FvF 6: Return of the Workers

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series we have taken the TEW game (which is used in our Chronicles of AWE series) and created a roster for Frantic Talks Wrestling which include not only some Attitude Era WWE wrestlers but also some modern day names you’ll probably recognize. Let’s jump right in!

Frantic’s Cards

Welcome back! Last time we saw Eddie Guerrero lie, cheat, and steal his way to the Power Championship, The Masked Avengers failed to take down the Young Bucks, The Brothers of Destruction get locked in the boiler room after a bloody brawl with the Kings of the Afterlife, and Cody and Kenny Omega defeating Jeremiah Crane with ease.

FTW Showdown: Week 21

Before the show Fenix failed to pick up his fair share of the tab and judge Kane sentenced him to buy drinks for everyone after the show.

This week’s show is in front of 98 people.

The show opens with Eddie Guerrero in the ring with his newly acquired FTW Power Championship. “Monday was a good day. The cocky ‘People’s Champ’ had his reign ended appropriately: by Latino Heat.” The Rock’s music plays and he appears at the entrance with a microphone and says, “You know The Rock is getting sick and tired of listening to you ramble on. Fact of the matter is this: The Rock losing at Showdown at the Swamp to a jabroni like you was a fluke. I’ll get my rematch and will lay the smackdown on your candy-ass and take back my belt.”

Our first match is Facade taking on James Storm. Storm is able to win via a Last Call kick.

Backstage we see Freakshow with his back turned to the camera. “I don’t understand. We did everything right! He should be A GOD.” The camera reveals Crane laying on a table, unconscious. Johnny Gargano, Jervis Cottonbelly, and for some reason El Generico then walk in. They appear confused and Johnny breaks the awkward silence. “Freakshow… We came to tell you we don’t want to be apart of this anymore. Drinking blood and sacrifices? Not what we signed up for. We wanted to take the Fearless down and all we’ve done is seemingly empower them. We’re gonna do our own thing. Good luck with… whatever this is.” They leave without a word from Freakshow.

Pentagon Dark is taking on Johnny Gargano with Pentagon delivering a Pentagon Driver for the win.

Finally Cody takes on Jeff Hardy in the main event. Cody wins with Cross Rhodes after a good performance from both men.

The show gets us a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 22

Before the show, the New Year is upon us! Yearly awards were given out and here are the members of the Frantic Talks Wrestling crew who won awards: The Hardy Boyz got team of the year; our show FTW Ill Manors (from FvF 3) got show of the year; Rey Mysterio Jr. got young wrestler of the year; and I, Frantic, got manager of the year.

New year means some changes for FTW! I decided to pursue a new colour commentator as Jim Cornette was causing too many negative things backstage. His attitude was poor and his jokes unfunny. I had to release him and I decided to sign Taz, which means the ECW duo of Joey Styles and Taz are reunited on commentary.

Pentagon Dark organized a poker tournament for the whole locker room prior to the show.

This first show of 2018 is in front of 124 people! We broke into triple digits!

Cody and Kenny Omega are in the ring to start us off. Kenny has the mic, “After taking down the madman that was Jeremiah Crane at Showdown at the Swamp and seeing his unconscious body last week, I think our little feud has finally ended. The Fearless are the best there is and we deserve recognition.” Cody interjects, “Kenny who the hell came up with The Fearless? What a stupid name. We are much more intimidating than that. We are the Bullet Club and we want a shot at the tag titles!” Chris Raeber comes out, “Ambitious lot you are. We’ve had too much of this nonsensical ‘I deserve a title shot’ from backstage. All requests go through me. I’ll be lenient here and accept this as informal paperwork. A tag tournament next week will determine who really ‘deserves’ a title shot.”

Eric Young and Killian Dain are battling the Irish Airborne. A well fought match that ends when SANITY hits the Devastation for the 3-count.

The Masked Avengers (Jervis and El Generico) make their way to the ring. Jervis takes the mic, “Friends, you most likely are aware of the situation myself and sir Generico were in at Showdown at the Swamp. Being harassed by the ‘villain’ Scurll made me feel unsafe. He sought refuge with the Young Bucks, I sought it with Generico. We were cheated out of our victory by those neer do-wells and we demand a rematch!” Chris Raeber appears at the entrance. “Jervis, I hear your complaint. Lucky for you both, you’ll get your rematch next week in the tag tournament.”

