FvF 9 Part 2 – A New Alliance

Hello again everybody! Last time we were here we saw Undertaker get busted open after Grunt appeared with his urn, the Young Bucks got to cocky and went all out wearing themselves down, so The Wolfpac could easily pick up the win, and finally we saw Sami Zayn win the FTW Heavyweight Championship with a broken hand. Let’s jump into this and see what happens.

FTW Showdown 33

This week we come to you live from the Brazell Stadium in front of 1,500 people.

We start the night off with Sami Zayn in the ring. Mic in hand with the crowd chanting “Sami Zayn!” “Thank you, everyone. As you all know I finally got to the top of the mountain, and snatched the FTW Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately during the match Marty Scurll broke my hand. The doctor said I should take it easy for the time being until my hand heals up. I don’t want to hold the belt up when there’s so many deserving wrestlers in the back, so it pains me to have to say…” Marty Scurll’s music hits, and he comes out. “Sami, don’t you fucking dare vacate that title belt! I might of broke your hand, but what you did to me by taking my title hurts worse than you could ever imagine. I demand my rematch at Road To Redemption. I’ll give you a week to think about it.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we a match between Kenny Omega accompanied by Frantic taking on Fenix. It’s a very fast paced match, but in the end Kenny Omega hits the V-Trigger for the win. This match got a B+.

After the match Grunt appears on the Titantron. “Hey, Frantic! I know you and Crane aren’t the best of friends, but the two of you should put aside your differences and join together for the Cause. You know the damages that can between the both of you. Just imagine that power combined and think of the possibilities that could come from such an alliance. You must trust me on this, my Faithful Leader has never steered me wrong.” The screen fades to black as Frantic and Kenny Omega stand in the ring. This segment got an A-

This show overall got a B+.

FTW Showdown 34

We come to you live from Hawaii in front of a sold out crowd of 1,000 people.

The show opens up with Sami Zayn in Chris Raaber’s office. Raaber looks over to Zayn and says, “Sami, I know you don’t want it to end like this after you’ve worked so hard in your career to get here, but with a broken hand I can’t let you wrestle until it’s healed. The company will be held responsible if anything were to happen.” Sami slams his good hand down on the desk. “Chris! I know you’re looking out for my well being, and I know you don’t want anything to happen with the company if I messed myself up more. I will do anything to get in there with Marty Scurll to show him this wasn’t a fluke. I’ll sign whatever you need, so FTW isn’t liable for any further damage done to my hand.” Chris Raaber opens his drawer and pulls out a piece of paper. “Fine Sami, if you’re dead set on it, just sign this waiver and you’ll be free to do what you want.” Sami signs the paper and walks out. This segment got a B.

Next we’re backstage and Frantic walks up to Grunt and Freakshow. “The righteous United States champion has no leader, however the prospect of pure dominance intrigues us. If your great leader demands the Cleaner, surely greatness is his ultimate goal. And who are we to say no to such decadence? We accept, but our skepticism will remain.” Frantic and Freakshow shake hands while Grunt nods menacingly in the background. This segment got a B+.

The Young Bucks are in the ring. Nick has the mic. “Wolfpac, at Oblivion you beat us. We underestimated you all because you guys are over the hill. You won’t be so lucky next time.” The Wolfpac music plays but no one comes out of the entrance way. After about a minute the Wolfpac rush the ring from behind, and beat down the Young Bucks. Scott Hall takes the mic. “Hey chico, there isn’t going to be a next time. You lost even with all your talk. You two go back down the ladder to make way for the next victims.” Scott Hall throws a toothpick at Nick Jackson. This segment got a B+

Overall the show got a B+.

FTW Showdown 35

Before the show I was informed that FTW rose to Regional size. Movin’ on up!

This week we are here in beautiful Siebert Field in front of 1,420 people.

We open up the show with Kenny Omega, Frantic, Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow in the ring. Freakshow has the mic. “Last week you all bared witness to the birth of the most dangerous team in FTW history. Kenny Omega and Jeremiah Crane have had wars with one another, but now they will work together to run rough shot over the competition.” Freakshow hands the mic to Frantic. “Young Bucks, it seems like your not currently busy, so we will see you at Road to Redemption.” This segment got an A.

Marty Scurll has a quick paced, but ultimately one sided match against Facade with Scurll picking up the win via Bird of Prey. The match got a B.

