Chronicles of AWE: Halloween Hell

Last time we saw Bullet Club wrestle three times in one night thanks to an attack from masked assailants, and Nakamura going for the World Title. Let’s find out what’s happening now on this exciting episode of Dragon Ba….. Chronicles of AWE!  

AWE Weekly Carnage 24

We come to you live from the Copper Box in the South British Isle in front of 7,122 people. We open up the show with Bullet Club in the ring looking the worse for wear after their three matches last night. CM Punk has a mic and says, “It seems like Harper and Rowan had it out for us this whole time. They saw us as the biggest competition, and that’s why they jumped the Guerrillas of Destiny. They knew that it would delay the match, and we would have to wrestle three times at Meme-a-Palooza. We want our rematch, if you have the balls.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have a match between Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe in a non-title match. Braun is off to a strong start tossing Joe around. Braun takes some time to play to the crowd, and while he does Joe hits him with a german suplex landing the big man on the back of his head. That does nothing but piss Braun off, and he rolls outside to grab a chair. He rolls back in and smacks Joe with it. Samoa Joe wins by DQ. This match got a B-

The rest of the Wyatt Family come out to the ring and Bray has the mic. “Nakamura I knew that you were going to lose. These fans, they don’t care about you unless you’re out here playing to the them, being their court jester. You see, I’m the Eater of Worlds. Last night I made you the Eater of Pinfalls. If you want to try again you’ll need to sweeten the deal. You know where to find me. Follow the Buzzards!” The lights go off and the Wyatt Family is gone. This segment got an A.

AWE Weekly Carnage 25

This week we are live from the New Meadow in the Central British Isles in front of 7,258 people. We open up with Shane McMahon in the ring, mic in hand. “Harper, Rowan I demand that you both get out here right now.” Harper and Rowan come out with Father James Mitchell. Mitchell has the mic and says, “Ahh Shane, what can the tag champions do for you today? Is this about the allegations Bullet Club made that Harper and Rowan were the ones under the masks? I’ll save you the trouble of asking. Yes, it was us! They did it not because they were ‘scared.’ They did it because Bullet Club needed to prove they were up to the task of surviving. Since they proved themselves they will get their rematch at Devil’s Night.” James Mitchell lets out an evil laugh as they all walk away. This segment got a B+.

Next up we have a match between Samoa Joe and Dark Lord. Joe gets the jump on Dark Lord, and beats him from pillar to post with some stiff punches, finally hitting him with the Muscle Buster for the 1-2-3. Joe snatches up a mic looking pissed off. “STROWMAN!!! You scared bitch. You hit me with a chair because you knew you were in danger of losing, and you couldn’t take it. I want a rematch. This time No-DQ for the title at Devil’s Night. I’m going to rip you limb from limb.” The match and segment got an A-.

Nakamura is backstage and says, “Bray Wyatt, I know you’re just trying to get inside my head. When I go to the ring I’m never alone. I have the fighting spirit inside of me, and the fans drive me to my limits. I’ll beat you at Devil’s Night and I’ll take your belt. If I lose I won’t challenge for the belt again as long as you’re champion.” This segment got a B.

AWE Weekly Carnage 26

This week we are live from Copper Box in the South British Isle in front of 7,468 people. The show opens up with Bullet Club in the locker room. CM Punk and Kenny Omega turn to the camera, and Omega starts to talk, “You know what Harper and Rowan? We took on every team that AWE had to offer. We took them all down, and it took a cheap tactic to stop us.” “We are the best team in the world,” CM Punk says, “and come Devil’s Night when we get a fair shot at those titles we’re going to take them.” This segment got a B+.

Nakamura is shown walking backstage when he’s attacked by the Wyatt Family and taken away. This segment got a B.

The main event sees AJ Styles taking on Pentagon Dark. This match is a very good back and forth match until the lights go out and Bray Wyatt is shown on the titantron. Bray lets out an evil laugh. “You know a wise man once told me that I could have anything I wanted in this world. Well right now I want to show you all what happens when you challenge the Wyatt Family.” Bray takes the camera and points it at Nakamura tied to a chair, unconscious.  This segment got an A-.