The Undertaker makes his way to the ring where a covered pedestal is sitting.. “Many of you think my brother and I failed, having lost to the Kings of the Afterlife. I pity you foolish mortals. A greater need was at stake and we were able get what we needed from those fools.” He pulls the cover off the pedestal to reveal and urn. “Within this urn lies great power. Within this urn lies the true power of the afterlife. I never feared death and now I have no reason to fear anything. Harnessing the blood of the Fenix I was able to create the ultimate weapon. You will all bow to my power.”

Just then Rey Mysterio runs out and a brawl ensues between him and The Undertaker. Rey keeps grabbing the urn and trying to get out of the ring but Undertaker pulls him back in. He eventually smacks Rey over the head with the Urn and leaves him unconscious in the ring.

The show got a C rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 23

This week’s show is in front of 100 people.

The Rock is seen backstage in Raeber’s office. “What do you mean I can’t have my rematch tonight? The Rock deserves a chance at his title!” Raeber responds, “Rock I understand. The tag tournament is tonight. We don’t have room. I can offer you a main event spot next week or you can wait until Time Crisis and fight Guerrero in a No-DQ match. Those are your options.” Rock responds, “A No-DQ match? Rock will take those stipulations any day of the week. Let’s see that jabroni lie, cheat, and steal his way out of a steel chair to the head.”

The first match of the tag tournament is the Bullet Club versus SANITY (Wolfe and Dain). In a well-fought match Cody and Kenny are able to get the upper hand via a ref distraction and low-blow for the 3-count.

The second match of the tag tournament is The Masked Avengers versus the Young Bucks. The Masked Avengers brought Johnny Gargano with them to hopefully keep Scurll’s involvement to a minimum. Even though Scurll gets some distractions in, the Masked Avengers are able to walk away with a win after delivering an Avengeful Blow (combination of chest/lower back kick followed by stomach/neck leg drops).

Rey and Fenix are seen backstage. Rey says, “Fenix, do you really think Undertaker ‘harnessed’ your blood?” Fenix responds, “I don’t know. I was bleeding rather heavily during our boiler room brawl. I didn’t know I had powers either. Maybe it’s just all an act?”

The tag tournament finals features The Bullet Club against the Masked Avengers. The match features two teams that are fatigued due to having wrestled previously, but they still manage to put on a good show. The Bullet Club are able to come out on top by using Kenny’s United States Title as DDT padding.

The show got us a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 24

The go-home show to Time Crisis is in front of 109 people

The Masked Avengers open the show and are taking on the Irish Airborne in tag team action. A well-fought bout that ends when the Irish Airborne fail to connect on a Killing Spree which leads to an Avengeful Blow from the Avengers for the 3-count.

Scurll appears at the entrance after the match and says, “Jervis, you were able to beat my brothers in arms the Young Bucks, but not without help. Let’s cut the bullshit and go mono-e-mono at Time Crisis. Put your belt on the line and fight me and if by some miracle you win, I’ll leave you alone.” Jervis nods and holds his belt up high.

Alexander Wolfe is taking on Jason Gory in singles action. A match with good wrestling mixed with good heat ends when Gory lands a Swanton Bomb on Wolfe for the 3-count.

Rey makes his way into Raeber’s office. “Whatever is going on with Undertaker has to stop. Make a match for Time Crisis. Me. Him. FTW World Championship. End of discussion.” He leaves and Raeber sits back in his chair looking mildly confused.

Eddie Guerrero makes his way out to the ring before his main event match. “Before I face off against Matt Hardy I just wanted to have a quick word with everyone here. The Rock thinks he can win at Time Crisis simply because of the No-DQ stipulation? How adorable. You see Rocky, Latino Heat lies, cheats, and steals regardless of the rules. If there are no rules then I can do anything I want. Good luck ese’. You’re gonna need it.”

Matt Hardy makes his way out to the ring and the Main Event begins. The match is as entertaining as it is impressive. The match ends when Eddie is able to land a Frog Splash on Matt for the 3-count.

We see Crane laying on a table backstage with Freakshow in a cloak. “Great One we come to you now in a desperate time of need. The Bullet Club is a menace that needs dealt with. No Earthly means can stop them. Please give us your strength.” The camera zooms in on Crane’s lifeless face. His eyes open just before the show goes to black.

