Chronicles of AWE: Black Reign

Hey everyone sorry for the long gap in between these. Life got in the way, but I’m back now! For a quick recap, check out the last entry. Let’s get into this.

ACW Civil Unrest 5:

Our show comes to you this week from The Carnegie Sports Centre in Northern England in front of 2,354 people.The show opens with new champion Black Spirit in the ring. “You know Danielson, after you and Anarchy put me out with an injury after I helped you win War of Attrition I have to admit I was angry. I was in a dark place, and that’s when he came to me with an offer. Who is he you ask? You all will soon learn.” This got an A rating. We see Bryan Danielson backstage talking to The Rock. “Well Rock, we will have to show our new champion what it’s like to be a fighting champion next week.” This also gets an A rating. Our main event sees The Rock successfully defend his European Championship against Ultimo Dragon in an A+ rated match.

ACW Civil Unrest 6:

This week we come to you from York Hall in Southern England in front of 2,600 people. GM Bryan Danielson is in the ring with a mic. “Black Spirit, you may have won my championship, but I’m still the general manager, damnit. Tonight you defend your title against Kenny Omega and Mr. Freakshow in an elimination match!” This got an A+ rating. Our next match sees Anarchy’s Broken Matt and Brother Nero defeat Alex Shelly and Chris Sabian in a non title match. This match got a B+ rating. The main event of the evening sees champion Black Spirit defend against Kenny Omega and Mr. Freakshow. Freakshow is out first after he battered Black Spirit with a chair. Black Spirit wins after Omega accidentally bumps the ref and gets DQ’ed. Black Spirit is looking worse for ware. This match got an A+.

ACW Civil Unrest 7:

Live from the Tivoli Theater in Ireland in front of 2,836 people it’s Saturda… er this week’s Civil Unrest. Ultimo Dragon defeats Dark Lord in a B rated match to start off the show. Later on in the night we go backstage as Black Spirit is in a candle lit room. “Bryan, Bryan, Bryan you see while I was away I saw things that would make a mortal man shutter. My new found Father introduced me to the way things should be, and soon my family is coming to run you out of ACW.” This got an A rating. Bryan Danielson is shown in his office yelling at the rest of Anarchy. “Who does he think he is? Threatening me like that. We are going to put a stop to him and his ‘family’ before they even start.” The camera fades to black as a silhouette of a long haired man with a cane flashes on screen. This got an A+

ACW Civil Unrest 8:

This week we are live from The Barrowland Ballroom in Scotland in front of 3,057 people. Anarchy is shown backstage hunting down Black Spirit, but he is nowhere to be found yet. They tear through locker rooms and catering. This got a B. Bryan Danielson is out to the ring alone and says, “Black Spirit you can run, but you can’t hide.” Just then Black Spirit is shown on the titantron. “Well Bryan, see that’s where you’re wrong. I’m not hiding. See you think you’re doing the hunting, but in reality *the camera zooms out to reveal a tied up Pentagon Dark* I’m the one doing the hunting, and soon my family will rise from the Ashes of the Filth with the help of the good Father. See you at Life Must Go On.” This got an A+ The show closes with Hiroshi Tanahashi getting the win over Samoa Joe in an A rated match.

ACW Life Must Go On:

Tonight’s show is brought to you by the folks at Southpaw Regional Wrestling. We are live from Tivoli Theater in Ireland in front of 3,377 people with what promises to be an exciting evening. We have a special guest in the crowd, but to remain anonymous they are wearing a Black Spirit mask.  To open up the show we see Kenny Omega take on The Rock for the European championship. The Rock wins by pinfall in an A rated match. Bryan Danielson is in the ring to congratulate The Rock on his win, and he says, “Tonight I need all of Anarchy to make sure Black Spirit doesn’t cheat tonight, so that belt can come back to it’s rightful home.” This got an A. Backstage Black Spirit is shown talking to someone on a cell phone “Yes Father, tonight we start the gears turning to bring in the family to cleanse this promotion of those who have plagued it. This also got an A. Next up we see the Broken Hardys take on The Super Smash Brothers. The Hardys win in a long hard fought contest. This match got an A+.

The main event is Black Spirit taking on Bryan Danielson. The match is off to a quick start, and before long Bryan Danielson is busted open. Anarchy comes down and surrounds the ring trying to get into the ring, but as they do Eddie Guerrero, Jervis Cottonbelly and AJ Styles make their return and run Anarchy off. Black Spirit dumps Danielson to the outside, and then grabs a mic. “Bryan as you can see I brought some old friends to keep your boys at bay.” Danielson rolls back into the ring and goes on the offensive. Just as he does the masked man jumps the rail and starts attacking him. The match ends in a DQ as the masked man pulls off his mask and reveals himself to be….Shane McMahon!!! He then takes the mic. “Bryan, I bet you never thought you would see me again. While I was gone I made some calls to an old acquaintance, and he agreed to help me take back what’s mine. Let me introduce to you the good Father who will help me. Father James Mitchell!” A long haired man with a cane comes out and takes the mic. “The Family is coming next week. See you then Bryan.” He let’s out an evil laugh and the show fades to black.

I hope you enjoyed this. I’m sorry for the long gap. Join us next time as we cover the month of  August and ACW The Tattered Edge of Sanity.

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