FvF 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello Frantic Talks readers and welcome to Frantic vs Freakshow! In this series we have taken the TEW game (which is used in our Chronicles of AWE series) and created a roster for Frantic Talks Wrestling which include not only some Attitude Era WWE wrestlers but also some modern day names you’ll probably recognize. Let’s jump right in!

Frantic’s Cards

After a good showing from our workers for FTW Showdown, we have some incidents before our next show involving Jim Cornette and Nick Jackson. Unfortunately Jim Cornette was harassing Nick Jackson to the point of a fight nearly breaking out. I had to have a stern talk with Mr. Cornette.

FTW Showdown: Week 4

This week’s FTW Showdown is being held in front of 32 people in the Great Lakes region and starts with Johnny Gargano vs Killian Dain in an entertaining bout that saw Gargano winning via a Hurts Donut.

The FTW Power Champion The Rock enters the ring with Shinsuke Nakamura at his side. The Rock calls out the Brothers of Destruction, “If the Rock knew he’d be squaring off against a bunch of jabronis who can’t can’t wrestle without holding hands then The Rock would’ve laid the Smackdown on them the moment they stepped into the ring!” This seemingly agitates the brothers as the lights go dark and we are met with fire and brimstone. Kane and Undertaker come out to the ring and an intense stare down occurs. Undertaker grabs the mic, “We’ll see who’s laughing Rocky when my brother and I lay you both to rest next week.” This segment got the crowd extremely hot.

Next up is tag team action with the Young Bucks taking on Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young. The match ends with Nick Jackson pinning Eric Young after a More Bang for Your Buck.

Eddie Guerrero is in the ring and spends most of his time bragging about the wonderful defeat of the so-called ‘Kings of the Afterlife’ and if they want to win they’ll need to sacrifice their pride to even come close to a victory. “I lie, I cheat, I steal, and I win ese’. You should take note.” He then goes to join Joey Styles and Jim Cornette on commentary.

The FTW Television Championship is on the line as Fenix takes on Jason Gory, now with Eddie Guerrero as a special guest commentator. Gory is accompanied to the ring by his new manager James Mitchell who just laughs maniacally throughout the match. Fenix starts gaining ground in the match when Eddie takes off his headset and jumps up on the side of the ring. Fenix attempts to attack Guerrero who ducks and delivers a shoulder to Fenix’s gut. He turns around into a stalking Gory who capitalizes on the weakened Fenix to retain his title.

The main event is a three on two match featuring Marty Scurll and Kenny Omega taking on Jeremiah Crane, Sami Zayn, and Jervis Cottonbelly. The match is a lengthy bout and while Scurll and Omega get some assistance from Frantic at ringside, the handicap proves too much and the Crane Occult wins the match after Crane delivers a headlock driver to Scurll.

The show grabs a solid C rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 5

What kind of FTW pre-show would we have without more incidents? First up James Storm was brought to wrestling court for failing to pick up his fair share of the tab at a bar recently. Judge Kane ruled he had to buy everyone a round of drinks. Also, Kane and Eric Young are beginning to bond over their mutual enjoyment of collecting old maps. Seriously people, we can’t make this up.

Our next show is in front of 38 people and starts with Marty Scurll in the ring. “I signed up to be given ‘fame and fortune’ but was emasculated in front of the FTW fans. Frantic, you’re not a worthy manager and Kenny Omega, you’re all talk and no walk.” He drops the mic and walks off backstage.

Up next we have Johnny Gargano taking on Facade. In a good warm-up match for the crowd, Johnny Gargano wins after delivering a Hurts Donut.

Beer Money is defending their tag titles against Team Xtreme in an exceptional match. In the end the Young Bucks run in, knock the ref out, and a brawl ensues between the three teams. The Young Bucks are knocked to the outside of the ring and Booby Roode used the belt as a weapon to smash Jeff Hardy’s face in. He locks him in a Crossface and Jeff taps out in front of a barely conscious ref, but conscious enough to signal the bell for a Beer Money victory. They quickly run out of the ring and the Young Bucks deliver another beating to the Hardys.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio take each other on in our next match. This segment was even more entertaining than the last, especially when Eddie attempted a frog splash from the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring and missed. Rey capitalized on this by forcing Eddie back into the ring and then delivering his own springboard Frog Splash for the win.