The show got us a B-.

FTW Time Crisis

FTW Time Crisis is brought to you by the Surf Dudes With Attitudes. Remember to hang ten and high five kids. The show is in front of 63 people.

El Generico and Nick Jackson open the show in singles action with some great wrestling. The match ends with a Helluva Kick by Generico for the 3-count.

FTW Television Champion Jervis Cottonbelly is defending against Marty Scurll next. This match features some great heat and good wrestling. Jervis has the upper hand when Scurll goes to the outside of the ring and retrieves his Umbrella. As he attempts to strike Jervis reverses it and back suplexes him. He picks up the Umbrella and snaps it in half. Scurll rolls over and sees his Umbrella and is shocked. Jervis then locks him into the Downtown Lock and Scurll is left with no option but to tap out. Winner and still FTW Television Champion: Jervis Cottonbelly!

The FTW Tag Team Titles are on the line as the Hardy Boyz are defending against the Bullet Club. The match has some great wrestling and involves a few different spots, including a missed Swanton Bomb by Jeff through the announcer’s table and Cody having a top rope bulldog reversed resulting in him being thrown outside the ring. Omega and Matt are in the ring while Cody and Jeff are incapacitated outside the ring and they start trading blows which ends in both men down for the count. Omega makes it to his feet first when Crane’s music plays and out comes Jeremiah Crane! He doesn’t run, he just slowly walks towards the ring. Once he gets in he stares down Omega. Omega starts punching, kicking, and slapping to no avail. He attempts the Hadouken and Crane is seemingly unaffected. He grabs Omega and delivers a Cranial Contusion. He gets outside the ring, sets up a table, then delivers a Death Valley Driver to Omega through the table. Crane immediately gets up, unaffected by all of this, and throws Omega back into the ring. Matt and Jeff seal the deal with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the 3-count. Winners and still FTW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz.

Up next we have FTW World Champion The Undertaker defending against Rey Mysterio. Overall a great match with superb wrestling, it ultimately ends when Undertaker hits a Chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver on Rey for the 3-count. Winner and still FTW World Champion: The Undertaker.

The Main Event features FTW Power Champion Eddie Guerrero defending against The Rock. This match is a slower one that features some great chemistry, psychology, and wrestling. Eddie hits a Frog Splash on The Rock and covers for the pin but Rock kicks out right before three. Moments later Rock is able to land a Rock Bottom but Eddie kicks out right before three. Rock gets to his feet and goes through the motions of the People’s Elbow. As he bounces off the first set of ropes and jumps over Eddie he stops dead in his tracks when looking at the entrance. Shinsuke Nakamura is standing at the top of the entrance ramp! The Rock is stunned as Nakamura makes his way down to the ring. He is emotionless and lacks the charisma he is known for. He gets into the ring and stares at Eddie. Rock is pleading with Nakamura, saying what appears to be “I didn’t know where you were” or “I thought you were dead.” Nakamura then turns to The Rock and starts attacking him. He delivers a Kinshasa to Rock and leaves the ring. Eddie witnesses all of this and capitalizes with another Frog Splash for the 3-count. Winner and still FTW Power Champion: Eddie Guerrero.

FTW Time Crisis got us a B rating.

Let’s see how Freakshow did!

Freakshow’s Cards

Last time we saw The Outsiders come out on top of the shitty situation with The not so Broken Hardys. Kenny Omega got beat down to the hospital, and Marty Scurll made an unexpected comeback. What happens now? Well, let’s find out riiiiiiiiiiiiight now!

FTW Showdown 21

Before we start, the year-end rewards came out in the game. Here’s a list of awards FTW won: Wrestler of the year went to Shinsuke Nakamura; we received Company of the Year; Tag Team of the Year went to The Broken Hardys; Match of the Year went to Omega Man X vs The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell from Use Your Illusion (FvF 4); Show of the Year went to Showdown at the Swamp (FvF 5); and finally Manager of the Year went to Frantic.

This week we are live from Flyers Skate Zone in front of a sold out 500 people.

