Guide: Destiny’s Black Spindle

So this is something new for me (and us here at Frantic Talks)…this whole writing a guide thing.  Hopefully this lengthy guide will help you grab a Black Spindle the next time the “Lost to Light” mission pops again as the daily mission in Destiny.  However, I make no promises that this will actually help you either; so find some friends and see what their plans are and maybe just try some of these tips if those ideas don’t work.

A quick rundown of what you need to do in order to get the Spindle from this mission would sound something like this.  Once you start the mission you play it like normal, until you complete the fight with the first Ogre and seemingly end the mission.  Well the game lies and the mission continues with you running for your life and opening three sets of doors in order to escape.  It’s also important to note, that once you start running for your life, you cannot wipe.  One person can die, two people can die, but try your best not to wipe as that cancels out the run.  Instead of opening all three sets of doors and doing this at a leisurely pace you’ll actually want to book it into the room with the final door and enter the door that takes you to the start of the Taniks strike.  Once in there, you’ll go up to the ship via gravity lift and then will be required to clear the ship within ten (10) minutes of Taken enemies.  Sound difficult?  Well, it actually is but if you have a couple of friends to pull in with you and the appropriate gear then with a few attempts at it you should be able to get it done.

To start things off, here are some recommendations on which subclass and abilities to use for each class.


  • I would roll with the Nightstalker over the others as it’s great for rounding up adds (additional enemies) with the tether and just generating a good amount of orbs for your teammates.
  • Make sure you’re running Shadowshot with Black Hole.  Why Black Hole?  The tether lasts longer in general, plus it has an extended range at which it can tether an enemy and it can tether more enemies at once.
  • Also make sure you’re using Light of the Pack as enemies that are killed while tethered generate Orbs of Light.  This goes back to the earlier reasoning behind using Nightstalker over Gunslinger or Bladedancer.  Your teammates will greatly appreciate the “Orbs for Days strat”.
  • I don’t think type of grenades matter, but I personally preferred using either the Void Wall grenade or the Vortex grenade.  Throw one of them down and it’s an effective method of add control.  Smoke bombs don’t really matter either, again I think it boils down to personal preference.  I ran Vanish in Smoke to get me or my teammates out of trouble if the need arose.


  • I’ve done this twice with a Titan as a teammate, once running Defender and the other running Sunbreaker.  Both are good choices in my mind, it depends if the person (or you) wants to run something more for add control (Sunbreaker) or more for team damage/shield support (Defender).
    • If you are wanting to run a Defender Titan, I would recommend running with Weapons of Light for the extra damage you and your teammates will get when passing through the bubble.  Blessing of Light is also good for the bonus shield you get from it.  I’d also recommend running Bastion as it increases the duration of your Ward of Dawn (the bubble).  If you’d rather generate Orbs for your allies, then swap Bastion for Gift of the Void.  Just make sure to place the Ward somewhere where enemies can hit it with their fire; otherwise there’s no real point in doing so.
    • Grenade and melee abilities do not matter I don’t think.  Maybe run Suppressor over the Magnetic and Spike grenades as it stuns enemies and doesn’t allow them to use their abilities for a little bit.  Normally you won’t be punching everything to death either so roll with whichever melee ability you prefer.
  • If you’re wanting to run something more for add control, then I would suggest running Sunbreaker.  It’s great for taking out several enemies at once…and there are plenty of enemies grouped together during this mission.
    • I’d highly advise using Scorched Earth for your Hammer of Sol’s special ability.  Having the Sunspots wherever your hammer lands is very effective at doing some extra damage, or even killing, any enemies left inside the area.
    • I’d personally run either Flameseeker for those longer hammer throws; or Explosive Pyre if you plan on focusing your super use around hitting mobs.
    • I ran Simmering Flames on my Sunbreaker for the simple fact of having your grenade and melee abilities recharge quicker than normal if you have a full super.
    • Speaking of melee and grenade abilities, I’d recommend either the Fusion or Thermite grenades; and for the melee ability I don’t think it really matters as you won’t be beating up on everything.  I’d run Solar Vent or Melting Point though.


