FvF 4: A New Hope

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series we have taken the TEW game (which is used in our Chronicles of AWE series) and created a roster for Frantic Talks Wrestling which include not only some Attitude Era WWE wrestlers but also some modern day names you’ll probably recognize. Let’s jump right in!

Frantic’s Cards

FTW Showdown: Week 13

This episode is being held in Coaches Stadium in front of 59 people

The show starts with Undertaker in the ring. “Shinsuke Nakamura felt the wrath of the dead man this past Monday at Ill Manors. He foolishly claimed he’d take my belt from my unconscious body yet he was the one left unconscious.” Shinsuke comes out and interrupts. “Listen Undertaker, I think I deserve one more shot at your belt. You’ve only defended it against me once. YeahOh!” Taker retorts, “You’re pathetic. Take the loss, go cry to Rocky, and get out of my arena.” Nakamura then says, “What champion backs down from a challenge he boasts he won’t lose?”

Frantic is seen backstage with the Fearless. “Alright look, we need to reclaim glory. I know we can do it, hell we have the glorious one on our side. Sanity and Gargano are nobodies who just caught us off guard. We need that element of surprise.” Bobby Roode stands up and says, “I have an idea. I know someone we can recruit, but he’s not very flashy.” Frantic says, “I’m all ears.”

The first match of the night is Matt Jackson taking on Sami Zayn in singles action. A match that features great wrestling ends with Sami Zayn hitting the helluva kick.

Pentagon Dark is being interviewed backstage, “Pentagon after the loss at Ill Manors what are you and your partner Eddie Guerrero going to do?” “The way I see it we might have lost, but one small loss is nothing when compared to our overall record against those pathetic excuse for luchadors.” Fenix appears from off-screen, “Pentagon you’re the pathetic ones. Your wins are tainted. How about you prove me wrong and face me tonight?” Pentagon responds, “I’ll take pleasure in breaking you in half.”

Jeremiah Crane is taking on James Storm in singles action next. An overall good match from both men which ends in with Storm winning over Crane. After the match the men continue brawling and out runs Roode to back up Storm. Then Johnny Gargano runs out to help Crane. Then out comes Jason Gory! He helps Beer Money clear the ring.

The main event features Pentagon Dark vs Fenix. Both men have a great match but Pentagon Dark comes out on top. As he is going for the Sacrifice to break Fenix’s arm Rey comes out and breaks it up, forcing Pentagon out of the ring.

The show got us a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 14

Before the show Matt Hardy got into a fight with James Storm so I had to fine him. Also Alexander Wolfe didn’t shake someone’s hand when entering the venue so judge Kane sentenced him to buy drinks for everyone.

This episode is being held in Woerner Field in front of 61 people

The Rock opens the show in the ring with a mic. “It has become abundantly clear to me that none of the jabronis backstage can take the FTW Power Championship off my waist. While The Rock enjoys the gold, The Rock is getting bored. I’m issuing an open challenge for my belt.”

Our first match has Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain taking on the Irish Airborne. The match ends when Frantic distracts Alexander Wolfe and Dave Crist gets a low blow and rolls him up for the 3-count.

We’re treated to Kenny Omega backstage without Frantic at his side as he was still exiting the arena from the previous match. “The Rock has foolishly issued an open challenge for his Power Championship and I think the US Champion deserves more gold around his waist. Rocky – I’ll take that belt from you next week!” The camera pans out as Matt Hardy walks on-screen. “Oh really? You think you can just make demands? I want Rock’s belt.” Chris Raeber, CEO of FTW, appears on screen. “Gentleman, this can easily be settled: you’ll face off tonight and the winner gets to take the Rock’s open challenge.” They both nod at each other and walk off-screen.

Up next we have Johnny Gargano taking on Jason Gory in singles action. The match has some hard-hitting action and Jason Gory is only able to come out on top after Bobby Roode comes down and delivers a Glorious DDT to Gargano while James Mitchell had the referee distracted. Roode holds Gory’s hand high.

The main event features Kenny Omega taking on Matt Hardy. A match with great wrestling ends when Kenny uses his US Championship to get a cheap shot on Matt and pins him to get a shot at the Rock’s Power Championship next week.

