Chronicles of AWE: Welcome to the Family

Welcome back everybody! Last time we saw the return of Shane McMahon, and the introduction of Father James Mitchell. We also heard him promise to bring in The Family. Who are they? Let’s find out right now!

ACW Civil Unrest 9:

This week we come to you live from Murrayfield Ice Rink in Scotland in front of 3,649 people. The show kicks off with the returning Jervis Cottonbelly picking up the victory against Dark Lord in a B+ rated match. After the match Jervis takes the mic, and thanks the fans for their support while he was out with an injury.

We go back to Bryan Danielson’s office, and he looks very tired and worn out. “Father James Mitchell,” he says, “you and Black Spirit don’t scare me. Nor does your threats of your family.” A noise happens in the back and Danielson jumps. “I’m ready for you toni….” Before he can finish his statement, Bryan falls asleep due to exhaustion. This segment got an A-

The lights go out and James Mitchell let’s out an evil laugh before appearing in the ring. “Poor, poor Bryan. It looks like you haven’t slept all night. Maybe you’re just being paranoid. The family is ready to pay you a visit. Without further adieu let me introduce you to the family….The Wyatt Family.” Three men appear in sheep masks. Two take them off and reveal themselves to be Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. They take off the last ones mask to reveal Bray Wyatt. The show closes with the camera fading to black on the four people in the ring. This segment got an A+ rating.

ACW Civil Unrest 10:

Tonight we are live from the Plymouth Pavilions in the South British Isles in front of 3,933 people. The Wyatt Family with James Mitchell are in the ring to start the show, and Bray has the mic. “Bryan, Shane McMahon has reached out to my family to come help him take this company back. He sold his soul to the devil to drive you out of power, and right now we want your tag team titles.” This segment got a B+

Next up we have The Broken Hardys taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The Wyatt Family pick up the win after a decisive match, and win the tag team titles in an A rated match.

After the match Bryan Danielson comes out with a mic “No! No! No! You can’t just come into my company and take Anarchy’s belts without some sort of backlash. Come Tattered Edge of Sanity it will be Anarchy vs The Wyatt Family in a 4v4 Hell in a Cell match. I’ll bring my guys. You need to find a fourth, but as for tonight I’m invoking my rematch clause against Black Spirit for MY ACW World Championship.” This segment got an A-

The main event sees Bryan Danielson getting the win over Black Spirit after Black Spirit takes a bad bump on his head that knocks him out. This match got an A. New champion Bryan Danielson!

ACW Civil Unrest 11:

This week we emanate live from the Hull Arena in the North British Isles in front of 4,284 people. Father James Mitchell is alone in the ring, sans Wyatt Family. “Bryan, my boy, as you can see I’m here by myself tonight. The Wyatt Family is back at the compound getting themselves ready for the pay per view. I assure you that they will be ready for your challenge, and they have a surprise for you.” He lets out an evil laugh, and the lights go out. Then he disappears from the ring. This segment got a B-

We have The Rock defending his European championship against AJ Styles. Before the match The Rock is looking into a mirror getting ready for his match when the lights dim, and Bray Wyatt is looking back at him. “Rocky, hey Rocky, I know you can hear me. We’re coming for you, and the rest of Anarchy. This is your chance to run. Just follow the buzzards.” The lights come back on with The Rock in an empty room. During the match The Rock gets ready to hit AJ Styles with the Rock Bottom when the lights dim, and the ring fills with fog. Rock rolls out of the ring and gets counted out. Winner by count out AJ Styles, but Rock retains the belt. This match got an A.

