FvF: Attack of the Clones

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series we have taken the TEW game (which is used in our Chronicles of AWE series) and created a roster for Frantic Talks Wrestling which include not only some Attitude Era WWE wrestlers but also some modern day names you’ll probably recognize.

We’ve de-aged the older wrestlers to be in their 20s so we don’t have a 50 year-old Undertaker taking on a 33 year-old Kenny Omega, or something to that extent. Also we’ve done this so we can use our favorite wrestlers longer than a few months if they randomly choose to retire. We’ve also created ourselves in-game as managers.

The goal is to see who can book the better cards and make the more successful company. We’re starting from scratch with plenty of money in the bank to see who can rise to the top. Without further adieu, let’s jump in!

Frantic’s Cards

We start off with Freakshow getting 2 contract offers, both from EVOLVE for some reason, right before our first show. Apparently he is a talent to be had.

FTW Showdown Week 1

Frantic Talks Wrestling’s Weekly Showdown is recorded every Wednesday and is available on YouTube on-demand. Our first show is in the Great Lakes region (where we are based out of because Ohio) and is being held in front of a crowd of 25 whole people in New England. Unless otherwise noted, Joey Styles will be our Announcer with Jim Cornette on Colour Commentary duties.

Backstage we already have our first incident! It was Nick Jackson who decided to boost everyone’s morale by opening a pancake stand. We can’t make this up folks.

The show officially starts with Frantic welcoming the FTW fans and by announcing his spectacular client by the name of Kenny Omega. Frantic also claims that Kenny “is a force to be reckoned with and will take any challenger at the upcoming PPV Time to Kill for the vacant United States Championship.” This got the crowd hot and the show off to a good start.

The first match of the night is Johnny Gargano (AKA Johnny Wrestling) vs Sami Zayn. Zayn comes out on top with a Helluva Kick and the crowd got even hotter.

After hearing the open challenge Frantic presented, Freakshow comes out to debut his client Jeremiah Crane, of whom has a mysterious aura about him. While debuting his client, he laughs at the so-called menace that is Kenny Omega. Almost immediately a fired-up Omega then comes out to issue a challenge to Crane for the previously mentioned vacant US title at Time to Kill. Frantic slowly makes his way to the ring while all of this happens. Freakshow and Crane accept, the lights go out, and come back on to reveal Freakshow and Crane have disappeared and left Omega and Frantic alone.

Next up is a tag match between Beer Money and the Young Bucks which ends with James Storm pinning Nick Jackson after a low blow while the ref was distracted. Finally the main event is The Irish Airborne versus Team Xtreme ending via Jeff Hardy delivering the Twist of Fate on Dave Crist.

The show scored a C overall, so not too bad for our first outing. During the down time, Freakshow signed a Pay-Per-Appearance contract with EVOLVE.

FTW Showdown Week 2

The next edition of Showdown is in front of 28 people in the New England area and has some pre-show action involving the stable Sanity. First Alexander Wolfe takes on Johnny Gargano. Gargano gets a win via roll-up here only because he was divorced in game this past week and I felt bad. Next is the Irish Airborne vs Killian Dain and Eric Young. Jake Crist makes Eric Young tap out after “blatantly cheating.”

The show officially opens with Matt and Nick Jackson in the ring who cut a promo dissing Beer Money (Bobby Roode and James Storm) due to them “not being able to beat them like a real tag team.” They also issue a challenge: “If Bobby and James want to prove their worth in the ring and think they can be the first ever FTW Tag Champs, then they better grasp the idea of a clean win. We’ll be waiting.” Next Jeremiah Crane takes on Facade and wins but not after a botched interference by Kenny Omega who hits Facade after Crane ducked away from his attack.

The following match is Eddie Guerrero vs Fenix in a great match featuring some awesome wrestling. Pentagon Dark comes out during the match and distracts Fenix giving Guerrero the win. Fenix is then beaten down by Guerrero and Pentagon. Guerrero and Penta then cut a promo introducing themselves as the Lucha Masters.

The main event features Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kane in an impressive match, but ends with Kane Tombstone Piledriving Shinsuke outside the ring and Shinsuke loses due to a count out.

The show scores us a C+ rating. Before our next show Freakshow extends his EVOLVE contract.

