FvF 3: Hostility

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series we have taken the TEW game (which is used in our Chronicles of AWE series) and created a roster for Frantic Talks Wrestling which include not only some Attitude Era WWE wrestlers but also some modern day names you’ll probably recognize. Let’s jump right in!

Frantic’s Cards

FTW Showdown: Week 9

This week’s show is at the Duffy Base Field in the Great Lakes region in front of 46 people.

We open with Facade in the ring celebrating his first title win in FTW. While he is discussing his story of rags to riches, Marty Scurll’s music comes on. Facade looks to the entry ramp and is attacked from behind by Scurll who came through the audience. He picks up the belt and holds it high. He grabs the mic, “Enjoy your time with this while you can because your reign is just the same as yourself: a facade.”

The first match of the night features Jervis Cottonbelly facing off against Dave Crist. Frantic distracts Jervis at ringside but Jervis is able to avoid the incoming cheap shot from Dave and rolls him up for the victory.

The Brothers of Destruction are in the ring and Undertaker has the mic. “My brother was upset that I had won the belt and he was left empty-handed. I think he has earned the right to challenge for a title resembling his stature. As the FTW World Champion you all will respect my demands, and I demand Kane have a shot at the FTW Power Championship. He will challenge for that belt next week on FTW Showdown against The Rock, and he will win.”

Eric Young is taking on Fenix in singles action. The match features some good wrestling and it ends with Fenix delivering the Fenix Driver. Eddie Guerrero and Pentagon Dark appear at the entrance and Eddie has a microphone in hand. “Fenix ese, you’re all alone. After Pentagon broke Rey’s arm it would seem the ‘Kings of the Afterlife’ are just kings of nothing.” Fenix grabs a mic, “I’m tired of your hazing and fake prowess. The only thing you’re good at is manipulation. You know as well as I do that our loss on Clash of Champions was just you playing your mind games. I know Rey will be back soon and you’re gonna regret it.”

The main event features Beer Money and the Young Bucks in tag-team action. The Young Bucks emerge victorious and take the microphone, “Nick, you know what pisses me off?” Matt asks. “What Matt?” responds Nick. “That we just beat tag team champions and didn’t get any belts.” “I’d have to agree with you there. Maybe it’s time we take the gold from those cry-baby Hardyz?”

The show gets us a B rating

FTW Showdown: Week 10

Before the show Kenny Omega was taken to wrestler’s court for his constant cocky attitude and boasting. Judge Kane ordered him to be silent for the night and buy everyone drinks.

This week’s show is at Hank Aaron Field within the Great Lakes region in front of 61 people.

The show opens with Rey in the ring, arm in a cast. “10 days ago I had my arm broken by that madman Pentagon Dark after Fenix and I were disqualified. After x-rays and multiple doctors’ opinions I can safely say I should be back in action soon. But in order to stop the injustice that is the Lucha Masters, Fenix and I agreed that at FTW Ill Manors, the Kings of the Afterlife should battle the Lucha Masters once again. Only this time, in a no-DQ match.”

The first match of the night features the FTW Television Champion Facade taking on Killian Dain in non-title action. The match features some great wrestling from both men, and ends when Marty Scurll runs out attempting to interfere. He ultimately fails and Facade walks away victorious over Killian Dain.

Backstage we see Freakshow on the phone, “We are all about unity through identity. Our team is brilliant, and with your help we can make the Fearless finally feel fear.”

Tag Team action awaits us in the next match with Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young taking on Beer Money. The match gets off to a great start, but then out runs the Irish Airborne! They get into the ring and have a standoff with Beer Money. Sanity slowly pull themselves into the ring and get to their feet. Then the Irish Airborne turn around and start beating up Sanity. Beer Money lets this happen, and when the dust settles they pin Sanity for the win.

Bobby and James stand in the ring across from the Irish Airborne confused at what just happened. From the entrance we see Frantic walk out. “Boys let me clear this up. I know you have your differences with the Irish Airborne. After all it wasn’t too long ago that you’d fought against them, the Hardyz, and the Young Bucks for the tag titles. I know you want that gold back, and you’ll get it as long as you join The Fearless. We can bring you the wondrous glory you desire. We just need unity.” The Irish Airborne then offer out their hands to Beer Money. Bobby and James both look at each other and contemplate it. After a few moments they shake their heads and exit the ring. As they pass Frantic he grins and says, “Fine boys, be that way. You’ll regret it.” As Beer Money walk up the exit ramp, Frantic and the Airborne are just grinning at them as they leave.