  • Out of the three subclasses for the Warlock, Stormcaller is by far the best in my mind with the Sunsinger coming in second.  Stormcaller is great for add control and just down right terrifying to see roaming the halls.  Sunsinger comes in handy if you want to deal with the enemies that have solar shields and want a self-revive every so often.
  • If you decide to run your Stormcaller subclass, I would use Superconductor for your Stormtrance’s ability as it doubles the chaining ability of your lightning.
    • I’d also recommend using Transcendence as if you have a full melee and grenade charge, your super restores your health and drains slower.  For the abilities in the last column on the right, I normally stick with Electrostatic Mind; if you are sticking near your teammates you’ll get a faster recharge rate on your super.
    • As for grenade and melee abilities, Storm grenade is a good one to use for groups of enemies…which there will be plenty of.  I normally run Chain Lightning so any nearby enemies get damaged a little, but Rising Storm could work.  However, you really shouldn’t be trying to melee kill everything if you can help it.
  • If you want to run Sunsinger over Stormcaller, here’s how you can set it up.  If you want to give yourself a free revive now and then, obviously you should use Fireborn. If you don’t care about self-reviving, then opt for Radiant Skin instead as it decreases the damage you take while using Radiance.  You should also be running Radiant Will over Viking Funeral or Sunburst as your Radiance, once active, will last longer.
    • For the final column on the right side of the ability tree, I’d opt for Gift of the Sun as it gives you second grenade to throw.  More grenades = more…well I don’t know what it equals but still, run with it.
    • As for grenade and melee abilities, go with Fusion grenades as they stick to enemies.  This is great for tagging a Taken Captain or Knight with and taking their shield down to finish them off.  Plus, I don’t feel the Firebolt grenade does much damage on its own; and with the Solar grenade enemies will just walk out of the grenade so it’s practically useless unless you want to corner enemies in an area.  For melee ability, I would stick with Solar Shield.  If you’re just about dead, hit an enemy and you have a few extra seconds to run away or kill that enemy.

As a general rule of thumb for all classes and subclasses you would decide to use; make sure to increase your armor (not the armor you’re wearing, the “Armor” stat on your subclass) as high as you can take it.  If you can find a balance between all three (Armor, Recovery, and Agility) that you are comfortable with then feel free to roll with that.  Just make sure you won’t be too squishy when getting shot at by the plentiful amount of enemies.

Next up is list of weapons for each category I would suggest using.  Or, at least the type of weapon if you can’t get the exact weapon I mention.  It’s also worth noting that all of the King’s Fall raid weapons have the “Cocoon” perk on them; which, if you have it unlocked and selected, automatically reloads the weapon if it is stowed for a short time.  This is beneficial for the simple fact that you can run out of ammo in it, then switch to a heavy/special weapon and by the time you need to reload it you will have ammo in your primary and/or special weapon again.

  • Primary
    • The Zhalo Supercell (Auto Rifle) is great for dealing with the Centurions that have arc shields.  The downside is, it’s an exotic so it does take up the exotic slot for something else. The upside though, it is the only primary that does arc damage; so you could run an element of the other two in your special and heavy slots.
    • If you have any primary weapons from the King’s Fall raid, give them a shot. Why?  It’s mainly because of the passive “Will of Light” perk that they have which does bonus damage against Taken enemies.  Since most of the enemies you’ll fight are Taken, it just makes sense to use one of those if you have it.
  • Special
    • I would recommend using a sniper rifle over a shotgun or fusion rifle.  Shotguns would be good for the closer quarters, but I feel you’d have to get too close to effectively use one for most of the mission and there are only a couple areas that a shotgun would be the best option.  That being said, roll with either Arc or Void damage.  If you are using the Zhalo, I’d run Void since the former does Arc damage already.  The Void damage will be good for dealing with the shields on Taken Wizards.
    • Specifically, I don’t mind the 1000-Yard Stare for that slot.  If you’re on a Hunter, definitely use that Stillpiercer if you have it; it’s just a good sniper in general.  If you have a KF raid sniper I guess you could use that; I can’t comment on how effective it is as I don’t have one but it would come with the previously mentioned “Will of Light” perk.
  • Heavy
    • A very good heavy weapon to use is the Truth.  Generally speaking, it’s a good rocket launcher but the tracking is what really makes it shine.  It does, unfortunately, suffer the same fate that the Zhalo does; it’s an exotic so you’d have to choose which one to use if you have both.  Since it’s Void damage it would also make short work of the Taken Wizards.  Just be mindful of the rockets as they detonate when near an enemy…that could not end well for you.
    • You could also use a machine gun if you want, I’d recommend the Baron’s Ambition (random drop from the Taniks/The Shadow Thief strike) if you have it.  It has an above average fire rate and normally has good stability to boot; plus, if you luck out you can get a couple perks on it that increases stability even more.  Qullim’s Terminus is also a very good machine gun to use.  It’s a KF raid weapon, normally comes in Solar damage and has a decent balance between fire rate and stability.
    • Swords are okay to use as well.  The exotic swords work wonders, especially the Solar version.  The uppercut from it is great for the Knights and Captains; the only downside to using a sword is you’ll have to judge when to stop slashing enemies up and run.


