Revisiting the Metal Elitist

I’m a metalhead. Pretty simple explanation of my music taste no?  Well, I once covered the great subject of elitists in the fan base of Metal.  I’m here to do it again.

About a year and a half ago I wrote this lovely article talking about the wonderful world of metal and its elitist fan base.  Sure I made assumptions and turns out that they’re pretty accurate (insert non-personal empirical data here), but I have more information now than I did then.  Let’s delve into what I have discovered.

Seriously, fuck metalcore.

I thought one blog post was good enough to cover this subject but man was I way wrong.  Remember in the last post when I posted the Metal subreddit’s rules?  Man it gets way better when you see what they’ve added.



Isn’t that wonderful?  My “elitist” meter is going off the charts.  The reason behind this?  Well it could be one of two things:

1. Our community as a whole doesn’t like those genres

Makes sense right?  The mods are trying to be nice and say “Hey, we don’t control what gets upvoted and downvoted. You’re probably better off posting in other places.” I’d like to believe that this is the real reason. But that last line just rubs me the wrong way. It’s as if they put up this entire act to say nicely “fuck off.” So that must mean…

2. Our community doesn’t view those genres as “metal”

I mean they have metal in the name. What more do you need?  Well, Deathcore doesn’t have metal in the name but for god’s sake it has Death in it. Isn’t that the whole purpose of metal in the first place?  Sacrificing babies to Satan in order to please him and destroy the word of God?

In all seriousness though, don’t post metal in the metal subreddit?  What the actual fuck?  I personally don’t get the appeal of metalcore but it’s metal.  I don’t get the appeal of some other sub-genres of metal either (Black Metal, I’ve tried but I just don’t get you).  Must mean it’s not metal right?  Deathcore is another I don’t get the appeal of but again, shouldn’t matter that I don’t like it. Nu-metal is a niche. I listened to it when I was younger but it’s not my cup of tea anymore.

What really makes it show that the mods are also just as bad as the commenting people is the use of quotations around Nu-metal and the last line telling wimps and poseurs to get out.  Jesus that’s so cringe-worthy.

Firstly, putting quotes around metal in nu-metal just screams “We don’t acknowledge this genre as metal even though metal is in the name because it just simply isn’t.”  It helps to imagine the person speaking holding a glass of fine wine and talking with a heavy British accent.

Secondly, wimps and poseurs should leave the hall? When did it become a hall and what makes a wimp not fit for the metal scene? Also, please define wimp so I know what your definition is since we might have different definitions of an insult.

Aren’t metalheads just great? Oh I almost forgot…

My opinion is the only opinion

This is a general rule of thumb for all elitists.  “I have an opinion. Your opinion is wrong because it is not mine.”  A friend of mine usually says “I respect your opinion, but it’s wrong.”  That’s typically fine by me, because he actually respects my thoughts and opinions, but elitists just glance over it and jump straight to the part where they point out it’s wrong.

This is the “Le Wrong Generation” ordeal.  I suffered from it when I was 15, not going to lie. I listened to the non-mainstream music and wanted to rub it in anyone’s face any second I got because it made me feel superior. Looking back, I hated 15 year old me.  Most people probably hated 15 year old me and I do not blame them.  But what is sad is the people who never outgrew the superiority of listening to non-mainstream music, or in other words 95% of metal.

Therefore their superiority evolved into elitism because they found others like them and then the hive mind kicked in and they never left.  That’s somewhat of an argument of why the internet is a bad thing but that’s not what we’re discussing… Or is it?

The point?

I’d like to say I’ve learned that I should just avoid these people and that subreddit (and the others like it).  Problem with that is they’re honestly everywhere.  No matter what I try to do, the music I try to find, they’re there, waiting and lurking for the perfect moment to pounce.   Try going to a concert and avoiding them. You’ll have a great time, promise.

Anyways I’ll close like last time: don’t be an elitist. It’s annoying, it makes you look like a dick, and they only thing you’re doing is perpetuating a stereotype about metal fans that most of us just don’t like. Do us all a favor and open your mind to the broader spectrum.

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