FvF 7 Part 1: A Force Awakens

Welcome back everyone! Some changes are taking over FvF. Instead of throwing both months of booking done by Freakshow and myself into one large article, we are instead going to have Freakshow’s cards take the Chronicles’ place. This means Wrestling Fridays are now purely FvF. The Chronicles are indeed over (read the finale here), but once FvF ends we definitely won’t leave Wrestling Fridays empty. Until then, enjoy our fantasy booking shenanigans!

Last time we saw Jervis Cottonbelly successfully defend his TV Title against Marty Scurll, The Undertaker defended his World Title against Rey Mysterio, The Hardyz held onto their titles against the Bullet Club after the seemingly invulnerable Jeremiah Crane intervened, and Eddie Guerrero kept his Power title from The Rock but not without help from the returning, yet peculiar Shinsuke Nakamura!

FTW Showdown 25

This week’s show is in front of 116 people.

The show opens with Undertaker making his way to the ring followed by Shinsuke Nakamura and Kane. Shinsuke is again noticeably lacking charisma. “Last night you witnessed the power of afterlife. I buried Shinsuke alive because he needed his true inner power released. Having been awakened by the blood of the Fenix, Shinsuke is ready to join my brother and I in greatness.”

Jason Gory is taking on Eric Young in singles action for the first match of the night. Gory is able to win via a Swanton Bomb.

The Hardy Boyz make their way out to the ring. Matt has the mic and says, “I’m not sure if the fans of Team Xtreme have heard but not only are we the FTW Tag Team Champions, we are also the best tag team in the world! Something people outside of FTW rightly recognized, but something the locker room is failing to notice constantly issuing challenges and getting their asses kicked because of it. We’ve defeated the Young Bucks, the Bullet Club, and Beer Money which means we’ve beaten every relevant tag team FTW has to offer. Nothing can stop us!”

Next up we’re in Chris Raeber’s office as he is quickly joined by the Bullet Club. “Hello Cody. Kenny. What can I do for you?” Cody responds, “What the hell is going on in this company Raeber? When Frantic extended the invite to me and you signed me I didn’t see any fine print that mentioned ‘wacky rituals and blood oaths.’ Now we’ve got a freak of nature granted immortality by the gods, apparently, who cost us the tag titles may I remind you, and a walking zombie brought to life from Fenix blood. I came to wrestle, not star in a god damn comic book movie!” Raeber sits back, ponders for a moment, then responds, “You have a point Cody. I’ve been attempting to bring order to FTW ever since I took over. While I can safely say I’ve gotten a grip on match making, the shenanigans you speak of are getting out of hand. If you can get more FTW wrestlers sympathetic to your cause then I think we can do something about this.”

The main event has the Masked Avengers taking on Beer Money. In a hard fought match the Masked Avengers are able to win via the Avengeful Blow.

The show got us a B rating.

FTW Showdown 26

This week’s show is in front of 125 people

We open with Undertaker, Kane, and Shinsuke yet again in the ring. Undertaker has the mic and says, “Last week Team Xtreme came out here flaunting their egos and claiming to be the best tag-team in the FTW. They seem to have forgotten about the force of destruction that is Kane and I. If you’re listening, Team Xtreme, your tag belts are as good as ours.” Just then Chris Raeber appears at the entrance. “Oh no, you don’t get to just make a match because you’re mad. You know the rules ‘Taker: it all goes through me. I don’t care what belt is around your waist.” Taker lifts his hand and a lightning strike hits in front of Raeber. He jumps back, gathers his composure, and says, “Oh hell no! If you cause any harm to me ‘Taker then I’ll fire your ass.” Taker responds, “Funny… I wasn’t planning on harming you.” He points at Raeber and Shinsuke starts making his way to Raeber. “You terminated Shinsuke’s contract with FTW when I buried him alive. Blame me all you want but this was all your doing.” Raeber starts panicking and runs backstage.

El Generico is taking on Jason Gory in singles action. Despite intervention from James Mitchell, Gory’s Manager, Generico is able to deliver a spike brainbuster for the 3-count.

