Chronicles of AWE: What the Future Holds

When we last left off the entire roster except for Anarchy walked out on Shane McMahon. Now we find out what is going to happen in this week’s Chronicles covering the month of April.

AWE Weekly Carnage 13

This week’s show is coming to you from Ireland in front of 228 people. The show opens with Bryan Danielson in the ring with the mic in his hand. “Well, well Shane, it looks like there’s no one left that will stand with you. It’s such a shame.” Just as he says this the lights go out and Shane appears on the Titantron and says, “I found four men that are willing to come teach you guys a lesson tonight. Hopefully they’ll put you in your place.” Part way through the show the camera goes backstage and we see four masked men talking about their match tonight with Anarchy. The main event is Anarchy vs Four Masked Men. The match is a good back and forth with the Masked Men winning when one of them winning via The People’s Elbow. The match was rated A+

AWE Weekly Carnage 14

This show is coming at you live from the South British Isles in front of 323 people. The show opens with the Four Masked Men standing in the ring with one holding a mic. He speaks with a heavily distorted voice, “Last week you saw that Anarchy can be beaten. We’ve just been going about this all wrong. What AWE really needs is a New Brand of Justice, and that’s exactly who we are.” Throughout the night the members of Anarchy try to isolate the Masked Men only to be run off. The main event sees a masked man facing off against Pentagon Dark with Pentagon taking the win. It was an A rated match.

AWE Weekly Carnage 15

This show is coming to you from Scotland in front of 280 people. Shane McMahon makes an announcement via Titantron that some wrestlers are coming back tonight, because A New Brand of Justice has made a difference in keeping this place safe. Later on in the night there is a something going on in Shane’s office, and when the camera goes in they see Anarchy attacking Shane. Danielson yells at Shane that this war is far from over just because he has his little lap dogs now. A New Brand of Justice is out in the ring and one says, “Anarchy, Shane has given us the authority to challenge you to a match at next month’s pay per view. It will be a winner take all for control of the company, “the man takes off his mask revealing himself to be The Rock and says, “you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.” The main event saw the returning Kenny Omega take on D’Lo Brown in an A+ match.

AWE Weekly Carnage 16

This week’s show is emanating live from Central England in front of 350 people. Bryan Danielson is in the ring demanding that The Rock comes down without anyone else. *The Rock comes out on stage with mic in hand, “Alright Bryan I’m here without anyone else, so what is it you want?” “Well Rocky what I want is that every time one of my guys beats your masked guys they have to take their masks off. They can’t just hide behind them forever.” The Rock nods and Anarchy comes from behind him and attacks him. A match proceeded with one of the masked men vs Pentagon Dark. The Masked man wins via Frog Splash in an A rated match. After the match Shane comes out and stands over Pentagon Dark. “Well Pentagon I want you to run back and tell Bryan that these lap dogs are more bite than bark.” The main event see The Hardy Boys defend their tag titles against The Brothers of Destruction in an A+ match.

AWE April Fools

This month’s pay per view is brought to you by Frantic Talks because Stephen Totilo couldn’t pay us enough. It’s being held in The Carnegie Sports Centre in Northern England in front of 464 people. The show opens up with a video package showing us The Rock will challenge Pentagon Dark for the AWE European Championship later tonight. First up is a Masked Man vs Bryan Danielson with the mask on the line. Danielson win via submission, and unmasked the man to be Eddie Guerrero. After the match the camera is in the back with Eddie talking to The Rock saying that A New Brand of Justice needs a leader, and Eddie says he will do it. Rock looks a little frustrated.

The Hardy Boys defend their titles via disqualification when two masked men jump them mid match. The main event of the night see The Rock vs Pentagon Dark for the European title in a match where The Rock is victorious. After the match Anarchy comes to the ring and surrounds Pentagon. Danielson takes the mic and says “Pentagon, Anarchy was formed to be a stable of champions and it would seem you’ve lost your title. You must win it back next week if you expect to stay.” They proceed to beatdown Pentagon Dark to end the show

Join us next time as we cover the month of May and the pay per view Anarchy in the UK. We will also find out what the future holds for Pentagon Dark and Anarchy.

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