FvF 7 Part 2: A Mysterious Mystery

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series Frantic and Freakshow book a month of wrestling in similar promotions and you, the fans, get to pick who wins! Let’s jump right in!

Last time we saw The Wolfpac beat the team of Pentagon Dark and Fenix to retain their tag championships, a hooded figure came out and tried to talk Jeremiah Crane out of his current life choices, and Chris Raaber told Kenny Omega that he has to earn his rematch with The Undertaker for the FTW United States Championship, but if he loses a match he will be fired. Let’s see what’s in store for us this month!

FTW Showdown 25

We come to you live tonight from Caesar Uyesaka Stadium in front of 950 people.

We start off the show with Freakshow and Jeremiah Crane in the ring. Freakshow has the mic and says, “What happened at Time Crisis was complete bullshit. Crane had Marty Scurll right where he wanted him, and all the sudden this hooded man came out just to ‘free’ Crane. Well Crane is already free under the watchful eye of The Scythe. I’ll give this hooded man one week to come out and explain himself!” This segment got a B.

Next up we have The Wolfpac in the back. Scott Hall has the mic, “Hey yo, Pentagon, Fenix, we beat you two just like everyone knew we would. You see I don’t care how bad you to think you are. The Wolfpac are the baddest guys in the room whereever we go. We don’t care if you think you’ve been blessed by some sort of mythical bird, or if you have some spooky powers Vampiro gave you. We deal in facts, and the fact is we are just better than you. You know where to find us if you want to get smacked down again.” Scott Hall throws a toothpick at the camera. This segment got an A-

For the main event we have Kenny Omega taking on Eric Young. Omega is in control most of the match, and ultimately hits the V-Trigger for the win. This match got a B+

Overall this show got a B+

FTW Showdown 26

We are live this week from Puerto Rico in front of 829 people.

We start out with Pentagon Dark is in the ring. “Last week The Wolfpac were out here running their mouth, talking about how they’re the baddest in the room. Well I seem to remember it a different way. See my brother and I had you two on the ropes. You are the baddest. That $10 worth of quarters you hit us with was the baddest. We know that we can beat you both. You give us another shot. A FAIR shot. We will raise our iron banners high, and we will clash head-to-head.” This segment got a B.

Next we are back in the ring when the lights go out and someone appears on the titantron with a hood covering his face. “At Time Crisis you saw that Crane is just a brainwashed puppet of The Undertaker. I know the truth, and it’s time that he learns as well. I broke through to him, but it wasn’t enough. I’ve had someone watching you this whole time, Crane. Like a death squad rolling in, we will not be stopped until the job is done.” The screen cuts to static and the lights come back on.” This segment got an A-

The main event of the show sees Kenny Omega taking on Jason Gory. Omega looks like a man on a mission from the opening bell. He quickly hits Gory with the V-Trigger for the win. Then grabs a mic. “Chris Raaber, Mr. C.E.O. I know what I did was wrong, but you have to look at it from my perspective: I’m a wrestler. It’s what I do, it’s what I love, but more importantly it’s how I make a living. Without this I have no way to pay bills, or get food. I had to come back, so I could live. I took my punishment, and I will beat anyone you put in front of me.” This segment got an A-

Overall this show got a B+

FTW Showdown 27

Jason Gory and Dave Crist have developed a strong friendship over the past week.

This week we are coming to you from the Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium in front of a sold out crowd of 1,000 people.

The show opens up with Chris Raaber coming out to the ring mic in hand. “Kenny Omega. You want to come out here and go on and on about how you need this job? Well I don’t really care. You’ll get your shot to be back on top at Who Are You? when you face The Undertaker. If you lose though you’ll find yourself in the unemployment line.” This segment got a B

Next up we have The Wolfpac (Syxx and Scott Hall) vs Jason Gory and Facade. The match starts out with Scott Hall slapping around Jason Gory, and taunting him/the crowd. The match continues this way for the next couple minutes. Gory tries to make a comeback, but can’t get anything going. Hall tags in Syxx and Syxx locks on the Buzzkill for the win. This match got a B+

We cut to the back with Freakshow talking to Crane mid conversation. “The light at the end of the tunnel is drawing ever closer Crane. Soon you will be truly free.” Freakshow turns to the camera and starts talking. “As for you Mr. Mysterious, I have no idea who you are, and really I don’t care. You’re about as dangerous as a rubber ducky. We will find who you are, and we will put a stop to you. We are The Scythe, and we will cut you down.” This segment got an A.

