FvF 8 Part 1 – The Ocho

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series Frantic and Freakshow book a month of wrestling in similar promotions and you, the fans, get to pick who wins! Let’s jump right in!

Hello everyone and welcome back! Last time we saw Jervis Cottonbelly lose his TV Title to Pentagon Dark, the seemingly invincible Crane be defeated by the Bullet Club, Eddie Guerrero defended his Power Championship against El Generico, and the Brothers of Destruction taking the Tag Titles from Team Xtreme, leaving Matt Hardy alone in the ring while he seemingly broke down mentally.

FTW Showdown 29

This week’s show is in front of 154 people

We open the show with Pentagon Dark in the ring. “After challenging Jervis Cottonbelly for his title I was able to successfully take it from him. As I hold it in my hands I can’t help but feel like a champion, yet I feel I need… something more…” Pentagon then rips the belt in half and leaves it in the ring as he exits.

Our first match has the Irish Airborne taking on SANITY, specifically Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. The match ends when Jake Crist attacks Eric Young outside the ring after he got the crowd chanting for Killian Dain. Eric fights back, causing a disqualification.

On the titantron we see what appears to be a meat locker with hooks and raw meat hanging. Matt Hardy stumbles on screen, now with a white stripe in his hair. He’s clearly unstable and is stumbling through the hooks muttering nonsense.

Jason Gory and Johnny Gargano are taking each other on in singles action next as a follow-up to the TV Title contender’s match from last week. The match features some great wrestling but ends when James Mitchell, Gory’s Manager, distracts Johnny allowing Gory to roll him up for the 3-count.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring. “This has gone far enough. The Undertaker is causing chaos to overtake the locker room. Matt Hardy is going insane, Shinsuke Nakamura has been brainwashed, and blood rituals are running rampant. This needs to stop now.” Undertaker appears at the entrance. “Admirable, but foolish. Rey we have fought time and time again and you seem to forget how we were able to defeat you time and time again. Your illusion of victory was strategic. We harvested the blood of the Fenix for its power. Leave this be, or your fate will resemble that of Shinsuke or Matt.” Rey responds, “No. No I’ve had enough, and so has the rest of the FTW World. Your reign of terror ends now.” Undertaker says, “You think your demands are superior to my influence? Foolish mortal. You will pay for your insolence.”

Pyrotechnics erupt and Kane makes his way to the ring and a match ensues. Most of the match revolves around Rey attacking Kane’s legs and Kane manhandling Rey. When Rey appears to gain momentum and hits a 619, Shinsuke runs out to the ring, urn in hand, and clocks Rey on the back of the head causing the match to end there. He and Kane start beating down Rey when Fenix runs out to aid. With Fenix’s help they clear the ring and the show fades to black.

This show got us a B rating.

FTW Showdown 30

Before the show, Cody Rhodes unveiled some spot-on impressions of his fellow workers.

This week’s show is in front of 157 people

The show opens with Matt Hardy sitting in the ring. “I understand that which none can. The world around this vessel is erupting from the dichotomy of good and evil. The Undertaker has awoken a true being of power. He does not understand the ramifications of such abhorrent actions. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Jake Crist is taking on Alexander Wolfe in singles action first. After a good match between the two, Wolfe comes out on top delivering a death valley driver.

El Generico and Jervis Cottonbelly are seen backstage. “Good sir, I cannot stand it! That ne’er do-well Pentagon Dark has destroyed my beloved belt! I must challenge him!” Generico responds, “Jervis calm down. The Lucha Masters are no joke. We need to be better than them, which we unfortunately are not. We both lost to them and would only make fools of ourselves if we tried to take them on again.” Jervis says, “Well then what must we do? Who must we challenge?” El Generico responds, “Worthy competitors. Foes who’ve proven their worth here.”

Dave Crist is taking on Killain Dain in singles action next. The match is a well fought one but ends when Jake Crist attempts to interfere and Wolfe starts a brawl with him. SANITY and the Irish Airborne get into a large brawl. SANITY has the numbers when Marty Scurll runs out to the Airborne’s aid. He helps them clear the ring.

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring. “You all probably remember my loss to Pentagon Dark for the number one contender’s spot for the TV Title before Who Are You? I remember it vividly. And last week I got a chance at redemption with a match against Jason Gory, the other individual involved in that number one contender’s match. His underhanded tactics are disgraceful.” Gory appears at the entrance. “Quit your crying Johnny boy. You’re just mad you lost, being the ‘great’ Johnny Wrestling. How can one have a name so impressive and yet consistently lose? You don’t deserve to be here in FTW and don’t deserve my time or respect.” Gargano responds, “You’re one to talk! How about we settle this the right way? You, me, mono-e-mono. No BS.” Gory laughs and walks backstage.

The main event has Cody taking on Fenix. The match is an impressive bout with great spots from both men. While the match is going on, El Generico makes his way to ringside. He appears to just be spectating the match. Cody is able to win via the Cross Rhodes. El Generico then starts nodding and exits. Cody looks confused as the show fades to black.