We see Chris Raeber slowly step into his office constantly looking over his shoulder. In his office he is unaware of Jervis Cottonbelly who appears to have been waiting for him. After a few moments of the paranoid Raeber, Jervis speaks up. “Good sir-” Raeber let’s out a quick yelp and jumps around to see Jervis. “Oh! Oh. Jervis. Sorry about that. I thought you might’ve been… Uh… Nevermind. What can I do for you?” Jervis responds, “Well I was admiring the beauty of the Television Title and got to thinking. While the wonderful chap El Generico and I have been doing quite well in the tag division, I couldn’t help but think it would be to both of our benefits to have me defend the title against a worthy adversary. It would help prove I’m a worthy champion and would help prove the belt is something to desire. What do you say?” Raeber says, “Yeah sure Jervis. I’ll make a number one contender’s match next week. Winner will face you on the go-home show to Who Are You?” “Splendid!” Jervis responds.

Before the main event, Team Xtreme make their way out to the ring. Matt has the mic, “Ha! That’s my response Undertaker. You and your brother want a shot at our titles? I find that extremely hilarious. Sure you’re the World Champion, but you need more than just singles skills to handle these belts. As far as we’re concerned you don’t deserve a chance at our titles.”

The Young Bucks make their way out for the match against Team Xtreme. In a high-flying bout featuring tons of impressive moves from both teams, Team Xtreme win after a Twist of Fate followed up by a Swanton Bomb.

The show got us a B- rating.

FTW Showdown 27

This week’s show is in front of 124 people.

Freakshow and Crane make their way to the ring. “Friends: I come to you with the most wonderful news I could wish to share. The Crane Occult is more powerful than ever! You see, Crane has become an unstoppable force. No human entity can stop him, as he proved at Time Crisis. So with that being said, the Crane Occult is now recruiting! Praise be to the Great One!”

Marty Scurll makes his way out to ring and the first match begins. Crane is seemingly unaffected by most of Scurll’s attacks. He starts throwing Scurll around the ring with ease. Scurll is able to scratch Crane’s eyes and makes his way outside the ring, grabs his umbrella, and gets back in the ring. He smacks Crane on the back with it, but Crane is unaffected by this. He turns around, grabs Scurll by the neck, and delivers a chokeslam. The match ends in a DQ thanks to the umbrella shenanigans.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way out to the ring. “I’ve been rather quiet about Time Crisis. I retained my title but I’ll admit it wasn’t way I enjoy winning. Either way I think enough time has passed that I am ready to defend my title again. But first, I need Chris Raeber’s permission to fight in his daycare. Raeber: get out here ese. I need to make a match.” Raeber appears at the entrance. “Eddie you know you don’t get to just openly issue challenges like this. There’s paperwork and-” “Oh can it Raeber,” Eddie interrupts. “I have an idea, one that will make your life easier and will make FTW not so bogged down by stupid paperwork. How about you let the champions issue their own challenges, ese? After all it’s their title and they want to defend it.” Raeber thinks for a moment. “Okay. We can play this game. As of tonight, every champion in FTW is allowed to issue challenges for their titles. But listen closely: if this starts getting out of hand or causing civil unrest, it’s back to boring paperwork. Got it?” Eddie smiles, then says, “I’m glad you see it my way Raeber. I want to prove I am one of the elite talents here at FTW. Next week the winner of a 15-man battle royale will face me at Who Are You?!” Raeber looks upset, but nods his head and starts to head backstage when he is attacked by Shinsuke Nakamura! Shinsuke starts kicking and punching Raeber. He then picks him up and throws him off the 10-foot stage onto the concrete. Paramedics have to come to his aid and take him out on a stretcher.

Fenix is taking on Kenny Omega in singles action next. A well fought battle ends when Kenny hits the V-Trigger for the 3-Count. After the match Kenny grabs a mic, “Jeremiah Crane… This loaf has been a pain in my ass since the start of FTW, as I’m sure you’re all well aware. Now he’s recruiting people to follow him. Only a fool would be so stupid. Listen up FTW World! Our incapacitated CEO offered to assist us in dealing with the nonsense happening here at FTW. Seems we need to take matters into our own hands now that he’s gone. Anyone who backs these insane individuals will find themselves in the crosshairs of the Bullet Club. Oh and Crane? I know you’re listening. Rest assured Cody and I will defeat you and expose you for the fraud you are.”

The main event is the number one contender’s match for the Television Title. There seems to be some confusion among the announcers, however, as no one has made their way to the ring yet. Jervis Cottonbelly’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. “Good people of the FTW World – I regret to inform you that the main event of this week’s Showdown had not been completely booked. Mr. Raeber had not informed me of who would be competing tonight and his office is locked so I cannot retrieve the relevant paperwork. The new rule he created just before being attacked was that any title holder can issue their own challenges. So with that in mind, I would like to issue an open challenge to the locker room. Claim this challenge and we will go toe-to-toe next week!”

