Songs of the Week: January 9th, 2015

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Songs of the Week for 2015! Last week we did Games of the Year so it’s almost been a month since we told you to listen to music. Let’s get that trend started back up!

Grunt’s Pick: Jawbreaker by Chevelle

I’ve been listening to Chevelle’s new album La Gargola a lot recently, but this song stuck out to me the most. Why? Well simply because I like the sound of it. You’ll hear some of the same guitar riffs used during the song, but I don’t think they are overused either. I also love how the end of this song plays into the start of the next one on the album.

Frantic’s Pick: Fire Above, Ice Below by Agalloch

Having just discovered these guys, I’m on that new artist “high” or whatever you want to call it. Knowing that they’ve been around since 1995 upsets me since I didn’t find them until 20 years later. Nonetheless Fire Above, Ice Below is fantastic. Powerful melodies, vocals, guitars, bass, and drums makes this song awesome. It’s a layered piece of art that I find myself leaving the repeat option on for 5 cycles through.
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