The main event has the FTW Power Championship on the line as The Rock defends his title against Kane. Both men have a great showing here. As The Rock is about to deliver a Rock Bottom to Kane, the lights go out and a bell gong is heard. The lights come back on and Kane now has The Rock by the neck. He delivers a chokeslam but The Rock kicks out of the pin “at 2 and 9/10s!” Furious at the ref, Kane shoves him into the turnbuckle, goes and grabs the title belt, and then attempts to hit The Rock with it. Rock dodges, delivers a Rock Bottom followed by the People’s Elbow, and pins him to retain his belt.

The show got a C+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 11

This week’s show is at Oakland Field in Michigan in front of 58 people.

Kenny Omega and Frantic are in the ring to start us off. “The United States Championship is a prestigious belt, made only more prestigious by the man carrying it around his waist. With that said, some don’t believe it has any worth, and I think that is just disrespectful. As leader of the Fearless, Kenny will prove that designation true in a triple threat match tonight! His opponents? Sami Zayn and Jason Gory!”

For our first match we have James Storm and Killian Dain in singles action. Halfway through the match the Irish Airborne and Frantic enter and slowly pace around the outside of the ring. James Storm emerges victorious, albeit distracted by the members of the Fearless surrounding the ring. They block the entrance ramp and a scared James skitters through the crowd looking over his shoulder every few seconds. The Fearless just slowly walk in his direction.

We’re treated to Freakshow backstage once again on the phone. “If the Fearless think they can convince others to join by instilling fear into them then they must be insane. They’ll learn quickly you can’t instill motivation into scared individuals. We need your help to counteract their insanity.”

Up next we have Bobby Roode taking on Alexander Wolfe. Bobby Roode wins the match and then grabs the mic. “Frantic! We told you and your little puppets no. We’re not joining your ‘fearless.’ Now leave us the hell alone.” Frantic appears on the entrance ramp. “Bobby my boy, I have a proposition. How about you and James battle Jake and Dave? If you win we’ll leave you alone. But if you lose you have to join our group.” Bobby thinks for a second, then responds, “Fine. We’ve beaten them before and we’ll gladly do it again. Whatever it takes to get you psychos off our backs.”

Next up, Kenny Omega defends his title against Sami Zayn and Jason Gory. A great match with some good spots, Kenny Omega walks out victorious by pinning Jason Gory after a Katayoku no Tenshi.

The Rock is in the ring with Shinsuke Nakamura. “The Rock laid the Smackdown on Kane last week proving once again he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today. Even with The Undertaker playing games with the lights and Kane throwing my belt in my own face, I walked out victorious. My man Shinsuke is tired of the Brothers of Destruction and has a demand.” Shinsuke takes the mic, “Undertaker, your belt should be around my waist. The FTW fans know that and want it just as much as I do. At Ill Manors I’ll take it off your unconscious corpse.” The lights go out and a bell gongs. Undertaker appears with a mic, “That’s not how this works. I make the demands and you comply. Next week on FTW my brother and I will defeat you both. If you can manage to come out on top you can have your precious match.”

The main event features the Young Bucks taking on Team Xtreme for the FTW tag championships. The Young Bucks try to get cute by distracting the ref and using a chair, but get caught and disqualified resulting in Team Xtreme defending their belts successfully. As the Hardys are walking up the entrance ramp Matt Jackson grabs the microphone, “You only get to walk away from this because of these BS rules. At Ill Manors we want a Ladder Match for your belts.”

The show got us a B- rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 12

This go-home show to Ill Manors is in Emory G Bauer Field in front of 66 people.