The show got us a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 15

Before the show Jim Cornette decided to antagonize Jason Gory all the way to a fight so I had to fine him.

Our next show is Davis Arena in front of 79 people

Matt Hardy opens the show in the ring. “Last week I lost to Kenny Omega when he cheap shot me with his belt. I demand a rematch!” Chris Raeber appears at the entrance. “Matt I hear you. Kenny didn’t win fair at all, so instead of giving him a fair shot how about tonight, a triple threat match for the Power Championship!”

Jeremiah Crane and Sami Zayn are taking on Beer Money in tag team action. Beer Money get disqualified when Frantic hits Crane with a chair on the outside of the ring when he thought the referee wasn’t looking. A brawl ensues and out come the Irish Airborne followed by Eric Young and Johnny Gargano! An all-out brawl occurs and eventually the Crane Occult are left standing in the ring.

The Undertaker makes his way to the ring. “I’ve been thinking about what Shinsuke Nakamura had to say, and he’s right: a proper champion never backs down from a fight. But as I’ve said before, the respect the champ deserves means we do this under my conditions. At Use Your Illusion, Shinsuke Nakamura you will know what its like to stand in the dead man’s shoes when we face off in a buried alive match.”

Eddie Guerrero takes on one half of the Tag Champions Jeff Hardy in singles action next. The match features some great wrestling from both sides. Eddie ends up winning after a missed Swanton from Jeff gives him the opportunity to hit the Frog Splash. After the match Eddie grabs a microphone, “Fighting that guy reminds me of my good pal Rey Mysterio. Rey, ese, I think it’s time for another go-around. Next week, you and me? We gonna light thing ring up one last time. Unless you ain’t lucha enough to come out and play.”

The main event is the Triple Threat Match for the FTW Power Championship: The Rock defending against one half of the Tag Champions Matt Hardy and United States Champion Kenny Omega. The match has a couple of interesting spots. The Rock goes for a People’s Elbow on Matt Hardy but Kenny Omega hops up on the apron and hits him with the US Championship. He goes for the pin but Matt breaks it up. He Twist of Fates Omega onto his own belt but Kenny gets a foot on the ropes during the pin. The match then ends with a Rock Bottom to Matt followed by a Rock Bottom to Omega for the 3-count. The Rock successfully defends his title.

The show got us a B rating.


FTW Showdown: Week 16

Before the show judge Kane ruled Undertaker guilty for not picking up his fair share of the tab. He was ordered to buy drinks for the locker room.

The go-home show for FTW Use Your Illusion is in Woerner Field in front of 74 people.

Frantic is in the ring with Kenny Omega, mic in hand to start the show. “Kenny Omega is extremely upset at his unfavorable treatment by our corrupt CEO Chris Raeber. He went back on his word that the winner of Kenny vs Matt would get a one-on-one shot at the title. Kenny had the Rock pinned but thanks to Matt his efforts were thwarted.” Chris Raeber comes out, “Frantic I never promised a one-on-one shot at the belt, only that the winner would accept Rock’s open challenge. Had Kenny played fairly the circumstances would’ve been different. But, seeing as how he cradles that belt like his child, I think he needs to make a defence at Use Your Illusion and prove he deserves it. He’ll defend against Matt Hardy-” “Kenny isn’t afraid of that nobody Matt Hardy.” “I wasn’t finished. He’ll defend against Matt Hardy and his best friend from the past few months Jeremiah Crane!”

Marty Scurll is in the ring. “You know, I’ve been inspired. The Rock issued an open challenge for his belt and I’m going to do the same. First person to come out gets to challenge me for my title. So who will it be?” He waits for a few moments, then out comes Johnny Gargano! A match ensues but ends when Scurll hits Johnny with his umbrella. After the match he continues hitting Gargano with his umbrella until Jervis Cottonbelly makes his way out to assist. Scurll is dispatched of but when he gets to the top of the entrance ramp he points his umbrella at Jervis.

Fenix is taking on Nick Jackson in singles action next. A good bout that ends with Fenix delivering his Fenix Driver for the 3-count.

