FvF 10 Part 1 – The Road to Victory

Welcome back everyone! Last time we saw The Masked Avengers fail to triumph over the Bullet Club, the Kings of the Afterlife successfully defended their tag titles against Beer Money, and Shinsuke Nakamura turned on The Undertaker during their Fatal Four Way match to win the FTW Championship! Let’s see what’s in store this month!

FTW Showdown 37

Before the show, Kane pulled a ‘classic rib’ on James Storm which had the whole locker room laughing.

This week’s show is in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,000 people.

Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring. “I… AM BACK! You underestimated me Taker. All that time being your lackey – all I wanted was your belt, and you handed it to me on a silver platter!” A bell gongs and the lights go out. The lights come back on and Brother Nero is standing behind Shinsuke and attacks him. He picks up the belt and runs up the ramp,

The Bullet Club and Frantic make their way to the ring. Frantic has the mic and says, “The FTW world has been dying to know what the Bullet Club plans on doing next. I think it’s rather obvious: we become the defacto tag-team in FTW.” Cody then stops Frantic and asks for the mic. “Actually Frantic, we have a bit more in mind than that. We forgot to mention we added someone to the Bullet Club.” He and Kenny both look at the entrance and out comes… Marty Scurll! Scurll gets in the ring and grabs the mic, “That’s right the Villain is here! And he’s ready to strike.” The three of them then proceed to attack Frantic and beat him until he’s incapacitated in the center of the ring. Kenny picks up the mic, “No hard feelings Frantic. We had a good run, but you were holding us back. Eh, why lie? You were a peasant among kings. And speaking of kings, I think it is time we held gold once again.” He drops the mic on Frantic and the Bullet Club leave the ring.

In singles action we have Bobby Roode taking on El Generico in singles action. Generico wins after a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring next. “Last night you all saw Jason Gory submit to me. I’ve proven I’m better than him and that he can’t go toe-to-toe with me in the ring.” Gory’s music plays and he appears at the top of the entrance ramp. “Still a sore loser Gargano? Ha! Learn to take a loss. As far as I’m concerned the only thing you’ve done is prove how much of a whiny loser you really are. I’m done listening to you.” As he turns around Gargano says, “Sure, walk away. I suppose that’s what a real ‘man’ does when faced with opposition.” Gory stops in his tracks, appears to be mad after that comment but keeps walking and disappears backstage.

The Main Event sees Marty Scurll taking on Fenix. This match has some great spots and ends when Marty Scurll hits Fenix with the Bird of Prey after Cody distracted him.

The show got us a B- rating.

FTW Showdown 38

We’ve grown to Small size! Hooray!

This week’s show is in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,000 people.

Brother Nero is seen backstage, and is quickly joined by Matt Hardy. “BROTHER! You are not a lap dog! I have seen greatness. Beauty. GODS AND GODDESSES! I can help you DELETE these demons that trouble you! YEEESSSSS!”

The Rock is being interviewed backstage. “The Rock is starting to get a little pissed off. First, he teams up with Shinsuke Nakamura to take down the Jabronis of Destruction. Next, The Undertaker resurrects him to be his little bitch and gets him to bitch slap The Rock, costing him his title shot. And when The Rock finally comes back to take them both on he decides he’s done playing games and takes the belt from Undertaker. The Rock is not only pissed he doesn’t have a belt anymore, he’s also pretty pissed his so-called friend wouldn’t fill him in on the details of his ridiculous half-baked scheme. So Shinsuke, if you’re listening, consider this a warning: don’t cross The Rock again or he’ll take your precious belt, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your strong-styled ass!”

James Storm is taking on Jervis Cottonbelly in singles action. Both men have their tag team partner at ring side in order to keep everyone in check. Eventually El Generico and Bobby Roode get into a scuffle distracting Jervis momentarily, but long enough for Storm to get the roll-up for the 3-count.

Frantic is seen running around backstage asking wrestlers if they want his service as a manager. The likes of El Generico, SANITY, and more turn him down. He walks off screen, frustrated.