Since I don’t know every single piece of legendary armor in the game and the possible perks it could roll with, I’m going to suggest a few pieces of exotic armor for each class to use for this.  I will however, advise that if you have a piece of armor that has the “Angel of Mercy” perk on it to use that gains you bonus super energy upon reviving teammates.

For both the Titan and Hunter if you have the Crest of Alpha Lupi chest piece, use it as when using your super you generate an extra Orb of Light or two and can revive/be revived quicker.  The Light Beyond Nemesis is a helmet for the Warlock that does the same thing.   A Hunter running Golden Gun could use the Celestial Nighthawk as it gives you only one Golden Gun shot, but it also does six times the damage.  Defender Titans could also wear Helm of Saint-14, but I would suggest Crest of Alpha Lupi over it yet.  Stormcaller Warlocks, if you have the Impossible Machines use them as it grants Landfall.  If you’re a Sunsinger, then go for the Claws of Ahamkara for the second Flame Shield charge.  Sunbreaker Titans can go with Immolation Fists as they grant Explosive Pyre; and Titans in general can run Ruin Wings for frequent heavy ammo drops.  This great if you’re using the Truth.

The Fight:

Now that you have your gear selected and are getting ready to drop into the start of the “Lost to Light” Daily Mission, let’s give you some tips in certain areas.

For starters, you’ll have to wait until the mission “Lost to Light” is the daily heroic mission.  You’ll see it amongst the weekly strikes, and weekly/daily Crucible playlists in the lower left hand corner of the Director.  Once you’ve loaded into the mission, start playing it like you normally would until you reach the Ogre (Baxx, the Gravekeeper).  After he has been damaged to around one-fourth health, he’ll be taken and then you can go collect the crystal to seemingly end the mission.

While one person is gathering the crystal to continue the mission, I’d advise everyone else to stand near the entrance as this is the part where you’ll be running for your life.  Literally.  Once you have the crystal and the Taken enemies start to spawn, the wall disappears and you can start running.  It’s very important to note that your entire team cannot wipe.  Meaning, once you start running you need to focus on having one person stay alive at the very least.  If you wipe, you just have to restart the mission.  Why exactly, I don’t know it’s just one of those “that’s how it is” things.

Moving on, once you have ran for your life and enter the first room where you need to pick up the Tomb Husk (relic) and unlock the door; immediately send one person to the right side of the room and have them pick up the relic while the other two kill, or at least distract the enemies by the door so the person who has the relic can unlock the door with relative ease.  Once the door is open, move up the stairs but be cautious of the Taken Knights that shoot fire at the top of them.  You can kill them if you wish as it’s probably safer to do so, otherwise just keep running past them until you get into the second room where you need to open the door with a relic.

Careful in this room, there’s a bunch of adds in the form of Taken Acolytes, Thrall, Knights, and a Wizard near the door you need to unlock.  This would be a good time for someone who is using their super for add control to use it and take care of some of these enemies.  It also wouldn’t hurt to take out that Wizard near the door as it can ruin your day pretty quickly.  Something I like to do when going for the relics in this room is to send two people after a relic as there is always a Knight guarding them.  You can have one person grab the relic while the second either kills the Knight or distracts it so it doesn’t kill the person grabbing the relic.  The location of these relics are somewhat close by each other; the first one is immediately above you and to the right when you enter the room.  The second one is located in a side room, towards the back right of the main room.  When you enter the main room, stick towards the right hand side of it and you should come across it if you head all the way to the back.  You can grab and activate these in any order you wish, just be cautious of the Wizard near the door you need to unlock if you haven’t killed it before starting to place the relics.

Once you’ve made it out of this room, it’s just running until you hit the last room.  Normally when entering this room, you go and find three more relics to unlock the door.  This time, you’ll be ignoring them as you are supposed to continue straight through this room once you enter it.  Once you enter the room, you should notice a door on the far side of the room, if it is open, then just keep running and go through it.  If said door is not open…I hate to say it but you’ll have to restart the mission and try again.  Once you are through this door you should be arriving at the lift where you enter the Fallen ship, both during this mission and the Taniks strike.  This is your last chance to load up on ammo and anything else you need in relative safety.