Chris Raeber is in his office when Scurll bursts in. “Raeber! Who the hell does Jervis think he is? I want to squash him like the bug he is!” Raeber responds, “You’re very confident Marty. Put your title on the line at Use Your Illusion this Sunday and I’ll make the match happen.” “You got a deal.” Scurll goes to leave but then Raeber responds, “Oh and one more thing – If any funny business with that umbrella or belt happens then you’re forfeiting your belt even if you win.” Scurll slams the door.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are facing off for the main event. The match is quite entertaining and ultimately ends with Rey delivering a 619 followed by his West Coast Pop for the win. Pentagon Dark runs out and starts attacking Rey and Fenix makes his way out to assist. Rey and Fenix clear the ring of the Lucha Masters and Rey grabs a mic. “You know what I think? At Use Your Illusion we should settle this once and for all in a Tag-Team TLC match. No-DQ, no nonsense.”

The show got us a B rating.

FTW Use Your Illusion

Before the show Cornette decided to spread rumors about Sami Zayn to the point of a near fight and Jeff Hardy was cocky to the point of annoyance to the rest of the locker room. 2 stern warnings later and nothing came of it.

We’re in Woerner Field in front of 35 people for Use Your Illusion! The show is brought to you by the Top Guns Danger Zones!

On the pre show we have James Storm vs Eric Young in a good match. Storm wins after delivering the Eye of the Storm.

The show kicks off with tag team action. Sami Zayn and Johnny Gargano of the Crane Occult take on Jason Gory and Bobby Roode of the Fearless. The match has good heat and also good wrestling and ends when Sami Zayn hits the Helluva Kick and pins Jason Gory.

Up next is Television Champion Marty Scurll defending against Jervis Cottonbelly in a match where Scurll is not allowed to use his umbrella or belt. Scurll at one point grabs his umbrella and attacks Freakshow at ringside after Freakshow had gotten the crowd to chant for Jervis. He drops it there and delivers the Bird of Prey to Jervis shortly after for the 3-count. Chris Raeber comes out immediately. “Scurll you just don’t seem to understand rules. I have no choice but to declare Jervis Cottonbelly the Television Champion.” Scurll is furious and chases Raeber backstage.

Fenix is being interviewed backstage about his upcoming Tag Team TLC match when he’s attacked by Pentagon who performs the Sacrifice on him, seemingly breaking his arm.

US Title time as Kenny Omega defends against Matt Hardy and Jeremiah Crane in a triple threat. A good match which ultimately ends when Kenny Omega attempts to hit Crane with his belt but Crane counters. Omega drops his belt and Crane delivers a Cranial Contusion to Omega onto the belt but as he goes to pin him the lights go out. Music plays and out comes Cody Rhodes! He runs out, delivers a Cross Rhodes to Crane, and lays Omega across him for the 3-count. Kenny Omega successfully defends the US Title.

The Tag Team TLC match between Kings of the Afterlife and the Lucha Masters is next. Eddie and Pentagon make their way to the ring. Rey comes out and Fenix’s music plays but he’s nowhere to be found. Eddie grabs a mic, “Rey you gon’ have to come down here and face us both. I think Fenix won’t be able to lend a hand ese.”

Rey grabs a chair and runs into the ring and gets a shot on Pentagon but then Eddie is able to knock the chair down and the match begins. Rey seems to be hanging in there but the two opponents are too much for him. But as Eddie climbs a ladder to deliver a Frog Splash, Fenix appears at the entrance! He sprints to the outside of ring, limp arm and all, and starts wailing on a winded Pentagon with his good arm. He rams Pentagon into the steel steps and then lays him on a table. He climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a moonsault to Pentagon through the table.

Eddie is seemingly distracted by this which gives Rey time to recover and they start brawling. Rey gets the upper hand and delivers a 619 to Eddie. Fenix managed to climb to the top rope at this point and delivers a moonsault almost immediately after the 619 and pins Eddie for the 3-count. Fenix grabs a mic, “Eddie, Penta. When are you going to learn? You can’t kill the Fenix. He will always rise from the ashes.”

The main event has the World Champion Undertaker taking on Shinsuke Nakamura in a buried alive match. An entertaining match with great wrestling from both men. Shinsuke gets Taker in an armbar by the burial pit but Taker is able to break the hold, but not his hold on Shinsuke’s neck and Taker chokeslams Shinsuke into the pit and buries him alive, successfully defending his World Title.