The show got a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown 31

This week’s show is in front of 172 people.

The show opens with Pentagon Dark making his way to the ring. “The past few weeks I have been meditating in ancient Mayan temples to fully focus the power I have. I first was visited by Akna and she gave me her blessings. Then I stared into the deadly gaze of Ah Puch, showing the cero miedo Akna encourage me to show. He gave me this.” He pulls out a medallion and puts it around his neck. “Bestowed upon me was a power. Not one for destruction, but for creation. I poured my life blood into this, the Cero Miedo Medallion. The one who wields it shall never fear and shall never give up. With this, I have transcended my old self and nothing will stand in my way.” He signals Cero Miedo and heads backstage.

Undertaker makes his way to the ring. “Last week a madman sat in this very ring spouting nonsense and making empty threats.” As he is talking, Kane and Shinsuke make their way to the ring and are pushing a large coffin. “You see, I am not one to react blindly. Everything I do is carefully planned and executed. Matt Hardy – In this coffin rests your undoing.” He signals for Shinsuke and Kane to open the coffin and they do. “You say I’ve awoken a true being of power. I’d have to agree. He’s right here: THE BROTHER NERO.” A man covered in face paint sits up in the coffin. It appears to be Jeff Hardy! “Go destroy your former brother, Nero.” Nero gets up and heads backstage.

The first match of the night is Marty Scurll vs Eric Young. This match is well fought and sees SANITY using Scurll’s umbrella to trip him up and give Young the upper hand, and ultimately he wins. As SANITY is exiting, Scurll grabs a mic and starts laughing. “Oh this is adorable. You think you’re tough stuff don’t you? Tell you what, let’s see what team is truly better: The Irish Airborne and Me vs you three at Oblivion. Hell. In. A. Cell.” He drops the mic while SANITY is smiling and nodding.

Crane and Freakshow make their way to the ring before the next match. Freakshow grabs a mic and says, “Immortality is peculiar. Everyone has a weakness, and I will say our Great One failed to let us in on that. Read the fine print I suppose. But we’ve seen greatness and are wishing to claim it! We will not stop on our quest for glory!” Facade makes his way to the ring and the match begins. Facade is unable to do much damage to Crane. He grabs a chair and is trying to attack Crane with it to make him bleed but cannot connect. Crane hits him with a Cranial Contusion for the 3-count. Crane stands over Storm and signals Cero Miedo at the camera.

We are treated to the Bullet Club and Frantic mid conversation backstage. “I don’t know why Generico was at ringside but it didn’t phase me one bit. Probably just wanted to watch another masked wrestler do his thing. Either way, get out there and win your match tonight Kenny. Frantic and I will be at ringside so no need to worry.”

Kenny Omega is taking on Pentagon Dark next. Cody is at ringside and Frantic is joining Joey Styles and Taz on commentary. The match features some great wrestling and Pentagon is showing some serious drive. Jervis appears at the top of the entry ramp and Cody makes his way around to the front of the ring. Jervis doesn’t appear to be interested in Cody and is watching the match. The match ends when Pentagon hits Kenny Omega with the Pentagon Driver and Cody interferes to keep Omega from losing.

Rey Mysterio and Fenix make their way to the ring. “Undertaker I know you can hear me. If you’re not too busy sicking your monstrosities on the FTW World, hear me when I say Fenix and I are coming for your Tag Titles. You will be stripped of your powers, whether you like it or not.” The Young Bucks make their way to the ring and the match begins. During the match Undertaker appears at the entrance with a chair and watches the match. Kings of the Afterlife are able to win the match. Undertaker nods his head, picks up his chair, and exits.

The show got a B rating.

FTW Showdown 32

Unfortunately before this show Marty Scurll and Pentagon Dark both got injured at the PWG show. Interestingly enough, Pentagon won the PWG World Heavyweight title at the show. Marty suffered a mild concussion and will be out for about a month. Pentagon had a minor LCL tear and will be sidelined for nearly 3 months.

Also before the show, Nick Jackson pulled a great rib on the locker room which had everyone laughing. As the game doesn’t tell me specifics so I’m going to say he threw a pie in someone’s face.

The go home show to FTW Oblivion is in front of 162 people.

The show opens with the Masked Avengers in the ring, Generico with the mic. “Jervis and I have a desire. This desire is to prove how truly skilled we are in order to claim glory. In order to do that, we obviously must wrestle. Many of you may have been wondering who exactly we would challenge at Oblivion, and we’ve decided that the Bullet Club is our next foe! If we win we will be one step closer to glory!”

Jake Crist is taking on Facade in one-on-one action next. The match ends when SANITY rush the ring and attack Crist. Dave makes his way out and SANITY exits the ring. The Airborne then chase SANITY backstage.

