FvF 8 Part 2 – A Superkick Party

Hello everyone, and welcome back! Last time we saw The Wolfpac retain their titles beating Pentagon Dark and Fenix for the second time. We also saw Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow seemingly turn on The Scythe after seeking out the mysterious hooded figure. Let’s just jump in and see what this month holds for us.

FTW Showdown 29

This week we are live from the 2300 Arena f.k.a the ECW Arena in front of 1,300 people.

We start off with the masked figure in the ring with Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow. “At Who Are You? you all witnessed the awakening of Jeremiah Crane. Now that he has been set on the right path he’s going to be coming for you Undertaker. You took his free will from him. Now he will take something precious to you.” This segment got a B.

Next up we have a tag match between The Young Bucks and Pentagon Dark and Fenix. The match is fairly paced with some high-flying mixed into the match. Ultimately the Young Bucks pick up the win with the More Bang for your Buck. This match got a B+

For the last segment we have Marty Scurll in the ring. “I know that some of you have been wondering where I’ve been this past month. Well I decided as champion I deserved some time off. I won the title in a hard fought match, and I wanted to relax a bit.” Sami Zayn’s music hit, and cuts off Marty Scurll. “Marty, come one man, you’re the champion! You can’t be taking time off. You need to get out there, and prove you have what it takes to hold onto that title. Why don’t you give me a shot at that title? I’ll show you that you shouldn’t get lazy.” Afterwards the screen fades to black. This segment got an A

Overall this show got an A-.

FTW Showdown 30

We are live from the Alumni Baseball Diamond in front of a packed house of 1,000 people.

The show starts off with Undertaker in a blacked out room. “Do you think I wasn’t ready for Jeremiah Crane to turn on me? I felt my hold on him slipping for weeks. As for the hooded figure that’s been showing up lately. I know who you are, and I’ll give you the chance to reveal yourself. If you don’t I’ll forcefully rip that hood from your head.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have The Young Bucks in an interview backstage. Nick Jackson has the mic, and says “Wolfpac; you guys wanna walk around thinking you’re the best, but you haven’t beat us. We’re the Young Bucks, and you three are just over the hill.” Matt Jackson takes the mic and says, “We’re going to hold a party in your honor Wolfpac. This isn’t just any normal party though.” Both then say, at the same time, “It’s a Superkick Party, and here’s your invitation.” They both Superkick the camera guy. This segment got an A-.

(Editor’s note: we do not condone violence towards camera men in any way).

Finally we have a match between Sami Zayn and Jason Gory. The match gets off to a good start. The crowd is really into it. It’s back and forth until Sami Zayn hits a Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere. Just as he does Marty Scurll runs out and smacks Zayn with his umbrella. Marty Scurll grabs the mic. “Sami, if you want a shot at this title you got it. Just be careful what you wish for.” This match and segment got an A-.

Overall the show got an A-.

FTW Showdown 31

This week we are live from Allen Field in front of 1,200 people. We start off with Sami Zayn in the ring. “Last week Marty Scurll got involved in my match, because he isn’t enough of a man to accept my challenge face-to-face. All my life I’ve been an underdog, because no one believed in me. No one took me seriously. Come Oblivion I’m going to show Marty Scurll what the underdog from the underground is all about when I kick his head right off his shoulders.” This segment got a B-.

Next up we have The Wolfpac in the ring. Scott Hall has the mic. “Hey yo, Young Bucks, you wanna talk about how we’re old? How we’re over the hill? We’ve been making money and kicking ass since you two were in diapers, chico. All you two are doing now is trying to emulate us. You wanna walk around throwing up the Too Sweets? You took that from us. Face it you two are jump chumps. These belts aren’t going to go to you cheap imitations. The Wolfpac is going to show you what a real party is all about. There ain’t no party like a Wolfpac party, because a Wolfpac party don’t stop.” This segment got a B+

Finally we have the hooded figure backstage with Crane and Freakshow. “Undertaker, you claim to know who I am? You claim to know I was going to set Crane and Freakshow free? We all know you’re just trying to save face with what’s left of your lackies. Fine. I’ll show you who I really am, and come Oblivion you and Crane will fight. You two will fight in a First Blood match. If Crane wins you have to set Rey Mysterio Jr. free, and go back into the hole you crawled out of. If you win I’ll offer myself up to you as a sacrifice.” The hooded man takes his hood down to reveal himself to be…. Grunt! The screen fades to black on his face. This segment got a B+.