Use Your Illusion got us a B rating.

Let’s see how Freakshow did this week!

Freakshow’s Cards

FTW Showdown: Week 13

Before the show Jeremiah Crane brought a crate of free drinks for everyone.

This week we are live from The South West in front of 415 people. We open up the show with The Undertaker and the Scythe in the ring. Undertaker has the mic and says, “At Ill Manors we saw a travesty of justice. A man that no longer works here beat Crane for his title. We will expose this man for who he truly is. Undertaker gives the mic to Freakshow who says, “Omega Man! The Scythe is coming for you, and we will cut you down!” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have Shinsuke Nakamura vs Johnny Gargano for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. This is a very hard hitting match. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape, but Nakamura makes it to the ropes.Nakamura hits Gargano with a Kinshasa for the 1-2-3. Winner and STILL Heavyweight Champion Shinsuke Nakamura! After the match Johnny Gargano looks visibly upset in the ring. This match got an A-.

The Broken Hardys are in the ring, and Matt has the mic, “Yessssss! We have done it. We have ASSERTED our dominance over the tag team division. We have beaten all other tag teams in FTW.” A man jumps the barricade with a lead pipe and bashes Matt and Jeff in the back of their heads, and takes the mic, “You people know who I am, but you don’t know why I’m here. You say you’ve beaten all the tag teams, but that was only because Me and the big man wasn’t here yet. See you jabronis later.” This segment got an A.

Overall this show got an A-  

FTW Showdown: Week 14

This week we come to you live from the Siena Baseball Field in front of 370 people. The show opens up with Johnny Gargano in the ring. “Nakamura, I came within inches of beating you last week, and I know I can do it. Just give me one more chance.” Nakamura comes out and says, “Johnny you’re a great wrestler. One of the best I ever faced. If you want another shot I’m more than happy to give you another one next week.” This segment got a B.

Next up we are backstage with Omega Man X  who says, “Crane, Freakshow, you can say what you want, but I’m not scared of you or any of your cheap threats.” Crane and Rey Mysterio Jr blindside Omega Man X with Freakshow following close behind. “Omega you aren’t even supposed to be here. We ran you out of the company, and now here you are, hiding under a mask. Thanks to your antics the higher power had to show himself before he wanted to. Soon we will expose you for who your truly are.” Freakshow throws the mic at Omega.

The main event sees Fenix vs Facade. The match is very face paced with a lot of high flying moves. Fenix hits the Spanish Fly, but before he could get the pinfall Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out through the crowd, and lay the beatdown on Fenix and Facade. Nash lays out Fenix with a Jackknife Powerbomb, and Scott Hall drags Facade up the ramp. Nash follows and picks Facade up, and lawn darts Facade into the entryway. The match and following antics got an A-.

This show overall got a B+.

FTW Showdown: Week 15

We come to you from Husky Field in front of 428 people. The show opens up with the Broken Hardys in the ring and Matt has the mic. “Scott Hall; Kevin Nash: we know you’re somewhere in the back. With your path of destruction lately it’s clear you are very formidable, but come Use Your Illusion we will make you OBSOLETE!!!” This segment got a B.

Next up we have Omega Man X in the ring with security. “Last week I was jumped, and accused of being someone I’m not. Well I’ll tell you what, next week I’ll put my mask on the line against Rey Mysterio Jr, but if he loses he must unmask himself. I’ll see you next week, if you have the balls.” This segment got a B-.

The main event sees a rematch of Shinsuke Nakamura vs Johnny Gargano for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. Gargano gets out into the lead with hard hitting strikes. He then hits Nakamura with a hard german suplex, but Nakamura shrugs it off. Nakamura starts making a comeback, but Gargano hits a Hurts Donut for the 1-2-3. There is some controversy, however, when a second ref comes out and points out that Nakamura’s foot was on the bottom rope. The first ref restarts the match, and Nakamura makes a B-line for Gargano then hits him with a Kinshasa for the 1-2-3. Winner and STILL FTW Heavyweight Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura. Johnny Gargano is seen arguing with the refs after the match. This match got an A.

Overall this show got a B+.

