you love, you won’t necessarily find it here, but you’ll find 4 Turtles who are fun to watch and kick some ass just like they did in the 80s and 90s.  Just try and block out anything that isn’t the Turtles or Splinter during the movie because you’ll probably be a little upset if you don’t.

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