The main event features the Brothers of Destruction against The Rock and Shinsuke Nakamura in an exceptional match. The match ended when Kane went for a chokeslam on Nakamura but Shinsuke countered into an armbar, forcing the big red machine to tap out.

The show gathered us a B- rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 6

Our next show is in the Great Lakes region in front of 40 people, and opens with Marty Scurll in the ring once again. “I think it’s about time I take things into my own hands. I tried having a manager who promised the world, and we all saw how that went. I think I deserve a belt, that belt being the FTW Television Championship. Jason Gory – it’s time you faced a real opponent.” It’s at this point Facade makes his way out into the ring. “Marty you need to get in line. If anyone deserves a shot at the Television Championship, it’s me.” Scurll laughs, “You’ve lost to Gory twice now! You really think you deserve a 3rd shot? Please!” Scurll then gets a cheap shop on Facade. While Facade is laying on the apron Scurll says “I’ll tell you what – I’ll humor you. How about tonight we have a match and the winner takes on Gory at Clash of Champions?” He drops the mic on Facade and walks off backstage.

Lead by Freakshow, Jervis Cottonbelly and Sami Zayn make their way to the ring. Freakshow starts, “Frantic! Ahahaha what a fool! You really thought your pathetic excuse for a team could even come close to defeating Crane’s followers? You couldn’t even hold onto Scurll. Sami and Jervis are chomping at the bit to wipe that cocky smile off both of your faces so send your lap dog out here. We’re waiting.” Frantic then appears out of the entrance with a microphone in hand. “You know Freakshow, I think you underestimate the glory I can bring the FTW world. Scurll wasn’t cut out for the job, and that’s no one’s fault but his own. Omega doesn’t need to wrestle tonight against the sad excuse for wrestlers you have in the ring. No no no, instead I’ve recruited two men to take on this ‘occult’ you and Crane seem to be molding from the dumpsters out back. I imagine these men will deal with them with aggressive authority.” The Irish Airborne, Jake and Dave Crist, appear and make their way to the ring!

A match begins and we’re treated an overall good bout. Having teamed together many times before, the Irish Airborne are able to defeat Sami and Jervis in a well-fought match after delivering a Killing Spree to Jervis.

Next up is Marty Scurll and Facade facing off to see who the number one contender for the FTW Television Championship is. The match has the crowd going and each wrestler is getting their fair share of blows in. As the match nears the end, Jason Gory runs out and catches both men off guard, using his belt as a weapon. This causes the match to end in a no contest. Gory grabs a mic, “I find it funny you two seem to think you’re worthy of my belt. I don’t fear either of you, and will prove it at Clash of Champions when I face the both of you in a Triple Threat Match. If you can’t pin me, then you don’t deserve this belt.” He drops the mic.

Eddie Guerrero and Fenix are set to square off in another bout after Eddie’s interference last week seemingly cost Fenix the Television Title. After a few close calls Eddie decides it’s time for his trademark style. He dropkicks Fenix into the ref which knocks the ref out. Eddie then jumps to the outside of the ring. He grabs a chair and goes after Fenix. As he chases Fenix up the entrance ramp, Pentagon Dark appears from the entrance and catches Fenix off-guard. They both start beating up Fenix and force him into the ring. Eddie lays Fenix across the chair and he delivers a Frog Splash, but not before the ref had regained consciousness. Seeing the chair under Fenix, he signals for the bell meaning Fenix won via DQ, but Eddie and Pentagon start beating him down some more. Rey Mysterio makes his way out to the ring and clears it of the Lucha Masters and the show fades to black with Rey crouched down helping a seemingly mangled Fenix.

The show gathered us a another C rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 7

The final FTW Showdown before Clash of Champions has us in the Great Lakes region in front of 41 people. We start with The Undertaker in the ring, “The Rock and Shinsuke Nakamura sure like to talk but I have a proposition for them. The vacant FTW World Championship needs a place to call home, and I think that place is around either my or my brother’s waist. Rock, Shinsuke: you can barely beat us as a team and individually you’ve struggled to overcome the power of the Brothers of Destruction. At Clash of Champions, the FTW World Championship will be on the line in a Fatal Four-Way. One can only hope your mutual respect will overcome your mutual greed, or you both will rest in peace.”

The first match of the night features Johnny Gargano taking on James Storm. Storm wins after Roode distracts the ref allowing for Storm to get a low-blow on Gargano. The tag champs then take the mic, “The Young Bucks and Team Xtreme seem to be quite busy feuding with each other, much to our amusement. Tonight they are scheduled to have a match and we think that it should be a little more interesting. The winners will take us on in a Ladder Match at Clash of Champions.