Kenny Omega and Cody are being interviewed backstage. Kenny says, “The Masked Avengers think they can handle the Bullet Club? That’s precious. We aren’t going to accept some random open challenge by a bunch of nobodies, however I can never turn down a beating. Since I have the Authority to do so, I’ll challenge El Generico to a one-on-one match for my title at Oblivion instead. Higher risk but an oh so better reward when I pummel him.” He’s then interrupted by the brawling SANITY and Irish Airborne. Kenny and Cody start attacking SANITY and are able to run them off. The Airborne start to walk away but stop and turn around, makes eye contact with Cody and Kenny, nod, and then run off.

Beer Money are battling the Kings of the Afterlife in tag team action. The match ends after a 619 into a Fenix Driver for the 3-count. The Undertaker appears on the titantron. “Rey; Fenix; Having thought deeply about your challenge request, my brother and I accept. We will put our belts on the line at Oblivion. But if you two lose, you must leave FTW. These are our terms. Take them or leave them.” Rey grabs a mic, “You’re on!”

Jason Gory is being interviewed backstage. “Johnny Wrestling has a ridiculous ego. I’m just saving him from himself. He couldn’t handle losing the number one contender’s match last month and he couldn’t handle losing to me.” Gargano then appears on screen. “You’re spouting nonsense. I don’t think you could live with a loss to me.” Gory rebuts, “Ha! You’re such a fool Gargano. Leave now, while I’m still feeling generous.” “No. Prove me wrong Gory. Let’s settle the score at Oblivion.” “Fine!” Gory says. “I will take you down and watch you cry after the 3-count.”

Matt Hardy heads to the ring. “BROTHER NERO! Oh how the mighty have fallen. Brother you are no weapon without a guiding light. This vessel is the only hope you have. Come face me brother and I shall DELETE you!” Brother Nero comes out and they start brawling. Undertaker, Kane, and Shinsuke slowly start making their way to the ring. Matt throws Nero out of the ring. He sees Taker and his minions and starts smiling and laughing. He signals for deletion and the crowd chants along with him. The lights go out and when they come back on Matt is gone from the ring. Undertaker looks pissed as the show fades to black.

This show got us a C rating.

FTW Oblivion

FTW Oblivion is brought to you by and is in front of 93 people.

Oblivion kicks off with the heated rivalry between Jason Gory and Johnny Gargano. A match with good heat and good wrestling ultimately ends when James Mitchell attempts to distract Gargano, but he is able to dodge the blind side attack from Gory and roll him up for the win. Gory is fuming at this loss.

The next match is the Hell in a Cell match between SANITY and the Irish Airborne. SANITY elects to have Killian Dain and Eric Young battle. This is a hard-hitting match with multiple weapons being used. Killian Dain performs a coast-to-coast on Jake Crist. Dave Crist sends himself and Eric Young through a table. Dave recovers long enough to escape the cell and finds himself brawling with Alexander Wolfe. They climb halfway up the cell, brawl back and forth while hanging, and both fall off through the announce table. The match ends when Killian Dain and Eric Young deliver a Devastation to Jake Crist for the 3-count.

Kenny Omega is defending his US Title next against El Generico. Omega’s cockiness really shows here, as he doesn’t appear to be taking Generico seriously. Cody and Jervis are at ringside keeping each other in check. Omega goes for the V-Trigger but Generico counters. He’s able to kick Omega into the corner, staggering him long enough to deliver a Helluva Kick. He goes for the pin and the ref starts counting. Cody jumps into the ring but is met by Jervis clotheslining him over the top as the ref finishes the 3-count. Winner and new US Champion: El Generico!

The main event features the Kings of the Afterlife taking on The Brothers of Destruction for the FTW Tag Team Titles. The Brothers are accompanied by Shinsuke, who hangs around at ringside and doesn’t get involved with the match. After a lengthy build and battle, each wrestler is struggling to get to their feet. The lights go out and when they come back on Matt Hardy is at ringside with a microphone. “I have traveled the world searching for answers. I’ve walked through time itself, experiencing the birth and death of man. Yet knowing all of this, we continue our battle of wits and war, nothing ever blooming.” Shinsuke rushes Matt who counters and throws him into the steel steps. “YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU CLAIM TO BE SHINSUKE NAKAMURA. ABANDON THIS VESSEL AND BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF.” Brother Nero runs out from backstage and starts brawling with Matt. Undertaker makes his way to the outside of the ring and gives Shinsuke an urn. He points to Rey then goes to assist Nero. Shinsuke gets in the ring and attacks rey, but accidentally hits Kane instead! Rey pins him for 3-count. Winners and new Tag Team Champions: The Kings of the Afterlife! Undertaker and Nero are distracted by this long enough for Matt to cheap shot both of them. He runs off backstage laughing and the show fades to black on the new champions.

This show got us a C+ rating.

Well that’s it for my cards! Let me know what you think and I’ll see you guys next time with month 9 and the event Road to Revolution!

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