How to Break the Internet in 4 Steps

This past week the world was officially shown just what it takes to break the Internet: release 4 trailers for highly anticipated movies.

Alright so maybe the Internet didn’t break but man was it awesome.  I’m going to share those 4 trailers for you to see (if you haven’t already) in order of my own “importance” scale and I’ll talk a bit about the potential.

Jurassic World

The premise of this movie makes no sense.  “Remember all those people killed because of trying to make dinosaurs real?  We should totally recreate that with more advanced technologies and decrease the safety of it!”  But seriously, glass balls rolling next to these giant creatures?  An aquarium style fish tank for a gigantic crocodile thing?  If this were real, it wouldn’t exist. But then again, looking at it from a realistic view would kill the whole premise of “dinosaurs yay!”  Anyways I’m sure this will be fun but I’m hesitant to the logic they’re going to use since it would seem they already threw it out the window to make the movie in the first place.

Fantastic Four

I’m skeptical, as is everyone else.  Fox has been hit and miss, primarily miss, with all of their Marvel titles.  X-Men started good, got horrible, and finally found its place with Days of Future Past.  So where will Fantastic Four land?  That is a fantastic question.  I can’t honestly say how well I think it will perform because I’m totally in the dark.  The only thing I can say is I hope we don’t introduce Johnny Storm as the adopted kid with daddy issues because that’ll just be annoying.

Batman V Superman

Now this is something I can get behind.  I like Man of Steel. Not at first, but after I read the director’s comments about the premise and logic behind everything, I found a new appreciation.  Superman isn’t supposed to be the boy scout, or not at first at least.  He’s going to make mistakes and learn.  That’s why Batman stands in to make him bleed… Color me excited.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I can’t contain my excitement.  But for the purpose of professional journalism I shall try to censor myself.  Actually, that can’t be done. So to spare you, I’ll just end this article here.

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