The show opens with Marty Scurll in the ring. “Facade – I think you know why I’m out here. I’m offering an ultimatum: face me for your belt tonight in a fair match, or face me at Ill Manors in a Tables match. I want an answer now.” A few moments pass but no Facade. “Tables it is.” Marty goes to exit the ring when Facade comes out. “How about both!” He runs into the ring and attacks Scurll. Facade gets in most of the offense and walks away victorious, successfully defending his belt. He grabs a mic, “I hope you’re ready to feel this pain again when I prove to be the worthy FTW Television Champion and put you through a table this Sunday.”

We have Beer Money taking on the Irish Airborne next. The match is very entertaining and ends when Frantic is able to distract the ref long enough for James Storm to be low-blowed. Bobby doesn’t get into the ring fast enough to break up the pin and the Irish Airborne win, meaning Beer Money joins The Fearless.

Moments after the bell is rung, Freakshow appears at the entrance ramp. “Congratulations on your victory Fearless! Nothing like some in-fighting to build a strong bond.” He laughs and applauds them. “Now your newly formed alliance can test this bond. The 4 new members of the Crane Occult want to get their feet wet and I think the best use of this would be at Ill Manors in an 8-man tornado tag match!” Frantic grabs the mic, “Freakshow you insolent little flea! No matter who you’ve recruited I can guarantee they’ll be no match for Beer Money and the Irish Airborne. You’ve got yourself a match.”

Eddie Guerrero is being interviewed backstage. “We’ll see how healed up Rey’s arm really is come Sunday. A no-DQ match is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard proposed by someone in his position. My chair will hit his arm and only his arm until every bone is shattered in it.” Rey appears on screen. “Just you wait and see Eddie. The Kings of the Afterlife will rise from the ashes, and we’ll put an end to you and Pentagon.”

The main event features the Brothers of Destruction against Rockamura. The match features great wrestling from everyone involved and ends with Shinsuke hitting The Undertaker with a Kinsasha, followed by the Rock delivering a People’s Elbow for the win. Shinsuke grabs a mic, “Taker I enjoy seeing you knocked unconscious, so much so that I think our match for your belt Sunday should be a Last Man Standing match. In the end I’ll stand over you like I am now, only with the belt held high for all to see.”

The go-home show to Ill Manors got us a B- rating.

FTW Ill Manors

Before the show I had to fine Matt Hardy for getting into a fight with Killian Dain. Johnny Gargano also entertained everyone by organizing a poker tournament.

FTW Ill Manors is in the Bill Akers Baseball Complex in Kentucky in front of 33 people.

The pre-show to Ill Manors features some good warm-up matches for the crowd. First up is Jervis Cottonbelly and Jason Gory with Jervis winning via the Downtown Lock.

The show starts with the FTW Television Championship on the line as Facade defends against Marty Scurll in a Tables Match. Overall the match features some great spots with Facade putting himself through a table from a failed Swanton attempt. Scurll wins after throwing Facade off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring through a table.

Next up is Sami Zayn vs Kenny Omega for the FTW United States Championship, with Kenny Omega defending the title successfully.

The Fearless, represented by the Irish Airborne and Beer Money, are led to the ring by Frantic. As they are in the ring Freakshow walks out to the ramp. “I’m sure you’re curious who your opponents are. The Crane Occult will take down the Fearless by showing them what true fear is. First, let me introduce you to my good friend Johnny Wrestling!” Johnny Gargano comes out and Freakshow raises his arm high. “Now, true fear is not fear of the unknown; no no no. The Fearless claim they fear nothing, and that is something only an insane person would claim. So let’s make them sane, shall we? Let’s give them a healthy dose of SANITY!” Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain enter the arena and stand beside Johnny Wrestling and Freakshow. “Good luck boys, you’re gonna need it.”

In a great match, The Crane Occult are able to overcome the Fearless, partially due to mild in-fighting between Beer Money and The Irish Airborne. Frantic and Freakshow were not able to help at ringside due to the chaos that was 4v4 Tornado Tag and it would appear that this also factored into their loss.

The Kings of the Afterlife take on the Lucha Masters next in a no-DQ match. The Lucha Masters work Rey’s arm a bit but the vast array of weapons prove too much for the Lucha Masters and after Eddie misses a frog splash through a table and a 619 is delivered to a chair wielding Pentagon, the Kings of the Afterlife win.

