Our 2014 Picks For Games of the Year

So we’ve already expressed that 2014 well, sucked. Nonetheless we’re not saying all of it was terrible.  Here’s our picks for the best games of the year.

Grunt’s Pick: Destiny

Destiny, a game loved by many and hated by just as many. As with any game, Destiny has its flaws and things that players wish were different, but overall there is a lot I enjoy about the game. I personally wish that it had more of a story, leveling up wasn’t so much of a grind, and the loot system was a little better. Overall though, I really enjoy this game and find myself playing it constantly despite the complaints.

So what do I like the most about the game? A lot of stuff really, but after years of developing our beloved Halo titles, Bungie has nailed the way an FPS should handle on a console. Even with the addition of having a super ability to use now and then, the controls feel second nature to me. The vistas look stunning as well; I could spend hours staring at the moon in Old Russia.

Where this game really shines and displays its best content is within the strikes and raids. The raids and even higher level strikes require a decent amount of teamwork in order to get through them without failing too many times. Attempting something called a “raid” might be daunting to newer players, but with the right gear and a few friends the raids easily provide the best experience in Destiny.

Frantic’s Pick: Insurgency

Remember SOCOM: US Navy Seals?  Well this is that on the Valve source engine plus awesomeness.  This game is an extremely realistic military shooter.  Sure, there are CoD elements that you might notice, but it is much harder to be a lone gunner and run around with an SMG.  Do that, and you’re dead unless you are a god.  

There are good and bad things about this game.  The good things being one of the best military shooters out there right now and being extremely realistic. It is reminiscent of Counter-Strike with its loadouts where you build it when you start.  You have 10 loadout points to spend and pimping out your weapon will use all 10 points.  If you’re lucky you’ll get a sidearm depending on the bling you put on your gun.

The bad things about this game aren’t too bad.  It is a Steam exclusive so console game owners are out of luck.  It doesn’t do well if your ping is >100 but that just means you should use the server browser instead of the matchmaking system.  I think this is bad but if you start doing really well, you get more supply points.  I started with 10 one round and killed 7 people and died 1 time and was granted 2 more supply points.  This basically means that the best player can be even better.

Other than that, this game is fantastic and I am loving playing it.  It isn’t too expensive.  I got it for $5 in the last Steam sale so if you don’t have enough right now, put it on your wishlist and wait for that email to tell you when its cheap.

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