FvF 9 Part 1 – A Charismatic Return

Welcome back everyone! Last time we saw Johnny Gargano defeat Jason Gory, SANITY taking down the Irish Airborne in a Hell in a Cell, El Generico took the US Title from Kenny Omega, and the Kings of the Afterlife won the Tag Belts from the Brothers of Destruction after Shinsuke clocked Kane with an Urn and Broken Matt and Brother Nero brawling distracted the Undertaker. Let’s see what we have in store for this month!

FTW Showdown 33

This week’s show is in front of 173 people.

The Undertaker makes his way to the ring accompanied by Brother Nero and Shinsuke Nakamura. “I am no fool. My grasp on the FTW world is not as tight as I once thought. Having recruited my biggest enemy’s ally. I did it with The Rock and Shinsuke, and I did it again with Matt Hardy and his Brother Nero. I’m starting to think that was a mistake.” He turns around and punches Nakamura in the gut. He turns to Nero and kicks him in the gut. He chokeslams them both and pics the mic back up. “You two are the reason I’ve lost nearly everything, except the FTW World Title.” The Rock’s music plays and out he comes. “Finally, The Rock has come back… to FTW. And listen here deadman: The Rock has been away from FTW making sure he truly was the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. The time has come: the World Title is in my sights. So Undertaker: know your role and shut your mouth. I’m coming for your candy-ass. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you either Nakamura. Once I have the World Title I’ll introduce it to your face.”

The Bullet Club are backstage with Frantic. Kenny punches the locker and dents it. “Damnit! Some little punk with a mask thinks he can just take my belt?” Cody speaks up, “Kenny. Kenny! Listen man, you took him for granted. I’m not trying to make you mad, but you have to admit…” Kenny responds, “You’re right. I want a rematch. I DESERVE a rematch. But Raeber is nowhere to be found. Of course!” He storms out leaving Cody and Frantic looking stressed.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring. “I think it is about time to defend this Power Championship, don’t you all think? The problem is, I don’t see anyone worthy of a fight backstage. Ever since Raeber introduced this open challenge of his, I’ve been trying to come up with someone worthy of my time, yet no one-” a bell gongs and the lights turn purple. Undertaker appears at the top of the entrance. Eddie smiles and just opens his arms as if to invite the Undertaker into the ring. Undertaker points at Eddie and Brother Nero attacks him from behind! Nero grabs the Power Championship and runs off with it.
Bobby Roode is taking on Fenix for the main event. After a well-fought bout, James Storm distracts Fenix and Roode rolls him up. Fenix kicks out and responds with a Fenix driver for the 3-count.

The show got us a B rating.

FTW Showdown 34

This week’s show is in front of 182 people.

We kick off the show with Undertaker and Brother Nero in the ring with Power Championship belt Nero stole from Eddie last week. “In my book studies I’ve come to understand things about this world no one would ever believe. My World Title is one that helps keeps the balance of light and dark. This Power Title, though, is a catalyst of chaos. In order to quench the chaotic hunger that rests beneath the mortal world’s surface, we must give it the chaos it desires.” Undertaker then nods to Nero, who sets the belt on fire! Eddie comes running out from backstage and when he slides in the ring Undertaker punches him. Eddie falls flat on his back, seemingly unconscious from the hit. After the first ends Nero scoops the ashes up and puts them in the Urn, but takes a few ashes and spreads them on the unconscious Eddie.

The Masked Avengers make their way to the ring. El Generico has the mic and says, “I heard Kenny Omega complaining last week that he wants a rematch that he rightfully deserves. I have given his request great consideration, and while I respect his lengthy reign, I think he needs to prove himself, just like we are proving ourselves.” Jervis takes the mic and says, “I agree good sir! I think he should prove himself by taking on myself, next week! Should he be able to beat me, a former champion, then he at least will prove that he’s learned to take us seriously. Only then will he earn the title shot he so craves against you, Generico.”
Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring. “After I handily defeated Jason Gory at Oblivion I feel a sense of relief. After all, as a wrestler I am constantly told to prove myself. It’s what every person here at FTW feels and knows. The fact of the matter-” Jason Gory’s music plays and he appears at the entrance. “Seriously? You’re gonna sit here and preach about ‘proving’ yourself after beating me via a measly roll-up? This is far from over Gargano, mark my words.”

The main event sees Rey Mysterio taking on James Storm. The match features some great wrestling from the two. Rey hits the 619 and Roode, at ringside, grabs Rey’s tag belt and tries to take off with it. He’s met by Fenix and they start brawling. Storm gets a low blow on Rey and rolls him up for the 3-count.

This show got us a C rating.

FTW Showdown 35

This week’s show is in front of 163 people.

Jason Gory is taking on Eric Young in singles action. During the match Gargano comes out to ringside which causes Gory to shift his focus. While both men are focused on each other, James Mitchell grabs a chair, sneaks around the ring, and hits Gargano in the back of the head with it. Eric Young then rolls up Gory and nearly gets the 3-count. Gory kicks out, plants Young with a DDT, hits a Swanton, and wins the match. He gets out of the ring, grabs the chair Mitchell used, and starts wailing on Gargano. Security has to run out and pull Gory off of Gargano before more damage is done.