Shinsuke makes his way to the ring. “Brother Nero! I want my belt back and I want it now, so get down here!” A few moments pass and no answer. “Fine. Let’s make this a bit more interesting. If you come down to the ring, I’ll give you a title shot so you can keep the belt you stole. How does that sound?” Sounded good enough as Nero makes his way to the ring. Undertaker shows up as Nero is getting into the ring. This prompts Shinsuke to say, “Woah woah woah. Undertaker if you get involved in this then I get my title back.” Undertaker pauses, nods, then walks backstage. The match begins and is well-fought by both men, lasting a staggering 18 minutes. Eventually Shinsuke is able to hit the Kinsasha for the 3-count to retain and keep his title.

This show got us a B rating.

FTW Showdown 39

This week’s show is in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,000 people.

Frantic makes his way to the ring. “I’ve scoured the entire FTW locker room for a new client and I hate to say it, but I can’t say I’ve won over too many hearts. But I didn’t just come with sad news. No! I have recruited someone outside of the FTW World. He’s going to fit in just fine here. He’ll debut tonight in the main event against Marty Scurll!”

Johnny Gargano finishes a conversation with El Generico and Jervis. He heads back into his locker room and finds it trashed. Written on the walls is “A Child Shouldn’t Dabble in Man’s Work.”

The Bullet Club are seen backstage. Cody says, “Don’t worry Marty. We worked with Frantic long enough to know he isn’t the best judge of character.” Kenny interjects, “Yeah he couldn’t pick up on the obvious fact that he was just a wannabe member of the Bullet Club. Why do you think we blindsided him so easily?” They all get a good laugh out of this. “We’ll be at ringside to make sure you win. No outsider is going to be able to beat all three of us.”

The Masked Avengers are taking on the Young Bucks in tag team action. The Young Bucks’ high-flying offense seems to be carrying them in this match but a cross body by Nick Jackson onto Jervis is reversed into the Downtown Lock. Nick has no choice but to tap. After the match Jervis grabs a microphone. “The lads known as ‘Beer Money’ have been a thorn in our side these past few weeks. I think it’d only be proper that we settle this like the high-class individuals we are – At Uproar in a tag team match.” Matt and Nick Jackson then attack the Masked Avengers and leave them hurting in the ring.

Matt Hardy takes on Facade in a match and is able to come away victorious. He grabs the mic, “Brother Nero I need your attention! The vessel you walk in is one of beauty, confusion, and betrayal. I MUST DELETE YOU!” Nero appears at the top of the entrance and points at Matt, then nods.

Main event time! The Bullet Club make their way to the ring. Frantic appears at the top of the entrance ramp. “Glad all 3 of you could make it! You seem to have come prepared. Can’t say I blame you. Funnily enough so did I.” The Kings of the Afterlife’s music play and out comes Rey Mysterio and Fenix! “Ladies and Gentlemen: my new clients! But that’s not all… Oh no, I have a third. I would like to introduce you all… to Samuray Del Sol!” Out comes a third masked luchador, and it is indeed Samuray Del Sol! He runs down to the ring and jumps over the top rope from the mat below. The match begins and features Samuray flying around the ring doing some lucha things. He is able to get the pinfall on Scurll after a Del Sol Driver. The show fades to black with the new Kings of the Afterlife standing tall in the ring alongside manager Frantic.

FTW Showdown 40

This go-home show to Uproar is in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,000 people.

The Young Bucks make their way to the ring. “Over the past few months we’ve been touring the world and that has led to our focus being shifted from the FTW. Well that ends now. Last week we lost to the ‘Masked Avengers’ simply out of sheer ignorance for their tactics. We want- no, we DESERVE a rematch!” Beer Money’s music plays and out they come. Bobby has the mic, “So you just come back and start throwing around demands? That’s not how things work here boys. We came out to accept the Masked Avengers challenge to battle at Uproar, but in the mean time we can spend a few minutes beating your sorry asses.” A match ensues and has some great tag-team action. The Young Bucks are able to pull it off via multiple Super Kicks to James Storm. Matt gabs a microphone, “I hope you were watching this Avengers! We’re coming for you Monday!”