After the match Marty Scurll grabs the mic. “Sami Zayn I respect your commitment to defending your title even though I broke your hand. I respect you so much I want to push you to your limits. I want our match at Road to Redemption to be an ‘I Quit’ match. One of us will not leave under our own power, because this is when death becomes an afterthought. I will do whatever it takes to win that title back.” This match got an A.

The show got an A-.

FTW Showdown 36

Guess who hates us now? Full Impact Pro, that’s who.

We are live with the go home edition of Showdown from Coliseo Emilio E Huyke in Puerto Rico in front of 1,365 people.

We open up with The Wolfpac in the ring. Syxx has the mic. “This past week everyone has been asking me ‘Hey Syxx, is The Wolfpac worried about the new team of Crane and Omega?’ No we aren’t worried. We have rolled over everyone since coming to FTW. When it’s their turn up to bat no matter how much momentum they have we’ll beat them down. You don’t turn your back on The Wolfpac.” This segment got a B-.

Next up we have a match between The Fate of all Fools (Kenny Omega and Jeremiah Crane) vs Fenix and Facade. Fate of all Fools is in control most of the match with a little glimmer of a comeback from Fenix that gets quickly shutdown. Omega hits the V-Trigger for the 1-2-3. This match got a B+.

After the match the Young Bucks come out to the ramp. Matt has the mic and says, “You guys want to come out here and just challenge us to a match? I’ll tell you what we will accept the match, but not because we demanded it. We want to beat you to prove we deserve another shot at the tag championships. We won’t go down as easy as some jobbers.” The Young Bucks rush the ring, and the two teams brawl to end the show.

FTW Road to Retribution

Hello everyone and welcome to Road to Retribution! Tonight’s show is brought to you by the petition to get Lance Catamaran his job in Utica back. Those were the best six weeks of his life.

We are live from Aldo Santaga Stadium in front of a packed house of 3,020 people.

We start off with a tag match between Fate of All Fools accompanied by Frantic and Freakshow taking on the The Young Bucks. The match starts off with with Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega standing toe-to-toe trading stiff punches to the face. It ends with Matt crumbling from a shot to the jaw. The match continues on with Kenny in control. Omega throws Matt into the corner and tags in Crane. Matt manages to tag in Nick, and the match pacing starts picking up with Nick getting some good offense in. Ultimately Crane regains control and tags in Kenny Omega. Omega hits the V-Trigger for the 1-2-3. This match got an A-.

Next up we have an I Quit match between Sami Zayn and Marty Scurll for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. The only rule is to win you must make your opponent say the words “I Quit.” Marty Scurll jumps Sami Zayn as he’s making his way to the ring, and starts beating Zayn with his umbrella. The match continues with Scurll beating Zayn all around the outside of the ring. Minutes go by before Zayn can make any sort of comeback by punching Marty Scurll in the dick. Sami Zayn starts beating Scurll with his cast. The match continues on for the next 5 minutes with both mean beating each other senseless. Marty Scurll gets the upper hand by slamming Zayn’s head into the ring post, and grabs a chair then proceeds to smash in Zayn’s cast with it until the cast cracks. Sami Zayn starts fighting back and clocks Scurll with the cast busting him wide open, but the cast finishes cracking in half afterwards. Sami Zayn tells the ref to ask Marty Scurll if he quits, but Scurll tells the ref to “piss off” Sami Zayn goes to hit Scurll with a chair, but Scurll punches Zayn in his broken hand. Marty Scurll picks up the chair, and swings it full force into Zayn’s broken hand causing him to scream out in pain “I Quit!” Winner and NEW FTW Heavyweight Champion: Marty Scurll. This match got an A.

After the match the lights go out and Undertaker appears on the Titantron. “Grunt, you took everything from me. You took my minions, you caused me to lose my title and you stole my urn.” Undertaker moves out of the camera and reveals a prone Grunt on the floor. “Well tonight I’m taking my urn back, and taking your soul while I’m at it. No one will be able to save you.” Undertaker lets out an evil laugh as the screen fades to black. This segment got a B+.

Well there you have it everyone! Join us next time as we find out what happens to Grunt next, the extent of the damage to Sami Zayn’s hand, and if The Wolfpac will have new challengers in Fate of All Fools.

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