A couple weeks ago while I was standing in my local record store looking at what new album I should add to my music collection and I came across a small section containing what the store had in stock from Pantera. Figuring I did not own an album from them (judge me later) I decided to go with one of theirs, but which one was the question? They had Cowboys from Hell, Reinventing the Steel, and The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy’s Vulgar Hits. Seeing that last title got me to thinking about something… Continue reading

I’ve talked on our podcast before about my enjoyment of creating games. What I don’t remember mentioning was my childhood dream of designing video games. While I see that as something that’d be fun (but demanding and unstable in the current market), I still have that drive to create. Whether it’s writing music or coming up with a game idea, the desire to make something is constantly there.

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