FTW Showdown Week 3

The homecoming show is in New England in front of 39 people and is preceded by more locker room incidents! Fenix and Pentagon Dark’s great relationship is making everyone a bit happier. Good for them!

This episode of FTW Showdown has a pre-show bout featuring Sami Zayn vs Eric Young in a good warm-up match for the crowd. Sami Zayn comes out on top with a Helluva Kick.

The show then officially opens with Jason Gory versus Facade for the vacant FTW Television Championship. In a good bout, Gory defeats Facade by using the ropes for leverage.

Up next Team Xtreme come out and decide they can handle the Young Bucks and challenge them. Much to their surprise the Young Bucks run out and a brawl ensues! Team Xtreme is quickly dispatched of, only for the Irish Airborne to run out to the ring. The Young Bucks run away instead of facing them.

Next up we have Marty Scurll facing off against Kenny Omega. The match ends when Frantic jumps up on the apron and distracts Scurll only for Omega to deal the finishing blow. Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow run out but Omega and Frantic flee the scene.

Fenix is in the ring and is joined by Rey Mysterio. Fenix is upset after the humiliation delivered unto him last week by “the so-called Lucha Masters.” Rey says Fenix won’t have to worry for he has his back. “The Kings of the Afterlife will be unstoppable.”

The main event features The Rock versus The Undertaker. After a fantastic bout, The Undertaker loses via an intentional disqualification followed by Kane coming out to help deliver a beatdown on The Rock. Shinsuke Nakamura then comes out and with the help of The Rock they both clear the ring of the Brothers of Destruction and the show closes with both of them standing, arms up in the ring.

The homecoming show to Time to Kill scores a B-!

FTW Time to Kill

Our first PPV, Time to Kill, is in New England in front of only 19 people. The PPV has some pre-show action kicking it off. First up is Killing Dain pinning Johnny Gargano after an Ulster Plantation in a good opening match. Next is a rematch from the homecoming episode of FTW Showdown for the FTW Television Championship with Jason Gory facing off against Facade. Gory wins but not after the ref was accidentally knocked out giving him a chance to use his newly acquired belt as a weapon.

Our opening match is the FTW United States Championship! The cocky Kenny Omega takes on the occultish Jeremiah Crane with their respective managers at ringside. Freakshow is doing well putting his client over, celebrating at each small victory, while Frantic just shakes everything off with an unsettling smirk on his face. The match ends when Marty Scurll comes out and attacks Jeremiah Crane while Frantic had the referee distracted. With Omega winning the vacant championship, Frantic grabs the mic to introduce his brand new client Marty Scurll. He explains that Scurll has been promised greatness and that’s why he lost last week on FTW Showdown: to prove his worth. He then tells Freakshow and Crane to find a better following if they ever want to compete in FTW.

The Lucha Masters Eddie Guerrero and Pentagon Dark take on the newly formed Kings of the Afterlife Rey Mysterio and Fenix. Eddie lives up to his legacy making Fenix tap out to the Lasso from El Paso after blatantly cheating. While Fenix appeared to struggle a bit, the match still had the fans excited and was a great bout from everyone involved.

Jervis Cottonbelly and Sami Zayn are having a conversation when they are immediately interrupted by Freakshow who seems desperate to expand the Crane Occult. Zayn and Cottonbelly reluctantly accept, mainly due to how annoyed they are by Omega’s cockiness. They have some withdrawals regarding Crane’s mysterious presence.

Up next we have the FTW Tag Team Championship between the Hardy Boyz, Beer Money, The Irish Airborne, and the Young Bucks in quite the bout. The match is a very impressive effort by all and ends when Bobby Roode rolls up Jake Crist and illegally uses the ropes for leverage. Beer Money officially take the vacant FTW Tag Team Championship titles.

The FTW Power Championship is on the line as The Rock faces off against The Undertaker after their last meeting ended with interference from Kane. The match was impressive and had the crowd on their feet, finishing when The Rock delivers the People’s Elbow.

The Main Event is the FTW World Championship between Kane and Shinsuke Nakamura. The intense match has plenty of good spots but then some interference from both The Undertaker and The Rock occurs and they both deliver their finishers. This causes the match to end since the referee lost complete control of it. The title remains vacant for now…

FTW Time to Kill ends with a B- rating, and thus the first month of Frantic’s FTW booking comes to a close. Now let’s see how Freakshow’s first month went.