Jervis waits a moment, and out comes Jason Gory! “Some of you might not be aware of this, but I was the first ever FTW Television Champion. I believe it is time for that belt to be back around my waist.” Pentagon Dark’s music plays and he walks out behind Gory. “Oh Gory you fool, you think you deserve the title? You don’t have cero miedo like I do. The Television Title is as good as mine.” Johnny Gargano’s music plays and he appears behind Pentagon and Gory. “I think both of you are insane. Jervis and I are friends but both understand what a fair fight is. We’d put on the best show and would bring great meaning to the Television Title. You two would do nothing but tarnish it.” They all look at Jervis, who responds, “Good sirs I find your ambition envious! I think next week you should fight it out in the ring and I will take on the winner at Who Are You? May the best man win!” All three respond in unison, “I plan to” and then look at each other with mild confusion.

The show got us a C+

FTW Showdown 28

The go-home show to Who Are You? is in front of 126 people

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring to start the show off. “Everyone keeps asking me if we’re going to walk the walk with this new title holder rule. Undertaker and Kane want a shot at the tag titles and I can’t say I blame them. Who wouldn’t want a belt Team Xtreme held? I have confidence Jeff and I will win and at Who Are You? we will defend our titles against the Brothers of Destruction.

The 15-man battle royale to determine the number one contender for the Power Championship is the first match of the night. We have the Irish Airborne, Beer Money, The Young Bucks, Rey Mysterio, Fenix, El Generico, Facade, SANITY, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Marty Scurll battling it out. The tag teams attack each other as their bad blood still exists. The Irish Airborne, Facade, and ⅔ of SANITY are eliminated rather quickly. Killian Dain takes down James Storm but is quickly disposed of by Bobby Roode. Shinsuke takes out Marty Scurll after a long battle between the two. The Young Bucks attempt to capitalize on the ailing Roode but he outsmarts both of them and eliminates them simultaneously. El Generico takes out fellow masked luchador Fenix and we finally get down to the final four, made up of El Generico, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and Rey Mysterio. Generico and Roode start duking it out while Shinsuke and Rey do the same. Generico is able to eliminate Roode and he comes over to help Rey with Shinsuke. Shinsuke starts fighting back and is able to take down both men. He eliminates Rey and starts laughing. He walks over to Generico and attempts to eliminate him. Generico fights back and eventually hits a Helluva Kick to knock Shinsuke over the top rope to win!

Backstage we see the Bullet Club in their locker room. Both look worried. Then Frantic walks in. “Guys, listen. I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I think I’ve found a way to help you. Kenny, we were a great team. That US Title you have wouldn’t be yours without my assistance. I convinced Scurll to help you and you’ve had it for nearly 7 months now. You’re the longest reigning champion in FTW history at this point.” Kenny smirks, looks at Cody, and they both remain silent. Frantic continues, “Cody, I reached out to you to bring you here. Why do you think Crane and Freakshow aren’t out there boasting about their new recruits? They don’t have anybody because you two are a force to be feared. Let me help the both of you. I know Crane’s weakness.” Both men’s ears seemingly perk up. Kenny responds, “Wait… You know how to stop him? HOW?” Frantic smiles and the screen fades to black.

The main event is the triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the Television Title. Pentagon Dark, Jason Gory, and Johnny Gargano are taking each other on with Jervis on commentary. Gory and Pentagon team up on Gargano first and he is quickly thrown to the outside of the ring. The two then start duking it out getting their fair share of blows in. Pentagon keeps trying to lock Gory into the Sacrifice but Gory prevails. Gargano re-introduces himself into the mix by breaking up a Sacrifice attempt via a dropkick off the top rope. Pentagon gets knocked outside the ring shortly after and Gargano is able to deliver a Hurts Donut to Gory. He goes for the pin but Pentagon is able to break it up with a kick to the head of Gargano. He then delivers a Pentagon Driver to Gargano for the 3-count.

The show got us a B-.

FTW Who Are You?

FTW Who Are You? is brought to you by the sentient podcast. May it have mercy on all your souls.

Tonight’s show is in front of 74 people.

The show opens with Frantic making his way to the ring. “After some discussion with the Bullet Club, they would like to battle Crane in another handicap match.” Freakshow appears at the entrance and says, “Frantic you fool! I was so happy for you when you were dumped by those ego maniacs. I thought maybe you’d see the light and join us but you’ve fallen back into their grasp. Crane is an unstoppable force and if you think two men will be able to defeat him then you’re severely mistaken. You can have your match!”