Kenny Omega makes his way out to the ring and grabs a microphone, “I allow Frantic to speak for me because he is quite the weaver of words, but I think it’s time I called out these lunatics that are the Crane Occult. You play your mind games and recruit willing fools to be your ‘followers.’” While cutting this promo Frantic makes his way out to the ring looking mildly worried and frustrated. He joins Kenny in the ring, and Kenny continues, “The United States Champion is offering up an open challenge right now: send out your worthiest sheep to take me on for my title.” Frantic’s jaw drops and his eyes go wide. The Crane Occult makes their entrance and Freakshow says, “Foolish Omega, you don’t know what the hell you’ve just unleashed upon yourself. The Crane Occult is an entity worthy of your title. We will gladly feed off that ego.” All three members of the occult run into the ring, the bell sounds, and a beatdown on Omega ensues.

Frantic runs off backstage during this, seemingly abandoning his client. After the beatdown comes to a stop, Freakshow takes the mic, “Omega don’t you see? Your ‘amazing’ manager has left you abandoned to be eaten by the dogs. Now boys, which one of you wants this illustrious belt? Jervis?” He holds the microphone up to Jervis. “Good sir I am not yet worthy of such decadent gold.” “Very well. Sami?” The mic then to Sami Zayn, “Not yet. Crane is our leader, he should hoist the belt up high.” Freakshow continues, “Well Crane your followers have spoken. You may not have beaten him last time, but I think it is your time to be the United States Champion. This country needs a worthy leader.” As Crane lingers over Omega the Irish Airborne, led by Frantic, come running down the ramp and jump into the ring. A massive brawl ensues. The tides start to turn towards the Crane Occult, but then Kenny Omega finally gets to his feet and knocks Crane out of the ring. Jervis and Sami are quickly disposed of by Jake and Dave Crist. Omega hoists the belt high; the Irish Airborne flank him on both turnbuckles; a shocked Crane Occult slowly make their way backstage.

The main event features Team Xtreme against The Young Bucks in what is now a match to determine the number one contender for the Tag Titles. The match features a good amount of high spots and is quite the spectacle. In the end though, Team Xtreme win after a Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb sequence.

The go-home edition of  FTW Showdown nets us a B- rating.

FTW Clash of Champions

Before the show, Matt Hardy teases our CEO Chris the Bambi Killer and a fight breaks out. I had to fine Matt Hardy for this.

FTW Clash of Champions is brought to you by the Rubber Ducky Death Squad and is being held in the Great Lakes region in front of 28 people.

We open with the FTW Television Championship being defended in a Triple Threat Match. Jason Gory, Marty Scurll, and Facade face off in quite the match. James Mitchell interferes a fair bit during the early segments but is knocked out by Scurll. At one point Gory is forced to the outside of the ring and Scurll delivers a Bird of Prey to Facade. He goes for the pin but stops after a 2-count. He grabs Gory and throws him in the ring. He delivers a Graduation to Gory, only for Facade to dropkick him out of the ring. Facade does a springboard swanton bomb and pins Gory to become the new FTW Television Champion.

Up next we have a 6-man tag match featuring the Crane Occult (Jeremiah Crane, Sami Zayn, and Jervis Cottonbelly) versus The Fearless (Kenny Omega and the Irish Airborne). A match featuring a heated rivalry, each wrestler gets some great spots. In the end, however, Kenny Omega delivers a Aoi Shoudou to Jervis Cottonbelly after Dave Crist hits him with the US Championship Belt while the ref was distracted by Frantic and The Fearless walk away victorious.

The Tag Team Championship is on the line as Beer Money take on Team Xtreme in a Ladder Match. Overall the match has some great work done by both teams. Jeff Hardy landed a Swanton Bomb off the top rope to the outside of the ring on Bobby Roode and Matt delivered a Twist of Fate to James Storm off a ladder. He pins Storm and Team Xtreme are the new FTW Tag Champions.

