Chronicles of AWE: Winner Take All

Last week on Dragon Ba– er, I mean Chronicles of AWE, we saw Pentagon Dark get beat down along with The Rock and Eddie Guerrero revealed themselves as two members of A New Brand of Justice. What will these next five shows hold? Let’s find out!

AWE Weekly Carnage 17:

This week’s show is coming from The Carnegie Sports Centre in Northern England in front of 458 people. The show opens up backstage with Bryan Danielson walking out of The Rock’s locker room. I wonder what they could of been talking about? Shane McMahon is out in the ring with mic in hand. “Bryan, at the end of this month at Anarchy in the UK… As you know we will be having a best of 5 series of matches, with the winning team taking control of the company. I want to up the stakes: if you win I’ll leave the company, but if I win you and all your boys are gone!” The main event sees The Rock defeat Pentagon Dark in an A+ match. After the match Anarchy comes down to the ring and Bryan tells Pentagon Dark, “Even though you lost tonight you still proved to be a champion caliber wrestlers. I guess you can stay in Anarchy.” The show closes with the two shaking hands.

AWE Weekly Carnage 18:

In between weeks The Undertaker was caught banging hookers, so I fired his ass. I blame Frantic for telling me to sign him. Note: Undertaker was supposed to be under a mask. Live and die by the rando. 

(Editor’s note: I must’ve picked terrible role models when I was younger…)

This week we are live from Ireland in front of 438 people. Bryan Danielson is in the ring and says, “Shane you have been a thorn in my side, and I can’t help but notice that you aren’t in a match in the best of 5 series. I’ll tell you what, I’ll put my career on the line against The Rock, and if I win I get five minutes in the ring with you in a No-DQ match. Think about it. You know where to find me.” Bryan throws the mic down. Matt Hardy defeats a Masked Man in an A rated match. The man takes his mask off and reveals…. another mask! It’s Jervis Cottonbelly! Later in the show Shane McMahon is shown in his office yelling and throwing stuff. “WHO DOES THAT *BEEP* THINK HE IS!? I’LL SHOW HIM!”

AWE Weekly Carnage 19:

This show takes place at The Broxbourne Civic Hall in front of 565 people. Shane McMahon is in the ring and says, “Bryan Danielson… You claim that your group just wants what’s right. They want to be respected? Well I’ll tell you what I respect you enough to take your challenge. If you beat The Rock we can go at it for 5 minutes, but When The Rock wins you retire for good!” Backstage The Rock is seen arguing with Eddie Guerrero. “The Rock should be the leader, not you. I was the leader before you took that mask off. I should still be leader.” Eddie smiles slyly. “Oh yeah Rocky? Why don’t you face me for leadership tonight?” Main event of the evening has The Rock beating Eddie Guerrero for leadership of A New Breed of Justice in an A+ rated match. After the match Anarchy come down and beat down The Rock and Eddie to close the show.

AWE Weekly Carnage 20:

We come to you this week from The Classic Grand in Scotland with a packed house of 498 people. Eddie and The Rock are shown backstage. “Eddie, The Rock is glad we got everything sorted. The Rock will watch your back until this is all over.” First match of the night is Jervis Cottonbelly vs Kenny Omega which ended in DQ after Pentagon Dark attacked Jervis in an A rated match. The last Masked Man lost against Kane in an A+ rated when Jeff Hardy attacked, and ripped the masked man’s mask off, revealing him to be AJ Styles. Eddie Guerrero defeated Bryan Danielson in an A+ rated match when Matt Hardy tried to attack, but was fended off by The Rock. Shane McMahon then came out to the ring and stood over Danielson. “Bryan I doubt you can hear me right now, but I hope you and your boys have enjoyed your time here. Come Sunday we are going to run you out of the wrestling business forever.”

AWE Anarchy in the UK:

Before this show started Batista died due to a drug overdose. It’s been a tough month in the game world.

This show brought to you by the friendly people at Rubber Ducky Death Squad. We are live from the Rhyl Town Hall in Central England in front of 604 people. The first of our best of 5 matches is Eddie Guerrero w/ The Rock vs Pentagon Dark. Eddie wins when The Rock stops Bryan Danielson from interfering. Score is 1-0 in favor of A New Brand of Justice. Next up we have Jervis Cottonbelly beating Jeff Hardy by submission in an A rated match, bringing the score up to 2-0 in favor of A New Brand of Justice. The third match sees Matt Hardy beat AJ Styles in an A+ rated First Blood Match bringing the score to 2-1. Bryan Danielson beats The Rock in 5 minutes after The Rock lays down and joins Anarchy. It was a B rated match. The score is tied 2-2, and with that win Bryan Danielson gets 5 minutes in the ring with Shane McMahon. Bryan Danielson wins after he and The Rock beat down Shane McMahon and Danielson makes Shane tap in an A+ rated match.

Anarchy comes to the ring to celebrate over Shane’s unconscious body. Danielson grabs the mic, “Hey Shane, SHANE! I guess you should’ve kept a better eye on The Rock. He came to us wanting to join after you let Eddie take control over your little lap dogs.” Anarchy takes out spray paint and paints a big Anarchy symbol in the middle of the ring, and the words Anarchy Championship Wrestling underneath it. Danielson speaks again, “Tonight Awesome Wrestling Entertainment dies! Welcome to pure anarchy: welcome to Anarchy Championship Wrestling! Somebody get this piece of trash out of my ring!”

That’s all for this week. Join us next week as we find out what happens to AWE in the wake of Anarchy winning control of the company. We will cover the month of June and the pay per view AWE ACW From Parts Well Known.

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