The show opens up with The Outsiders with Syxx in the ring. Scott Hall has the mic and says, “Hey yo, the Bad Guy is in the house. We put those Hardys in their place at Showdown at the Swamp, and proved we are the big fish of this little pond. Anytime, anywhere, anyone wants to come after these belts we will slap them down.” Hall throws a toothpick at the camera, and they all walk out of the ring. This segment got an A-

Next up we have a match between Jeremiah Crane accompanied by Mr. Freakshow and Johnny Gargano. Crane comes out strong and beats Gargano from pillar to post. Gargano tries to mount a comeback, but Mr. Freakshow distracts the ref while Crane kicks Gargano in the dick then pins him for the 1-2-3. This match got a B+

Marty Scurll is in the ring mic in hand and says, “At Showdown at the Swamp I made my triumphant return to FTW and took my spot as the king of the mountain. I won the Heavyweight championship. Yeah, I hid under a mask, but what do you expect? I’m the fucking Villain, baby.” This segment got an A-

This show overall got an A-.

FTW Showdown 22

We are live from the Claude Smith Field in front of a sold out crowd of 500 people.

We open up the show backstage with The Undertaker and Crane. Undertaker turns towards Crane and says, “Jeremiah Crane, I have a special task for you. You must take the Heavyweight championship from Marty Scurll no matter the cost. If you can’t do that you will be excommunicated.” Crane bows his head. “Consider it done, master.” This segment got a B.

Next up we have match between Fenix and Pentagon Dark vs The Young Bucks. This match is really spot heavy with a lot of high flying. Midway through the match The Outsiders and Syxx rush the ring and beat down all four men with pipes. After the match Scott Hall takes the mic and says, “Fenix, Pentagon Dark: Kev and I talked it over, and we decided you two jokers are good candidates to be our new punching bags. Watch your backs until Time Crisis,you never know when the Wolfpac will attack again.” This segment got an A-

Marty Scurll is in the ring twirling his umbrella. “I just come back and all the sudden people think they can just order me to give anyone a title shot. Well Deadman, you’re lucky I’m in a giving mood. I’ll take on Crane at Time Crisis, and I’ll beat him so hard maybe, just maybe the voices inside his head will talk some sense into him.”  This segment got a B+.

Overall this show got a B+.

FTW Showdown 23

This week we are live from Husky Field in front of another sold out crowd of 500 people.

The show opens up with Freakshow in the ring with the mic “Marty Scurll, ‘The Villain.’ I’ve seen your kind before. Thinking that you’re all hot shit because you pretend to be the bad guy. Well let me tell you something Marty: you’re about as scary as Cayde holding a chicken. Come Time Crisis, Crane will show you that you should fear the things that go bump in the night.” This segment got a B+.

Next up is an interview with Pentagon Dark. “Hall, Nash: you both think your have the upper hand by jumping my brother and I last week, but you should really know that my brother and I have cero miedo when it comes to bullies like you. In Mexico growing up we fought for everything we had. We fought off bullies like you both all the time. Come Time Crisis we will take those titles from you.” This segment got a B-

The main event of the evening see The Rock take on Eddie Guerrero in a very entertaining match with both of them playing to the crowd. Eddie hits The Rock with the Three Amigos and goes up for the Frog Splash, but The Rock kicks up and pulls Eddie down. Afterwards Rock hits the People’s Elbow for the 1-2-3. This match got an A.

This show overall got a B+.

FTW Showdown 24

This go home edition of Showdown comes to you from George S Erath Field in front of 550 people. The show opens up in the back with Jeremiah Crane sitting in a dark room. “Marty Scurll, you’re right about the voices in my head, but it’s only one voice: The Undertaker’s voice. And right now, he’s telling me to take the title away from you. He’s telling me to destroy you. I cannot permit you to exist anymore, so come Time Crisis I will crush your very soul under my boot.” This segment got an A.

We go to the locker where we have an interview with Fenix. “Outsiders, me and my broth-” the screen cuts to static, and a voice line plays, “The following announcement has been pain for by The Wolfpac.” The screen goes black and white then cuts to Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx. Kevin Nash looks at the camera and says, “Fenix, you and your brother want to talk about growing up beating up bullies in Mexico. Well Hall, Kid, and I grew up taking what we wanted by being the baddest guys in the room. Come Time Crisis we will lay you out like all the others.” Scott Hall steps up and says, “Hey yo chico, you want to talk about having zero fear, Pentagon? Well we will show you why you should always fear The Wolfpac.” The screen cuts to static, and a voice line plays, “The preceding announcement has been paid for by The Wolfpac.”  This segment got a B+.

