Chronicles of AWE: Under New Management

Last week we saw Undertaker bang hookers left, right and center, Batista died of a drug overdose, and most importantly Anarchy drove Shane McMahon out of the company by winning the best of five. Join us as we cover the month June.

ACW Civil Unrest 1:

This week we are live from Rhyl Town Hall in Central England in front of 498 people. The new owner of ACW Bryan Danielson is in the ring and says, “Welcome everyone to the our new weekly show! Tonight we lay AWE to rest and set forth in the dawning of a new era: the era of Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Our show will now be known as ACW Civil Unrest. Get used to it, or get out.” The first match is AJ Styles taking on The Hardy Boys in a 2 on 1 handicap match. The match ends with an A rating and AJ Styles being taken out on a stretcher. The Main event of the night is Bryan Danielson facing off against Samoa Joe in an A+ rated match. It ended when the lights went out and the words “The Spirit of Vengeance is returning…soon” appeared on the titantron. That led to Samoa Joe getting the win.

ACW Civil Unrest 2:

This week’s show is coming to all you lovely people from The Liverpool Olympia in Northern England in front of  people 800 (Jesus what a jump). The show starts with Bryan Danielson in the ring who says, “Last week was total bullshit! Whoever this is can’t come out and face me like a man? He has to hide behind mind games.” Just as he says this, the lights go out and an image of a broken Anarchy symbol appears on the titantron with the words “Embrace the blackness of the void.”  The rest of the night Danielson is seen looking around paranoid every time he gets around a dark hallway. Main event of the night is Jervis Cottonbelly vs Pentagon Dark in a No-DQ match. It got an A+ rating with Pentagon Dark in control most of the match beating Jervis with an assortment of weaponry. Jervis is laid out in the ring unmoving to end the show.

ACW Civil Unrest 3:

Coming to you live from the Tivoli Theater in Ireland with a packed house of 1,032 people is ACW Civil Unrest! The show starts backstage with Bryan Danielson walking down a hallway when he sees a hooded figure at the end of the hallway holding an hourglass saying “the time is almost upon us for the Spirit of Vengeance to be unleashed.” The figure disappears after the light in the hallway goes out. We move to the announcers desk to get an update on Jervis Cottonbelly. “Jervis Cottonbelly has sustained a concussion and will be kept out of action pending further medical tests,” says Jim Ross. The main event sees The Rock beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the ACW European Championship in an A+ rated match. The Rock continues to beat down Eddie after the match until the lights go out and a broken Anarchy symbol is shown on the titantron.

ACW Civil Unrest 4:

The last show before the pay per view comes to you from York Hall in Southern England in front of 1,200 people. The camera is backstage on the hooded figure who says, “Bryan Danielson: you and Anarchy have run around taking people out for too long. Soon our paths shall cross, and you will never forget the face of vengeance. Our first match sees Samoa Joe beat Dark Lord in a B+ rated match. After the match Bryan Danielson comes out and issues an open challenge to the roster to face him in match at the pay per view. “If any of you in the back has the balls to get inside the ring with me for the belt, now’s your chance at this Sunday’s event. This won’t be any ordinary match though. It will be inside of a steel cage.” The main event is Anarchy taking on Eddie Guerrero in a 5 on 1 handicap match. Eddie gets his shit pushed in by Anarchy in an A rated match. After the match they haul Eddie out on a stretcher. It looks like A New Brand of Justice is no more now that everyone is on the shelf injured

ACW From Parts Well Known

This month’s pay per view brought to you from the folks at Eat Ass or Die Trying. Remember to avoid those banhammers kids. The show is coming to you live from The Barrowland Ballroom in Scotland in front of 2,100 people.

Bryan Danielson is walking backstage and finds a note nailed to his locker room door. “Soon.” The first match sees The Hardy Boys defeat Los Ingobernables to retain the tag team championships in an A+ rated match. Next match is The Rock squaring off against Cody Rhodes in a match for the ACW European championship. The Rock wins in an A rated match after outside interference from Bryan Danielson. After the match, Rock and Danielson are celebrating in the ring when the lights go off and a message comes on the titantron: “The time has come to face your demons. Tonight you shall stare into the void, and see what’s looking back.”

Later on in the night the cage is lowered for the main event. Danielson says, “If anyone in the back wants a piece of the champion now’s the time to nut up or shut up.” No one comes out. The Rock takes the mic, “Well since no one is coming out Bryan, The Rock will wrestle you again.” Rock lays down on his back waiting for Danielson to pin him when the lights go out and when the come back on a hooded figure in seen in the ring* “The end is nigh for you both.” The hooded figure takes off his hood to reveal that he is the returning Black Spirit. Black Spirit defeats Bryan Danielson and The Rock to win the ACW World Championship. Black Spirit stands above Bryan Danielson and the Rock’s battered bodies to close the show.

That’s all for this week. I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as I do making them. Join us next time when we see what the future holds for the now former champion Bryan Danielson. Next week we will cover the month of July and the pay per view ACW Life Must Go On.

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