The Kings of the Afterlife and The Lucha Masters are set for a rematch from FTW Time To Kill. After some good wrestling from both teams, Eddie jumps off the top rope and dropkicks Rey Mysterio into the ref, knocking the referee unconscious. He smirks at the crowd, gets out of the ring, and grabs a chair. He gets back into the ring and stalks Rey. He pays attention to the ref this time and sees him slowly getting up, roughly at the same speed as Rey. Getting more worried by the second, Eddie lays down in the ring and lays the chair on top of him. He then goes limp. Mysterio approaches Eddie, confused, and stands over him. The ref finally gets to his feet, turns around, sees an ‘unconscious’ Eddie covered by a chair and a looming Mysterio, and rings the bell disqualifying the Kings of the Afterlife. Mysterio starts arguing with the ref and while this is happening, Pentagon gets in the ring and grabs the chair. He smacks Rey over the head with it. He then grabs Rey and performs his famous “Sacrifice,” breaking Rey’s arm.

The Vacant FTW World Championship is up for grabs as The Rock, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Undertaker, and Kane face off in a Fatal Four-Way. The match features multiple spots where tag-team moves are used, including a double chokeslam to The Rock and a Kinshasa followed by a People’s Elbow to the Undertaker. When pinfall chances occur, The Rock allows Shinsuke to cover each time, but the few seconds it takes to coordinate seem to allow either Kane or The Undertaker enough time to recover to kick out. Shinsuke attempts to deliver a german suplex to Kane but due to Kane’s size he struggles. The Rock sees this and starts coming over to help, but Shinsuke manages to lift Kane enough to deliver the suplex, only to throw Kane right into The Rock, knocking both men out. Shinsuke gets up and sees what he accidentally did. He is temporarily shocked and while starting on, The Undertaker spins him around and delivers a chokeslam. He then picks Shinsuke up, delivers a Tombstone Piledriver, and pins him to become the first ever FTW World Champion.

FTW Clash of Champions garners us a B- rating. Let’s see how Freakshow did!

Freakshow’s Cards

Let’s waste no time in jumping right into this exciting month of booking.

FTW Showdown: Week 4

This weeks show comes to from the South East. In front of 232 people. First up we have Kenny Omega and his new manager Frantic in the ring. Frantic has the mic, laughs, and says, “Freakshow, cheap tricks and strawman tactics will only get you so far up the food chain. You’re a crazy bastard! Crazy enough to even think that the underhanded tactics can allow you, and that psycho Crane to bask in the glory! We will strip you of your dignity, and leave you shells of your former selves. Wishing that you had not crossed the likes of us.” Frantic’s mic skill netted this segment a B.

Next out we have Oi4K backstage with Jake looking into the camera, “Hardy Boys! I don’t know what you did to me last night, but you stole those titles from us. If you’re man enough to give us a rematch, and leave all that hocus pocus bullshit at home, you know where to find us.” This got an A-.

We have a main event match between The Broken Hardys and Zero Fear (Pentagon and Fenix). Zero Fear picks up the wins by Pentagon Dark hitting the Fear Factor. Oi4K comes out and attacks The Hardys before the match for a B rating.

Overall the show picked up a B+ rating.

FTW Showdown: Week 5

Before the Show Shinsuke Nakamura brought drinks and food for everyone in the back.

This week we come to you live from The Eagles Club in the Great Lake region in front of 250 people. Freakshow is in the ring to start the show mic in hand, “Frantic, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. Kenny Omega has been damned to lose by higher powers at work than myself. When you hit me you sealed your fate. Soon you shall all see.” This segment got a B+

Next up Nakamura goes 1 on 1 with Jason Gory. Nakamura picks up the win in quick fashion with a Kinshasa and grabs the mic after the match. “Marty Scurll, you cheated me out of the FTW Heavyweight Championship, and I’m coming for you at Clash of Champions. We will put this to rest once and for all in a no DQ match!” The match got a B

The show closes with The Broken Hardys in the ring. Matt has the mic, “Yasssss, Ohio boys! The time has come for us to close out this chapter in our lives. We has PROVEN we are better, and you are just OBSOLETE! Come Clash of Champions we invite you to step into the ring with us, but it won’t be just an ordinary match, no! For you see Brother Nero and I are specialist in a certain type of match. You will come face us in a ladder match, and we will DELETE you!!” The crowd chants delete to end the show. This got and A

This week’s show got an A- overall.

FTW Showdown: Week 6

This week before the show we had two incidents. The Rock invented a game that lifted the locker rooms spirits, and Kenny Omega showed up late resulting in a fine.

This week FTW is coming to you from the Mid West in front of 270 people. We have a match to start the show off this week in which Eddie Guerrero defeats The Rock via Frog Splash in an A- rated match that opens up the show hot.