Now that you’ve done that and have gone up the lift and into the Fallen ship, this is where the mission gets rather difficult.  You have to clear three rooms worth of Taken enemies in ten minutes or less. To note, the timer doesn’t actually start until you enter the first room after the lift, not as you enter the ship.  When you enter the first room, immediately focus on the Knights in the room; there is one on both the left and right sides of the room.  You should also take down the Blight orbs in this room while working on the Knights.  Once the Knights blighted orbs are out of the way, you can focus on the remaining enemies which should be some Thrall, Acolytes and a Centurion.  You can focus on the Centurion next if you want, if you don’t just be cautious of it shooting at you; like the Wizards, it can ruin your run pretty quickly.

After you’ve cleared this room, you’ll move onto the next area…which isn’t necessarily a room but more of a hallway.  In this hall, you’ll have a set of doors off to both your left and right that will open up and more Taken will spawn from them.  The biggest threat of this group are the Captains that spawn on each side, as always, they should be top priority.  If you decided to use a shotgun, this is the perfect place to use it.  A sword would be a good weapon to use as you’re close enough to make quick work of most enemies in this room.

If you cleared the first major room and the hallway in quick enough time, you should be entering the second major room with roughly 7:30-8 minutes left on the timer.  Obviously the more time you have left, the better.  In this second room you will encounter at least three wizards, a bunch of Taken Vandals, Thrall, and a few Acolytes.  You’ll also see a couple of the Taken Blights (the large, floating orbs) in this room, if you see it, take it out as it will also keep spawning enemies.  When entering this room focus on the wizards and blights first since both of them can spawn enemies.  After they are down work on the Vandals and any remaining enemies.

You’ll enter another hallway after leaving the previous room, there will be a Taken Captain around the first corner and this is where a shotgun or sword would work excellently.  Or just focus fire on it and it will die fairly quickly.  Continuing down the hallway you’ll run across two Knights as well, just focus fire on them and they’ll go down quickly.

Now all that stands between you and the Black Spindle is a third and final room with a bunch of adds and a boss.  If you manage to make it to this room with 5 minutes left, then you should be fine.  Again, the more time you have at this point the better.  There isn’t much that can be said about this room, it’s basically just kill stuff as quickly as possible.  When you enter this room you’ll quickly notice both the boss standing in the middle of the room and how it is filled with Taken enemies.  This is where your supers will be getting their most use.  Once in this room, if you have a Nightstalker Hunter with you, have them tether either the boss for extra damage or the enemies so they can generate orb and keep the enemies from running away.  If they tether a group of enemies, just make sure to kill them otherwise it’s a wasted super.

I generally found that having two people focus on add duty while the third pops out and gets shots on the boss is an okay strategy as it is a fair balance between add managements and damaging the boss.  When it comes to prioritizing which adds to go after first, I would highly advise focusing on the Taken Psions as they can duplicate themselves and make keeping the number of adds down rather difficult.  A Zhalo Supercell works wonders against them as they are usually grouped together and a perk on the Supercell chains arc damage to nearby enemies of the one you’re shooting.  After the Psions you’re going to want to look for Knights, Captains, Centurions, and any of the Blight orbs you see and take them down.

If you die, it’s a ten second wait until you can be revived and another ten seconds (totaling 20 seconds) until you can respawn yourself.  Again, since this is the final room of the mission you basically just have to kill stuff within the remaining time.  I have seen one other method used, but I cannot comment on it personally as I’ve never used it.  It involves focusing on the adds first as the following “waves” of them are triggered when the boss reaches a certain percentage of health left.  These percentages are basically based off of where the health bar of the enemy is at.  For example, if you see the boss’ health bar half gone, then his health is at or near 50%.  What percentage his health needs to be before the next wave of enemies spawns in at I’m unsure of as I’ve never used this method before.  From what I’ve seen though you’ll simply focus on killing all of the adds that are in the room to begin with and once they are dead then you’ll switch your focus to the boss and damage him until the next wave of enemies spawn in.  Switch your focus back to them and take them out, then back to the boss; repeat that until everything is dead.

Now that everything has been slayed and you have taken control of the Fallen ship back from the Taken, you should now be in possession of one shiny new Black Spindle and maybe even a ship called the Vienna Singer.  Congratulations!  You just tackled one of the more difficult things to do in Destiny’s endgame content!

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