Songs of the Week – March 2nd, 2015

Sorry we’re tardy to the party! It’s time for songs of the week with Frantic and Grunt.

Grunt’s Pick: Set It Off by P.O.D.

I have a hard time describing the music of P.O.D., most of it is a rock/rap combination and there are some other songs of theirs that have a bit of Reggae (what?) thrown in. Set It Off is more of the former classification though. I like the lead in to the chorus for this song; it’s simple and yet sounds good at the same time. The chorus itself is also something I can really get into for a lack of better terms.

Frantic’s Pick: Hessian Peel by Opeth

I don’t throw around the word masterpiece too often. Here’s one case where I truly mean it. I’ve shared Opeth before but that was much different than what you’re going to hear. Hessian Peel is beautiful, haunting, and brutal, all in about 11 minutes. I’m a sucker for creepy and I’m a sucker for orchestral arrangements. Lucky for me, this has both.
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