Next we have Team Xtreme defending their titles against the Young Bucks in a Ladder match. In a very entertaining match with tons of spots, Team Xtreme make another successful defense of their tag titles.

The main event has Shinsuke Nakamura taking on The Undertaker for the FTW World Championship in a Last Man Standing match. A lengthy bout with multiple finishers and outside interference from The Rock and Kane delivering their finishers as well, the match ultimately ends with Undertaker and Shinsuke both unconscious while the ref counts to 10. Undertaker sits up at the last moment and gets to his feet before the 10 count and is victorious, holding his belt over Shinsuke just like Shinsuke said he’d do to him.

FTW Ill Manors scored a B+ rating.

Let’s see how Freakshow did this week!

Freakshow’s Cards

Last time we saw Shinsuke Nakamura and Oi4K pick up wins in their respective matches to become new champions, and we also saw Jeremiah Crane beat Kenny Omega in a Loser Leaves Town match. What does this month hold? Let’s find out!

FTW Showdown: Week 9

This week we come to you live from The Mid Atlantic in front of 335 people. The show opens up with Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow in the ring. Freakshow has the mic, “Everyone has been asking me all day ‘Freakshow, how could you?’ The answer is because that’s what he told me to do, and I don’t want to disappoint. Kenny Omega, Frantic! While you’re standing in the unemployment line I want you to know that your sacrifice was greatly appreciated. Tick, tock, there’s not much time left on the clock.” The lights go out and they’re both gone. This segment got an A-

Next up we have a match between Dave Crist with Jake Crist vs Bobby Roode with James Storm. Before the match The Broken Hardy’s came out and stood on the stage to watch the match. The match ends in a DQ when the Hardy’s rush down and start beating James Storm and Jake Crist before going in the ring, and hitting dual Twist of Fates on Bobby Roode and Dave Crist. This match got a B.

The last segment of the night sees Nakamura in the ring. “Marty Scurll, you put up a good fight, but in the end I showed you that I was the better wrestler. The better fighter. No matter how much you throw at me I’ll keep getting back up.” Marty Scurll comes through the crowd behind Nakamura, and beats him with his umbrella then takes the mic. “Well it looks like you aren’t getting back up this time! Last time I checked we are 1-1 in title matches. Next week we go one more time to see who really is the better man.” This segment got an A-.

Overall the show got a B+

FTW Showdown: Week 10

Before the show I received an email saying FTW has risen to “Small” size. Movin’ on up! Also Nakamura made BBQ for the entire locker room.

This week we are live from the South West in front of 356 people. We open up with Oi4K in the ring. Dave Crist has the mic, “Hardy’s you just can’t let this go can you? We beat you at your own game. Admit it, you got nothing left, and it’s time to let some new blood in the title scene.” This segment got a B+.

Next we have Freakshow backstage “Next week we will be joined by another of my followers, and he will show that no matter the size when you put your faith in him all things are possible. As for Jeremiah Crane and his United States title: we will determine a number one contender next week, if any prove worthy.” This segment got an A.

Your main event of the evening sees FTW World Champion Shinsuke Nakamura taking on Former Champion Marty Scurll. The match opens up with good hard hitting action with Nakamura getting hit with a low-blow, but kicking out at 2. Then hitting the Kinshasa for the 1-2-3. This match got a B+.

The show overall got an A-.

FTW Showdown: Week 11

Before the show, Shimmer sent me an email telling me they view FTW as a hostile company.

This week we come to you live from New England in front of 385 people. To open up the show we have the Broken Hardys in the ring. Matt has the mic, “Brother Nero, yessss. Did you hear what those Ohio boys said to use last week? They believe that we are OBSOLETE! Well I assure you we are far from it, and we will prove it by DELETING all other tag teams in a gauntlet match at Ill Manors, yessss. The crowd chants DELETE and this segment got an A-.

Next up we have a match to determine the number one contender for FTW United States Championship: Eric Young vs Jervis Cottonbelly. The match goes about 10 minutes before a hooded figure rushes the ring and beats them both with a chair. Freakshow comes down to the ring, mic in hand, “Did you really think that any of you non believers would be worthy enough to challenge for the title? I told you last week we would be joined by another one of my followers. Well here he is *Freakshow reaches over and pulls the hood off the figure. “Let me introduce you to… Rey Mysterio Jr!” This segment got a B+.

