Opinion: Time for Another World War

Ok, so it actually is not the time for another world war. Unless we’re talking about video games, then of course it is! Since the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, I have been saying that it would be nice to see either the Call of Duty or Battlefield franchises move away from the modern and futuristic war scene and back to what made them in the first place. Let’s stop with the fancy exosuits that can jump over a small building, and the remote controlled cars as care packages and get back to the old days of World War II.

Back in the earlier days of both the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises, the whole reason they moved on from the World War II setting was because it was getting stale. I’m sure there are many people out there that are quite happy that these series have used the modern/futuristic mashup for their setting. However, I think it’s about time to retire the modern and futuristic settings and go back to the 1940’s era war.

I feel that going back to this time period would provide a refreshing take on the next CoD or Battlefield game. I understand that many people probably don’t buy a new Battlefield or Call of Duty game for its campaign but in terms of a story, there is still so much that happened that can be explored. Most of the games I have played that have been set during this time period have had at least one level where you’re storming the beaches of Normandy, or are fighting on the Russian Front. While I wouldn’t say no to going back to either of those places again, we need to explore some of the other events that took place during that time period rather than revisiting places we’ve been to already. Maybe even skip World War II and let’s go back a few decades to World War I and see something based on that.

As for characters during the campaign, don’t give us an average Private or Sergeant John to play as; let us have a main character who was part of the French Underground during the war. Or perhaps one that saw action during Operation: Market Garden, which has only been featured a handful of times in the previous games I have played. Give us a character that we actually care about and not one that feels like they were drafted the day the game came out. It might be a shock to many players who would play the game, but maybe try telling a story from the Axis forces during this time. Personally, I would not mind seeing something done more with the failed Operation Valkyrie in a game.

Obviously this change in time period would affect the overall game play as well and I feel this could be a good thing if it were to happen. Gamers naturally want to challenge themselves, whether it be something developers provide or something the community creates and shares. Going back to this era would get rid of all the fancy sniper rifles with an absurdly high zoom scope and that also have thermal optics that somehow plays into the ballistics of the sniper round. While it’s cool tech and probably based on real world items, I’ve normally felt that it’s cheap to use stuff like that and makes certain aspects of the game less challenging.

Give me an old fashioned bolt action rifle and make me hunt for my target. Don’t let me just pull out the thermal enhanced, ballistic adjusting scope attachment so all I have to do is look in the targets general direction and get a kill. Alright, so that’s not how it works but the point still stands. If I’m playing a multiplayer match, I would much rather prefer my actual skill and knowledge of how to play the game is what helped me win that match and not the gun or equipment I was using.

Outside of general gameplay changes, multiplayer shouldn’t be affected too much. A change in setting and a different set of weapons to use but otherwise the core of the games multiplayer should be left alone. The whole “don’t fix what isn’t broke” saying fits perfectly here. It could introduce some new possibilities for new game modes that could even replace some of the ones we’ve had for years in these games. I’d say you could even take out care packages from Call of Duty if it would be the game to go back to this setting. If you really look at it, without all of the fancy gear could you get to drop for you? Maybe you could snag a different weapon, or a restock on ammo, or if you’re on a large map maybe a mortar strike or something similar. Nothing too fancy, but something that matches the time period that the game is taking place in and something to make it feel like the player is being rewarded for doing good.

Who knows what the future of series’ like Battlefield or Call of Duty will be like in terms of a setting. I feel like now would be the perfect time to ground the drones and stow the modern combat gear. Let’s relive the past happenings of the World Wars but not the typical locales we have visited in past games.

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