Jervis Cottonbelly is defending his Television Title against Pentagon Dark in our first match of the evening. Jervis is able to get some momentum behind him first with some good punches and submission holds. Pentagon breaks free and delivers a kick to the head. The next few minutes consist of Pentagon manhandling Jervis. While Pentagon has Jervis in an armbar, Eddie Guerrero makes his way down to ringside. Its at this point Jervis is able to get the upper hand but is constantly distracted by Eddie, mainly because he doesn’t want to take his attention off Eddie. El Generico then runs out and chases Eddie around the ring and up the entrance ramp. Eddie disappears backstage and Generico stops at the entrance ramp. He turns around and Jervis gives him the thumbs up but then is rolled up by Pentagon for the 3-count. Winner and new FTW Television Champion: Pentagon Dark!

Up next is the Handicap match that was made earlier in the evening by Frantic and Freakshow. The Bullet Club are taking on Jeremiah Crane in a handicap match. Crane spends most of the match brushing off attacks and manhandling the two of them. Cody gets thrown outside the ring and this leaves Crane and Omega alone in the ring. Kenny is able to attack Crane’s legs and get him on the mat for a brief moment. The match continues for a few minutes with Crane standing up, throwing one of the two down, only for the other to attack his legs. He eventually breaks the cycle and knocks both of them outside the ring. While Crane is gaining his composure, Frantic hands Omega and Cody something. They get back in the ring and both hit Crane in the face with brass knuckles. Crane is busted open from this, falls to his knees while trying to stop the bleeding, and  then is double super kicked by the Bullet Club. They pin him for the 3-count. Freakshow is shocked and is frozen in place. Frantic gets into the ring with a mic, walks over to Freakshow’s corner, sits down, and says, “I bet you’re wondering what just happened. You see the problem with a blood ritual is in the name: blood. Making a monster bleed his own blood will slowly drain him of his power. Your Great One has failed you Freakshow. No one has come to your aid because they were more scared of us than they were of the monster we’ve slayed. Can you blame them? I urge you to abandon this facade and monster. If you don’t, you are risking your well-being.” He drops the mic.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way out to the ring to defend his Power Championship, and has even more cockiness than usual. El Generico makes his way out next and is fuming. The match begins with some brawling and transitions into some great chain wrestling from both men. Their fighting falls to the outside of the ring where both men attempt suicide dives over the ropes at one point or another. Eddie attempts a frog splash from the top turnbuckle to the outside only to miss. Generico dives through the turnbuckles and delivers a tornado DDT. Both men are nearly counted out but make their way back into the ring. After trading slow but powerful punches, Eddie is able to get Generico in the Lasso from El Paso. Generico refuses to tap out so Eddie pulls him up, suplexes him, and climbs the turnbuckle. He delivers a frog splash and pins Generico for the 3-count. Winner and still FTW Power Champion: Eddie Guerrero!

The main event features the Brothers of Destruction accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura taking on Team Xtreme for the tag team titles. Matt and Jeff get off to a strong start with some fast attacks, poetry in motion, and multiple other moves. Their quickness is a bit too much for the Brothers it appears. Each hit by Undertaker or Kane is brutal, but few and far between. After about ten minutes or so the Hardyz haven’t been able to successfully pin the brothers but have had complete control throughout the match. A frustrated Undertaker steps outside the ring and starts talking to Shinsuke. Shinsuke goes backstage and Undertaker rejoins the fight. Shinsuke reappears with an urn and makes his way to ringside. He gets into the ring and smacks Jeff over the head with the urn. Jeff starts bleeding. Matt turns around and is horrified and is also met with an urn to the head. Undertaker picks up Jeff, tombstones him, and pins him for the 3-count. Winners and new FTW Tag Team Champions: Kane and the Undertaker. Undertaker and Kane pick Jeff Hardy up and carry him away. Matt crawls over to the pool of blood where Jeff once laid. Matt looks horrified and is grabbing his hair and shaking his head. He retreats to one of the corner turnbuckles and is shaking uncontrollably, most notably throwing his arm from his chest outwards and shouting nonsense.

The show got us a B rating.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed my cards! Fun fact: this was the first month where I had 0 pre-show incidents (like wrestler’s court or workers going out of their way to do stuff). Next week we’ll get to see what Freakshow booked for Who Are You? I’ll see you in two weeks with the 8th month and the show FTW Oblivion!

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