The main event of the evening sees The Rock defeat Pentagon Dark via the Rock Bottom to send the fans home happy. This match got a B+.

Overall the show got a B+.

FTW Showdown: Week 12

NXT let it be known before the show that they also view us as hostile. Damn, what did I do?

The go home episode of Showdown comes to you live from the Northwest in front of 394 people. The show kicks off with CEO Chris Raaber in the ring with a mic. “Freakshow, how dare you. You think you’re so great. Well I anticipated your plan, and I’m here to tell you that Jeremiah Crane will still defend his title at Ill Manors against my newest signing. This segment got a B-.

Freakshow is shown backstage talking to someone off screen, “None of these peasants are ready to see you, master. If you’re ready to show yourself at Ill Manors then the world will tremble at the very sight of you, and whoever this ‘newest signing is’, they won’t stand a chance against Crane.” This segment got an A-.

The main event sees Rey Mysterio Jr. with Freakshow utterly destroy the Bambi Killer by attacking him before the bell rang, then rolling him into the ring for the 1-2-3, which really showed his new vicious streak. This match got a B.

This show got an overall of B.

FTW Ill Manors

Before the show PWG sent me an email. Guess what it said? Yep, they view me as hostile too.

Welcome everyone to Ill Manors! This show is brought to you by The Flag Match Training Academy with head trainer Danny Bandana. We are live from the Eagles Club in front of 436 people.

The show opens up with Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring with the mic, “I know I haven’t been seen since my two back to back matches with Marty Scurll, but I’m here to tell you I’m fully healed, and ready to take on anyone in the back that wants a shot at this title. Right here, right now!” Johnny Gargano comes out with a mic, “Nakamura, I want a shot at the title, but I respect you enough to give you time to get ready. Next week I’m coming for that belt.” This segment got an A-.

Next up we have the Tag Team Gauntlet for the championships. Oi4K vs Beer Money, Inc. vs The Young Bucks vs SAnitY vs The Broken Hardys.

First in the ring we have Beer Money, Inc. vs The Young Bucks. After some good back and forth, and some high flying from the Young Bucks, Beer Money Inc. hit the DWI – Drinking While Investing – on the Young Bucks for the 1-2-3.

Next in the ring we have the Broken Hardys. They quickly go on the offensive double teaming Beer Money until Larry Peace finally gets control of the match. After a couple more minutes The Broken Hardys hit the Omega Event for the 1-2-3.

Next in the ring we have SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) Alexander Wolfe beats down Matt Hardy with a chair then hitting both Broken Hardys with the Devastation getting SAnity DQ’ed.

Finally out come Oi4K and Dave pins Matt, but Matt kicks out at 2. Oi4K pick Matt up and hit him with the Killing Spree, but Matt again kicks out at 2 as the crowd starts chanting DELETE! Matt tags into Brother Nero and he clears the ring of Dave and Jake hitting them both with a Twist of Fate. Matt rolls Dave back into the ring where Brother Nero gets the 1-2-3. Winners and NEW FTW Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys! This match got an A.

Finally the main event: Jeremiah Crane with Freakshow vs an unknown opponent for the FTW United States championship. Crane is in the ring when very familiar music hit, and out comes a man in a mask. He’s introduced as Omega Man X. Freakshow takes the mic, “Wait, wait, wait! Chris Raaber you know as well I as do that under that mask is Kenny Omega! I mean just look at him.” Chris Raaber comes out, mic in hand, “That’s impossible, Freakshow. Kenny Omega is working at NJPW today. Now stop making excuses, and let’s get on with the match.”

The bell rings and Omega Man X hits the V-Trigger for the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW FTW United States champion: Omega Man X.

The lights go out and a gong hits. When the lights come back on The Undertaker is in the ring. Undertaker hits the Tombstone Piledriver on Omega Man X as Jeremiah Crane and Freakshow look on terrified of the sight of Undertaker. The match and post match antics got an A-.

Overall the show got an A-.

There we have it. Another month in the books. Join us next time as we cover the month of November, and the show FTW Use Your Illusion.

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