Afterwards Freakshow is seen backstage talking to Jeremiah Carne, “Crane, my loyal friend. Soon we will run the non believers out of FTW. We will make sure that no one forgets that they hold no power over us, because we have been chosen by a higher power. We are the mighty few. We are…” Freakshow turns to the camera, “The Scythe, and we are coming to cut you down.” This segment got a B+

Next Marty Scurll takes on Facade and beats him with a chair before the match starts. After Scurll takes the mic. “Nakamura, you accuse me of cheating? In case you didn’t know that’s what I do. I’m The Villain, and you my friend are just another good guy that has gotten in the way. Just like everything else though, good guys never win. I’ll see you at Clash of Champions, boy!” This got an A.

The show this week overall got an A-.

FTW Showdown: Week 7

This week we emanate live from the Mid West in front of 309 people. We open up with Freakshow and Jeremiah Crane in the ring. Freakshow says, “Kenny Omega and Frantic – we have an offer for you. One you will find very… interesting. We were sent here for a reason, and we want to accomplish that goal as soon as we can, so the almighty will reward us. What we propose is a Loser Leaves Town match. See, when we win you two will have to leave, never to been seen again.” Kenny Omega and Frantic then come out and Omega has the mic, “I don’t know what you’re on about, but I know I want you and the poison you spew to be gone. I accept.” This segment got an A.

We now have Kane taking on Johnny Gargano a.k.a Johnny Wrestling. After a good back and forth match Kane catches Gargano as he dives off the top rope, and hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver. This match got a B-.

Next up we have Oi4K going against Beer Money. Oi4K comes out on top in a B rated match. Dave Crist grabs the mic, “Hardy Boys, we accept your challenge for a ladder match at Clash of Champions. My brother and I will show you just how much ass two Ohio boys can kick when we take those belts from you!” Jake grabs the mic, “and you can pray to your ‘7 deities’ all you want, because they aren’t going to be able to save you once you get into that ring with us.” This segment got an B-.

FTW Clash of Champions

FTW Clash of Champions is brought to you by The Butchers, “Dry Rub” Doug and “Frantic” Frank. They’re chopping meat. Chopping baby! They’re beating met.  Beating Baby!

We are live tonight from Puerto Rico in front of a packed house of 327 people. We open us with Marty Scurll vs Shinsuke Nakamura in a no DQ match for the FTW Heavyweight Championship. The match starts with Marty Scurll attacking Nakamura with his umbrella and only gets more violent from there. Chairs, tables, thumbtacks; you name it they used it. Nakamura wins after setting up Marty Scurll in the corner with a chair in his face, and hits the Kinshasa for the 1-2-3 to become the new champion. This match got the crowd hot from the beginning with a B rating.

Next up we have the FTW Tag Championships on the line as The Broken Hardys take on Ohio is 4 Killers in a tag team ladder match. The match starts like a normal tag match with good back and forth, and then Matt Hardy brings the ladder into play hitting Oi4K with it right in the face instantly busting them both open. Oi4K come back with a pair of superkicks. Oi4K isolate Brother Nero and beat him like a government mule until he can’t stand. Afterwards they set up the ladder and hit Matt with the Killing Spree* then retrieve the belts. The winners, and new Tag Team champions: Ohio is 4 Killers. This match got an A.

The main event of the evening is Jeremiah Crane with Freakshow vs Kenny Omega with Frantic in a no DQ Loser Leaves Town match for the FTW United States championship. The match opens up with Crane and Freakshow attacking Omega and Frantic during their entrance. Omega makes a comeback with a low blow, and hits some high impact moves until Crane rolls out of the ring trying to catch his breathe. Freakshow comes up behind Frantic and hits him with a fist full of quarters knocking Frantic out. Omega turns his back to Crane to yell at Freakshow, and as he does gets blindsided by Crane and a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Freakshow rolls Frantic into the ring and locks in the figure 4. As he does this Crane hits Omega with the Cranial Contusion onto the chair for the win. This match got an A rating.

Overall FTW Clash of Champions got an A- rating.

That does it for the second edition of FvF! Who do you think won this time? Make sure to join us next time as we cover another month and FTW Ill Manors where we will learn what happens to Kenny Omega and Frantic now that they lost the match, and their jobs. We may also learn how the Crane Occult will respond to the so-called fearless!

*Writer’s note: you should really look up a video of Oi4K doing this move. It is a thing of beauty.

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