Overall the show got a B.

FTW Showdown 32

Before this show I received an email from SHINE letting me know they’re now hostile with me.

We are live with the go home edition of Showdown from Don Sanders Stadium in front of 1,164 people.

We start off with Undertaker in the ring. “I knew it was you Grunt. You never could let anyone have any fun. Always a goodie-two-shoes. Fine I will accept your challenge just remember to rend one’s enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning. I know that I don’t have a problem with that, but I don’t know if Crane has what it takes.” This segment got an A.

Next up we have The Young Bucks backstage talking with each other when all the sudden The Wolfpac blindsides them. The Young Bucks fight back, but the numbers game is just too much for them. The Wolfpac start laying into The Young Bucks when Pentagon Dark and Fenix hit The Wolfpac with chairs, and help The Young Bucks. The four of them chase off The Wolfpac. This segment got a B.

For the main event we have Marty Scurll vs The Bambi Killer. Marty Scurll dominates the match, and after hitting Bambi Killer with the Bird of Prey he grabs his hand, and breaks his fingers. The ref stops the match, and Scurll grabs the mic. “Sami Zayn this is your future!” This match got a B.

Overall this show got a B+

FTW Oblivion

This show is brought to you by Bethesda Studios. Remember Oblivion? Great game.

We come to you live from The Alumni Gymnasium in front of a packed house of 1,600 people. We start off the night with a FTW Tag Team Championship match between The Wolfpac (Scott Hall and Syxx) and The Young Bucks. The match starts off with Scott Hall and Matt Jackson. Matt gets the jump on Hall by using his speed against the big man. After a few minutes Hall finally catches Matt and throws him into his corner. Hall tags in Syxx and the start to double team Matt. The match continues on in a high paced style as the two smaller guys are in the ring. Matt and Nick making frequent tags to each other using their youth against the older Syxx. They start to slow down looking out of breath, and that’s when Syxx starts making his comeback. Tagging in Scott Hall again, and Hall hits the Outsiders Edge on Nick Jackson for the 1-2-3. Winners and STILL FTW Tag Team Champions The Wolfpac. This match got an A-.

Next up we have Marty Scurll vs Sami Zayn for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. Sami Zayn starts off the match by rushing Marty Scurll with the Helluva Kick. Marty Scurll barely kicks out before the 3 count. Marty Scurll looks up in disbelief. Sami doesn’t give him any time to get back on his feet though, and jumps on him raining down blows. After about 5 minutes of getting his shit kicked in, Marty Scurll finds an opening, and starts making his comeback. He quickly gets shut down though. Sami Zayn hoists Scurll up for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Scurll rakes his eyes. Marty Scurll mounts a pretty good offense for the next few minutes. Marty Scurll hits Sami with the Bird of Prey, but doesn’t go for the cover right away. Instead he grabs Sami’s hand and wanks back on his fingers, breaking them in the processes. Scurll goes for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. Sami starts fighting back with only one hand, and ultimately hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. He picks Scurll up, and drags him into the corner then sits him on the top turnbuckle. He scales up to the second rope, and hits the Brainbustaaa!!!!! for the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW FTW Heavyweight Champion Sami Zayn. This match got an A.

The main event of the evening sees The Undertaker take on Jeremiah Crane w/Freakshow in a First Blood match. Undertaker and Crane start off the match standing toe-to-toe exchanging stiff shots with neither man backing down. The match continues on like this for about 5 minutes with both men unloading on each other trying to bust the other open. Undertaker gets the upper hand after going low with a low blow. Undertaker mounts Crane, and unleashes a flurry of blows that mostly get blocked. Afterwards Undertaker picks up Crane and sets up Crane for a Tombstone Piledriver, but just as he does Grunt appears on stage holding Undertaker’s urn. Undertaker is left staring at Grunt. Crane turns Undertaker around and blasts him with a knee to the face. While he’s down Crane scrapes his boot on Undertaker’s face until he rips the skin on Taker’s forehead to make him bleed everywhere. Winner by First Blood Jeremiah Crane. This match got an A-.

Overall the show got an A-

That’s all for this time! Join me next time to see how Marty Scurll reacts to losing his title and how the Young Bucks feel after The Wolfpac played it smart by letting the younger team wear themselves out.

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