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring. “Jason Gory. Jason… God damn Gory. As far as I’m concerned I’ve beaten him twice and yet he just can’t seem to let go. Now he’s gone off writing nonsensical half-assed riddles in my locker room and leaving it trashed. It’s clear he wants to get under my skin but what makes it all the better is how much I’ve clearly gotten under his skin. This has gone on long enough. Next week at Uproar we’re going to settle this like ‘men’ in a cage match. And to prove I’m just better than him: no pinfalls or submissions. You escape: you win. I’ll see you Monday Gory.”

Undertaker appears on the titantron. “Shinsuke your time in the spotlight will come to an end. I will regain my title at Uproar and when I do, I’ll stand over you like the rat you are so you know the deadman’s reign shall never end.”

The Bullet Club (Omega and Scurll) are taking on SANITY (Dain and Young) in the main event. This match is a decent length and ends with a V-trigger from Omega on Young. Cody grabs a mic, “This wonderful display of power is what the Bullet Club is all about. And since we’ve proven time and time again that we’re worthy of it, we demand a title shot against the Kings of the Afterlife! Come Monday, the FTW World will have new tag champions!”

FTW Uproar

FTW Uproar is in front of a sold out crowd of 750!

We open with the Masked Avengers taking on the Young Bucks. We see similar spots to their match from two weeks ago, but of course not the same match. Nick goes for a crossbody onto Jervis who attempts to reverse into the Downtown Lock, only to be hit from behind by Matt. A superkick party is then beginning on Jervis but is interrupted by a Helluva Kick to Matt. Nick attacks Generico who turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb for the 3-count.

Up next we have Samuray Del Sol taking on Scurll in a rematch from Samuray’s debut. The match is stiff but entertaining. Samuray utilizes his high-flying offense well. After both men are seemingly gassed, Scurll grabs his umbrella and attacks Samuray. He does this while the ref is down, but the ref regains consciousness and Scurll is DQ’d for his umbrella shenanigans.

A steel cage lowers to the ring as we prepare for Gargano vs Gory. Both men are foaming at the mouth to take each other on and the brutality of the match shows. Every time Gory eats steel, Gargano eats steel. James Mitchell is able to slip a chair into the ring but Gory loses control of it. Gargano starts climbing the cage but Gory is staggering to his feet. Gargano leaps off and tornado DDTs Gory right onto the chair. Gargano is then able to slowly, but surely, climb out and exit the cage, winning the match.

The Kings of the Afterlife are defending their tag titles against Bullet Club in the semi-main event. This match is an entertaining bout with some great wrestling from every worker. At one point Scurll comes out to mess with the Kings but Samuray is right behind him and they brawl around the ring. Rey goes for a 619 on Cody who counters it by grabbing Rey’s leg and throwing him into the turnbuckle on the apron. Kenny then hops on the apron and delivers a V-Trigger to Rey. He falls to the outside. Fenix then hits a Fenix driver on Cody but Scurll pulls the referee out of the ring to prevent the 3-count. Samuray then suicide dives outside the ring to hit Scurll, incapacitating them both. Kenny takes advantage of the moment and hits the Aoi Shoudou on Fenix. He then grabs the ref and thrusts him into the ring. A slow count ensues and this gives Rey time to springboard leg-drop Kenny to break up the pinfall. Moments later a 619 to Kenny followed by the springboard senton to get the 3-count. Winners and still FTW Tag Team Champions: Kings of the Afterlife!

The main event has Shinsuke Nakamura defending his World Title against the Undertaker. This match is a long bout from both men who clearly won’t give up. Undertaker is consistently trying to hit Nakamura with the Urn but Nakamura is able to avoid it. When Taker seems to finally have a chance to connect with it, Shinsuke counters with a high kick and the Urn shatters. Taker falls to his knees looking at the remains of the Urn when Shinsuke hits him with a Kinsasha. He pins him for the 3-count. Winner and still FTW World Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura!

The show got us a B+ rating.

That does it for me everyone. Let me know what you think and join me in two weeks for month eleven of FvF!

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