The main event is a quick squash match between Marty Scurll and the Bambi Killer. Scurll picks up the win after a DDT. After the match Scurll grabs a mic and says, “Crane you talk a good game, but now it comes time to back it up. You want to talk about crushing my soul under your boot? Well you better think about how you’re going to get my boot removed from your ass after I bury it up there. See you soon, mate.” The match and segment got a B+.

Overall the show got an A-.

FTW Time Crisis

FTW Time Crisis is brought to you by a partnership with the DeLorean Motor Company in association with Malibu Al’s Car Emporium. It turns out we went 88 mph, and found out the station wagon really is the car of the future.

Before the show we had three backstage incidents. First, Fenix showed up late and got fined as a result. Second, Pentagon Dark set up a waffle bar and cooked for everyone. Finally, Rey Jr was brought to wrestlers court in front of judge Eddie Guerrero about boasting and his cocky attitude. Rey was sentenced to remain silent the rest of the night, and buy drinks for everyone after the show. Rey improved his behavior due to the sentence.

Tonight FTW Time Crisis comes to you live from Hawaii in front of 535 people. The show opens up with CEO Chris Raaber in the ring. “Last month we saw the punishment Kenny Omega had to endure by violating his Loser Leaves Town stipulation. I had the Scythe beat him down, and this past month he’s been recouping, but I think it’s time he gets back in the ring. Next month he will work his way back up to an eventual rematch with Undertaker for the FTW United States Championship. If he loses one match though he will be fired with no second thoughts.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have The Wolfpac vs Fenix and Pentagon Dark for the FTW Tag Team championships. Nash and Syxx are defending the titles this match. The match starts with Syxx and Fenix feeling each other out trading headlocks and quickly picks up pace as the two fall into the groove of trading flashing moves with one another. Syxx gets planted with a superkick to the jaw and Fenix tags in Pentagon Dark. Pentagon starts throwing around the smaller Syxx with power moves until Kevin Nash distracts the ref so Syxx can poke Pentagon in the eyes and make the tag into Nash. Nash comes in and drops Pentagon with a big boot, and elbows Fenix off the apron. Afterwards Nash is firmly in control of the match. He throws Pentagon into the corner and tags in Syxx, and the both beat down Pentagon in the corner. Syxx picks him up and Pentagon starts making the comeback, and tags in Fenix. Scott Hall distracts the ref as Syxx pulls something out of his boot. Syxx nails Fenix in the face with a loaded right hand, and quarters go flying everywhere. Syxx covers Fenix for the 1-2-3. Winners and STILL FTW Tag Team Champions The Wolfpac. This match got an A.

Finally we have the main event of the evening Marty Scurll defending the FTW Heavyweight championship against Jeremiah Crane accompanied by Freakshow. The match quickly breaks down into a slugfest with both men laying into their opponents. Within minutes, both men are bleeding from their noses. Crane takes control and starts dragging Scurll around the ring bashing his head off of every turnbuckle. Scurll regains control by landing some elbows to Crane’s stomach. Scurll continues the comeback by hitting some big suplexes followed up by a power bomb. Scurll takes the time to trash talk a bit. That does nothing but fire Crane up and he makes the comeback, but is quickly shut down. The match continues as a back and forth for the next several minutes until Crane takes control. Crane lays Scurll out with the Cradle Killer, but before he could cover him a figure makes his way from the back down to ringside. The figure jumps up onto the apron, and starts yelling at Crane. “Crane you need to open your eyes, and stop being blinded by The Undertaker’s hold over you. You must fight it Crane!” Suddenly Crane takes a couple steps backwards and starts talking to himself. He shakes his head no and then swings at the hooded figure, but the hooded figure ducks out of the way. Marty Scurll turns Crane around and hits him with the Bird of Prey for the 1-2-3. Winner and STILL FTW Heavyweight champion Marty Scurll. This match got an A.

Overall the show got an A.

Well that’s all for this time everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest FvF. Who do you think won this week? Join us next time as we cover the month of February and the event FTW Who Are You?

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