Anarchy is shown in Bryan Danielson’s office. “I’ve been seeing this, and hearing noises all night,” says Jeff Hardy. Pentagon Dark steps up to the desk, and slams his hands down. “Bryan you need to do something about the Wyatt family. We’ve all been plagued by something supernatural tonight. Goddamnit Bryan, we run this place. WE won this place, and we’re sick of Shane sticking his nose in our business!” Just then the lights go out and the Wyatt Family appear on the office with a very large figure in a black sheep mask behind them, but before anything can be said, Anarchy attacks them, only for the lights to come back on to reveal they are just attacking each other. This segment got an A+

ACW Civil Unrest 12:

On the go home edtion we come to you live from the Kingsmeadow in the South British Isles in front of a packed house of 4,631. The show opens with Anarchy in the ring looking tattered and worn down from lack of sleep. Bryan Danielson has the mic, “BRAY WYATT! YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY DON’T MEAN SHIT AROUND HERE!!!!” He takes a few deep breaths then says, “I don’t know how you managed to do it, but all these mind games are getting really old really fast. As for you Shane McMahon, I’m willing to put control of the company on the line this Sunday, but if we win the Wyatt Family go away, and you become our servant.” This segment got an A.

Next up we have a match between the debuting L.A Parka. AJ Styles picks up the win after a very exciting match. After the match they shake hands. This match got a B-

To close the show The Wyatt Family is in the ring w/ Father James Mitchell, and the large fellow with the black sheep mask. Bray Wyatt has the mic. “I know all of you out there are sick and tired of these imposters acting like they run the show. On behalf of Shane McMahon we accept your proposition Bryan, but when we win not only will this show be restored to its rightful owner, but we want something bigger. We already own the ACW tag team championships. We want the European and World championships, so we will put everything we have against everything you have. Anarchy come out to the entrance ramp, and Bryan Danielson has the mic, “We accept your challenge!” This segment got an A

ACW The Tattered Edge of Sanity:

This month’s big event is brought to you by the doctor’s office of Dr. Wagner Jr. We come to you tonight live from the Brighton Centre in the South British Isles in front of a sold out crowd of 5,000 people.

The show opens up with a singles match between AJ Styles and the returning CM Punk fresh off a victory in his MMA debut (unlike real life). CM Punk picks up the win to the roar of the crowd after a 30 minute match that had plenty of back and forth. This match got an A

Next up we have Samoa Joe taking on Jervis Cottonbelly. Samoa Joe picks up the win after turning Jervis’ mask backwards,and hitting a roll-up. This match got a B

It’s time for your main event of the evening. The Wyatt Family w/Father James Mitchell vs Anarchy w/ Pentagon Dark in a 4-on-4 Hell in a Cell match.

As the Wyatt Family make their way to the ring they unmask the large man to reveal… Braun Strowman!

The match opens with both teams brawling with each other, but quickly pairing off with each other. In one corner Luke Harper is laying the boots into Matt Hardy, and then does a Face Wash to Matt busting him wide open. Erick Rowan and Jeff on the outside with Jeff ramming Rowan’s head into the cage. Then grabbing a chair that Rowan takes off of him, he starts beating Jeff with it. Braun Strowman and The Rock are in the ring. Rocky hits a couple shoulder blocks on Strowman only to bounce off of him. Finally Bray Wyatt and Bryan Danielson are brawling all around the ring and outside.

After about 30 more minutes all eight men are busted open. Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate onto Erick Rowan onto the floor, but can’t muster up the energy to pin him. Matt Hardy and Luke Harper both fall from the top turnbuckle through a table set up outside. Bryan Danielson kicks Braun Strowman in the head repeatedly until the big man doesn’t get back up. Bray Wyatt gives The Rock the Sister Abigail onto the exposed concrete floor, and then stares down Bryan Danielson. The two start brawling again on the outside with Danielson getting the better of Bray and leaning him against the cell. He delivers a Running Knee to Bray busting the cell wall out, and he starts to climb to the top. Bray follows and they brawl some more. On top of the cell, Bray kicks Danielson in the balls and delivers a Sister Abigail through the top of the cell. Both men land hard on the mat below with Bray Wyatt draping his arm over Bryan Danielson for the 1-2-3.

Winners of the match: The Wyatt Family. STILL tag team champions Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. NEW European Champion Braun Strowman. NEW World Champion Bray Wyatt. The screen fades to black as a bloody and beaten Wyatt Family stand tall.

Well that does it for this article. I really hope you enjoyed it! Join us next time as we go through the month of September and the pay per view Meme-a-Palooza!

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