Overall this show got an A-

FTW Showdown 28

Before the show The Undertaker was boasting about how much money he makes. I fined him. Undertaker improved his behaviour as a result. Sami Zayn brought a karaoke machine and started a competition with other wrestlers.

The go home show of Showdown comes to you live from Charles H Braun Stadium in front of 1,115 people.

The show opens up with a match between Kenny Omega and Facade. Omega starts off strong, and is about to put Facade away when the lights go out. Undertaker appears in the ring, and tombstones Kenny Omega then grabs the mic,  “Kenny, come Who Are You? you get your shot at MY title, and it will be your last. I will make sure you Rest in Peace.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have a backstage interview with Fenix. Just as Fenix starts to talk the screen cuts to static, and a voice line plays, “The following announcement has been paid for by The Wolfpac.” The screen goes black and white then cuts to Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx. Syxx says, “Fenix… You and your brother want to talk about getting a fair shot? I’m here to tell you nothing is fair in life. See I’ve been all over the world, and every place I’ve went I was the small dog in the fight. All that changed when I found these two. It doesn’t matter what you throw at us. We are going to do whatever we need to make sure we hold onto these titles. You can’t turn your back on The Wolfpac.” The screen cuts to static, and a voice line plays, “The preceding announcement has been paid for by The Wolfpac.” This segment got an A

Finally we have a match between returning Hardy Boys and Ohio is 4 Killers. The match is a really good back and forth with no team gaining a clear advantage. In the end Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate picking up the win for his team. This match got a B+

Overall this show got an A-

FTW Who Are You?

This month’s event is brought to you by The Who. Still going strong 51 years later.

We are live this week from Joe Etzel Field in front of a sold out 1,000 people.

We start off the night with a match between Jeremiah Crane accimpanied by Freakshow and Jervis Cottonbelly. Crane is in control from the start, but Jervis is able to make a comeback. Jervis gets some good offense in before being cut off. As Crane starts mounting his offense the lights go out and the hooded figure appears on the titantron once again. “Crane, I know you can hear me. I know you’ve been fighting with what you think is real and what you really think. I can help you. I can set you free. I hold the keys to unlock your mind from this prison. Come find me if you want to know the truth.” Crane rolls out of the ring and goes to the back with Freakshow following him. Jervis Cottonbelly wins by count-out. This match got a B+.

Next up we have a Tag Team Championship match between The Wolfpac (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) and the team of Pentagon Dark and Fenix. The Wolfpac start the match by jumping Pentagon Dark and Fenix on their way to the ring. After they beat them down all around the ring, Scott Hall rolls Fenix back into the ring, and pins him for only a 2 count. Fenix gets up and starts trying to make a comeback, but to no avail. Hall throws Fenix into the corner and tags in Kevin Nash. Nash delivers a vicious looking elbow busting open Fenix’s nose. Fenix ducks down and tries to crawl through Nash’s legs, but he gets caught. Fenix lays in a couple boots to Nash’s face then makes the tag to Pentagon Dark. Pentagon comes in and cleans house. He pins Kevin Nash, but Scott Hall breaks it up just before the 3 count. Nash fights back, but Pentagon shuts him down. Scott Hall comes in and punches Pentagon in the back of his head then drags Nash over and tags himself him. Hall hits Pentagon with The Outsider’s Edge for the 1-2-3 Winner and STILL FTW Tag Team Champions The Wolfpac. This match got an A.

The main event of the evening sees The Undertaker defend his FTW United States Championship against Kenny Omega. Neither man is wasting time and are just unloading shots on each other. Both men end up bloody from the back and forth punches. Omega finally gets the upper hand, and starts beating down Undertaker then hits him with a brutal knee to the face. The match continues evenly for another 10 minutes before Undertaker takes control after hitting Omega with a strong kick followed by a powerbomb. Just as Undertaker is signaling for the tombstone piledriver out comes Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow. Crane grabs a steel chair as Freakshow jumps on the arpon to distract the ref. Crane gets in the ring and nods at Undertaker then turns to hit Omega. As Omega gets up and sees Crane he stands there accepting of his fate. Crane turns around and blasts Undertaker with the chair before rolling out of the ring. Crane and Freakshow leave as Omega pins Undertaker for the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW FTW United States Champion Kenny Omega! This match got an A.

Overall this show got an A

Well I hope you enjoyed it! Join me again in two weeks as we find out more about this hooded figure, what’s next for the Wolfpac, and where in the world is Marty Scurll! See you all next time for FTW Oblivion!

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