FTW Showdown: Week 16

This week we are live from the Billiken Sports Center in front of 462 people. The show opens up with Johnny Gargano in the ring mic in hand. “Nakamura, do you know what it’s like to be this close to winning the big one just to have it ripping away from you? I know I can beat you. I proved it last week! I CAN beat you. I NEED to beat you. Give me another shot at Use You Illusion. Please.” Nakamura comes out, “I’ll face you one more time, but if you lose that’s it.” This segment got a B+.

We go to the back for an interview with Fenix when the screen cuts to static, and a voice line plays. “The following announcement has been paid for by The Outsiders.” The screen goes black and white then cuts to the parking lot with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash breaking out headlights. Scott Hall turns around and says, “Hardy boys we all know you think you’re high and mighty all because you beat all the tag teams here. News flash chico, we ain’t from here.” Kevin Nash turns around and looks at the camera and says, “And come Use Your Illusion we’re going to leave you just like this headlight.” Nash swings the bat and breaks a headlight shattered and discarded. The screen once again goes black and a voice line plays, “The preceding announcement has been paid for by The Outsiders.” This segment got an A.

The main event of the evening is a Lucha de Apuestas: Mask vs Mask. Omega Man X vs Rey Mysterio Jr. accompanied by Freakshow. Omega Man X is making his way out to the ring without his belt. Rey Jr. jumps on Omega Man before the bell with a chair then rolls him into the ring and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio hits Omega Man with the Frankensteiner for the 1-2-3. Mysterio rips off Omega Man’s mask to reveal… FRANTIC! Just then the lights go out and the real Omega Man X appears on the titantron. “I’m sorry I had to send a stand in tonight. I figured you would try some underhanded tactics tonight. I want Undertaker at Use Your Illusion in a Hell in a Cell match. I’ll stake my mask and title on it. This match and following segment got a B.

Overall this show got an A.

FTW Use Your Illusion

FTW Use Your Illusion is brought to you by the Surfs Dudes with Attitudes’ Surf Shop. Their Hangin’ Ten and Highin’ Five.

We come to you live from Puerto Rico in front of 508 people. We start off tonight with The Outsiders vs The Broken Hardys for the FTW Tag Team Championships. Hall and Matt start it off. Matt goes for a lock-up, but Scott Hall throws a toothpick at Matt Hardy. Matt gets mad and charges Hall. Hall side steps him and slaps the back of his head. This continues the whole match with both The Outsides taunting the Hardys. Brother Nero goes for a Twist of Fate, but Kevin Nash low blows him. Afterwards Scott Hall hits Brother Nero with the Outsider’s Edge for the 1-2-3. Winners and NEW FTW Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders. This match got an A-

Next up we have Shinsuke Nakamura vs Johnny Gargano for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. This match goes hard and heavy. Every shot is stiff to the point of leaving welts on both men. Gargano starts getting the better of Nakamura before Nakamura catches him off guard with a stiff superkick before hitting a Kinshasa. Gargano comes to just before the 3 count, and headbutts Nakamura. Both men get back to their feet, and Nakamura is bleeding heavily. The ref is checking on Nakamura to make sure he can continue when Gargano comes up behind him and low blows Nakamura without the ref seeing. He gets the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW FTW Heavyweight Champion: Johnny Gargano. This match got an A.

Our main event of the evening is for Omega Man X’s mask and the FTW United States Championship: Omega Man X vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. The match starts out with Omega ManX getting the upper hand with quick attacks to Undertaker, but Taker grabs Omega Man and tosses him into the corner. Taker hits him with hard shots to the body before throwing him outside. Omega Man tries to fight back, but gets an elbow to the face for his troubles. Undertaker lifts Omega Man up, and powerbombs him onto the ring apron followed by threatening the ref to make him open the door. Undertaker climbs up the cell followed by Omega Man X. They trade blows up top with Omega Man getting the better of Taker, and hitting a V-Trigger. Undertaker sits right back up, and brushes it off. Omega Man looks shocked. Undertaker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams Omega Man through the top of the cell. Taker drops down and pins him for the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW FTW United States Champion The Undertaker. Afterwards Undertaker pulls off Omega Man X’s mask to reveal a battered and beaten Kenny Omega. This match got an A.

Overall the show got an A.

That does it for us this week! Who do you think wins this week? Join us in 2 weeks when Frantic and Freakshow book the next month of shows.

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