Freakshow’s Cards

Quick note before we start: The Hardy Boys are using their “Broken” gimmick in my version of FTW. I highly recommend you watch some of their stuff to understand why they’re acting odd. Also unless otherwise noted the announcers for the shows will be Joey Styles and Jim Cornette.

FTW Showdown Week 1

Our show is coming to you from the Mid Atlantic in front of 24 people. We have an opening shot of Nakamura looking at the FTW Heavyweight Championship when Marty Scurll walks up behind him and says, “Don’t look at my belt, Nakamura. It might be vacant, but it’s soon coming home to the one person it was made for… Me!” Marty Scurll then sucker punches Nakamura and leaves him unconscious. The segment got a B+. Next up is a tag team match between Oi4K (Ohio is 4 Killers) and The Young Bucks. Oi4K won and the match got a B-.

The camera cuts to backstage as the Broken Hardys are watching the last match through a crystal ball. Matt says, “Brother Nero! Yesssss. Did you see how those Ohio boys absolutely DELETED The Bucks of Youth? We must challenge them to see who can hoist the belts of gold in VICTORY!!!” The segment got a B.

The main event of the evening is Jeremiah Crane w/ Freakshow vs Kenny Omega. Omega is winning most of the match until interference from Freakshow lets Crane get the win scoring a B. The show was overall a solid B.

FTW Showdown: Week 2

This week our show comes to you live from the Mid Atlantic in front of 75 people. The show opens with Broken Matt and Brother Nero. Matt says,”Brother Nero! Tonight you have a match against one of the Ohio boys. Show them our Broken Brilliance, and do it for the 7 Deities!” The segment got a B+.

Next up is The Rock vs Kenny Omega. Part way through the match Freakshow comes out and hits The Rock getting Kenny Omega DQ’d in an A- rated match. Nakamura comes out to the ring with mic in hand and says, “Marty Scurll you hit me from behind like a little kid. Next week I will show you what the King of Strong Style does face to face.” This segment got a B-.

The main event is Dave Crist vs Brother Nero with the Brother Nero coming out on top in a B rated match. The show overall got a B

FTW Showdown: Week 3

Tonight we come to you from the North West in front of 105 people. Kenny Omega is backstage shown talking to someone off camera. Omega says, “Yeah, that asshole Freakshow has been costing me my matches lately, and with Time to Kill coming up I need you out there with me to even the odds. Will you do it?” The man off camera says “Yes.” This got a B rating.

Next up is Broken Matt taking on Jake Crist. The winner is Jake Crist with a B+ rating. After the match Matt takes the mic and says, “Jake Crist, you and your brother are 1-1 with Brother Nero and myself, yesssss. I propose we have a match at Time To Kill for the FTW Tag Team Championships. I had a PREMONITION that you would be DELETED!” This also got a B+.

The main event is Nakamura vs Marty Scrull. Nakamura wins after Marty Scrull got caught trying to cheat. This match got an A. The show got an overall B+

FTW Time To Kill

Time to Kill is brought to you in part through a partnership with Bryan Danielson and Anarchy Championship Wrestling.

We come to you live tonight from the South West in front of 147 people. First up is The Broken Hardys vs Oi4K for the vacant FTW Tag titles. Part way through the match the lights go out and Broken Matt can be heard praying to the “7 Deities” for victory. Then after Jake Crist starts looking sick, Brother Nero gets the victory in a B+ rated match.

Next up we have Nakamura vs Marty Scurll for the Heavyweight Championship. The winner is Marty Scurll by DQ after he bumped the ref and played it off like Nakamura did it. The match scored a B+.

Backstage we have Oi4K talking. Dave says, “Dammit Jake I don’t know what those damn Hardys did out there, but they cheated us. I say next week we take matters into our own hands and show them why Ohio is 4 Killers.” That got an A.

Your main event of the evening is Jeremiah Crane with Freakshow vs Kenny Omega with an unknown accomplice. Kenny Omega comes out and introduces his new manager, and says “Freakshow, I know this is someone you know very well: Jordan ‘Frantic’ Hanely”. The winner of the match is Kenny Omega after Frantic knocks out Freakshow when he tried to get involved. The match got an A rating.The overall rating for Time to Kill was a solid A-.

That does it for our first entry in FvF! Who won this week? Let us know via Twitter and join us again in 2 weeks when we tackle another month of booking.

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