AWE Weekly Carnage 27

This week we are live from the Westpoint Arena in the South British Isles in front of a sold out crowd of 7,500 people. The show opens up with the Wyatt Family in the ring, and Bray has the mic. “I’ll tell you people what: you’re all just sheep, following those in front of you not knowing where you’re going or who you’re following. Just going with the crowd. You all cheer for Nakamura, but I’m showing him just what it’s like to be alone. You can’t save him. No one can save him, but he will be back in time his match at Devil’s Night with me. Just how much of him will come back remains to be seen.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we see Samoa Joe barging into Shane’s office. “Shane you have the power to make this match vs Strowman for me. He hasn’t responded to me. He’s been too busy abducting Nakamura with the rest of those backwoods hillbillies.” Shane stands up and walks Joe and says, “You have a lot of balls just coming into my office like this, but I’ll tell you what Joe, you got your match at Devil’s Night. If you lose again though I don’t want to hear about it. Remember, you asked for this.”

The main event for tonight sees Bullet Club taking on Los Ingobernables. The match is off to a hard hitting start with CM Punk and Mr. Freakshow trading stiff shots. CM Punk gets the upper hand due to his MMA training. Later on in the match it’s Omega and BUSHI in the ring with Omega getting the better of him. Omega throws BUSHI into the corner, and tags in CM Punk. Omega hits the V-Trigger, and Punk picks up BUSHI then hits him with the Go 2 Sleep for the 1-2-3. This match gets an A-

AWE Devil’s Night

AWE Devil’s Night is brought to you by the friendly people at the Destiny clan Rubber Ducky Death Squad. If interested, you can find out more at this link.

We come to you live tonight from St James Park from the South British Isles in front of 7,895 people. We open up with Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe in a No DQ match for the AWE European championship. Samoa Joe jumps on Strowman as he enters the ring. Strowman throws Joe off of him, and the two trade blows back and forth. Strowman throws a punch at Joe’s nose and breaks it. Joe gets pissed and starts throwing Braun with suplexes. The match goes back and forth before Strowman rolls out of the ring grabbing a chair, but Joe catches him and kicks the chair in Storwman’s face busting him open. They fight up the ramp, and into the parking lot where Joe takes Strowman to Dick Kick City. Then Joe gets into a car, and runs Strowman down then pins him for the 1-2-3. Winner and NEW AWE European Champion: Samoa Joe. This match got an A.

Next up we have Bullet Club vs Harper and Rowan for the AWE Tag Team Championships. Bullet Club charge Harper and Rowan as they are making their way down to the ring and they start brawling around the ring. Rowan smacks Omega’s head off the turnbuckle post and Harper and Rowan start double teaming Punk. They put him through the announcers’ table with a double team powerbomb. They roll Omega into the ring and pin him but only get a 2 count. Omega starts fighting back, but is quickly overpowered by the two men. They hit Omega with The Way for the 1-2-3. Winners and STILL AWE Tag Team Champions Harper and Rowan. This match got a B+

Your main event for the evening is Shinsuke Nakamura and Bray Wyatt for the AWE World Championship. Bray Wyatt is in the ring, but Nakamura hasn’t come out yet. Bray Wyatt takes the mic and says, “Nakamura. Come out, come out wherever you are. Oh yeah, that’s right: you’re not coming out, because I showed you the darkness in your own soul. I showed you the secrets that Sister Abigail showed me, and soon you all will see the fruits of my labor.” This segment got an A-.

Well that’s all for this edition! What does the future hold for Shinsuke Nakamura?  Is Bullet Club ever going to get a fair match for the tag titles? Will Goku ever run out of super sayian forms to transform into? Find out in two weeks as we cover the month of November and the pay per view Up in Flames. Well maybe not the answer to the last question…

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