Beer Money are being interviewed backstage. “James and I feel it is time for our comeuppance. Kings of the Afterlife, if you’re listening, we want your tag titles! We’ve proven we can go toe-to-toe with you in the ring and our glorious destiny awaits us!”
Backstage we see The Rock being interviewed. “Listen here Undertaker – your little jabronis Nero and Nakamura need to know their role before I stick my size 13s straight up their candy-asses. And-” He stops as Eddie Guerrero appears from off-screen. “Rocky, ese, listen. I know we ain’t bros or compadres, but we both want the same thing. How about we set aside our differences and work towards that goal?” “The Rock doesn’t need the likes of your or any other jabroni in the FTW to help him” He walks away leaving Eddie looking disappointed.

The main event features Jervis Cottonbelly taking on Kenny Omega. The match is an impressive bout between the two, and ultimately ends when Kenny hits the V-trigger for the 3-count. Kenny grabs a mic, “Generico you little punk! I beat your lackey. I want my rematch next week! I’m coming for you!”

This show got us a C+

FTW Showdown 36

The road to Road to Revolution is in front of 225 people.

Gargano starts us off in the ring, mic in hand. “Last week you all witnessed a desperate man attack a defenseless spectator. I was studying my opponent and he couldn’t handle the pressure. This is wrestling, Gory, and your hot-headed approach will not get you far. At Road to Revolution I propose a match: you vs me. But not just any match, mind you. No, to prove how much better I am than you I won’t pin you, I’ll make you submit. See you Monday.”

El Generico is in the ring with Jervis. “Kenny, Kenny, Kenny… I admire your ambition but the champ has decided to change his terms. At Road to Revolution, the Bullet Club has to defeat the Masked Avengers. If they can do that, only then will I take on Kenny Omega and defend my championship.

The Kings of the Afterlife are taking on the Young Bucks in tag team action. The match ends with a 619-to-Fenix-Driver combo for the 3-count. Rey grabs a mic, “Beer Money: We heard your challenge and we’d love to beat you down at Road to Revolution. Bring it on!”
Backstage we see the Masked Avengers yet again. “But good sir! You agreed to face Kenny should he defeat me. Don’t go back on your word.” Generico responds, “Jervis you were the one who made that stipulation. I admire your honor but remember we need to prove ourselves as two of the best superstars in FTW. Alone we may be able to do it, but together I believe us to be unstoppable. And we can prove that at Road to Revolution.”

The Undertaker makes his way to the ring accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura. “I can feel the FTW World quivering at the sight of me. Every time I step into this ring, my presence is felt. At Road to Revolution I decide my own fate. The rites call for proof of power, and I will prove this power at Road to Revolution. Rocky, Eddie: we will face off for my title. But before you get any ideas, Shinsuke will be in the match as my personal enforcer and only should either of you pin each other, this title will remain around my waist. So I’ll see you soon… And when the dust settles I hope you both rest in peace.”

The show got us a B rating.

FTW Road to Revolution

Before the show, El Generico did his best impression of Sami Zayn and brightened locker room morale by being genuine and fun to be around.

Road to revolution is in front of 115 people.

The show opens with Johnny Gargano against Jason Gory, a match with decent heat that Gargano claims will end with him forcing Gory to submit. The match has some great work from both men, and then things get peculiar. Gargano locks Gory in the Gargano Escape and Gory taps but isn’t seen by the referee because James Mitchell had jumped on the apron. Gargano releases Gory, gets up, and knocks Mitchell off the apron. Gory low blows Gargano and rolls him up for the 3-count.

Up next we have the Masked Avengers taking on the Bullet Club. A very pissed off Kenny Omega starts the match off by attacking El Generico as he gets into the ring. The wrestlers brawl briefly before the referee gets them under control and officially rings the bell. After a lengthy bout, the Masked Avengers hit their newly modified Avengeful Blow (Spinning Heelkick into Backstabber) on Cody but Kenny is able to break it up in the nick of time. A few moments later a V-trigger/Cross Rhodes combination takes El Generico down for the 3-count.

The Kings of the Afterlife are defending their belts against Beer Money next. This match features some great wrestling all around and ends with a combination 619 to Fenix driver on Bobby Roode for the 3-count. The Kings of the Afterlife retain their belts!

Finally we have Eddie Guerrero vs the Undertaker vs The Rock vs Shinsuke Nakamura in a fatal four way for the FTW World Championship. This match features Eddie and Rock trying to double team either Taker or Shinsuke, but they keep annoying one another. The match is a very lengthy one lasting nearly thirty minutes. The wrestlers are all exhausted and throwing everything they have at one another when finally, Undertaker tombstones Eddie Guerrero. He goes for the pin but Shinsuke breaks the pin up! Once Undertaker realizes this he is livid. He tries to attack Shinsuke but Shinsuke dodges. Undertaker turns around towards Shinsuke who throws his signature taunt back at him! Undertaker becomes wide-eyed and attacks again, only to be super kicked. Shinsuke then kinsashas Taker and pins him for the 3-count. Winner and new FTW World Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura!

Road to Revolution got us a B rating.

Well that does it for me everyone! Join us next week for Freakshow’s booking of month 9 and then the week after that to find out what is going on with Shinsuke in month 10!

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