Chronicles of AWE: Back in Charge

Last week we saw the debut of The Wyatt Family, and the power shift back to Shane McMahon. What does this mean for the future? Let’s find out now.

ACW Civil Unrest 13:

This week we are live from the Braehead Arena in Scotland in front of 5,200 people. The show starts with Shane McMahon in the ring with a mic, “Damn it feels good to be back in charge! Last night we saw the Wyatt Family destroy Anarchy. Now that I’m back in charge it’s time to go back to our roots. We are once again Awesome Wrestling Entertainment, and tonight we celebrate!” Just then, CM Punk’s music plays, “Good for you Shane, you’re back in charge, and now we are all your puppets once again. I’ll tell you what, me and Kenny Omega want a shot at those tag belts your boys have.” Shane picks up the mic, “I’ll tell you what Punk, you are ballsy coming in here making demands, but you can have your shot. Along with the rest of the tag teams in a 4 team double elimination tournament starting tonight, and your match is next.” This segment got a B.

Next we have Bullet Club vs The Hardy Boyz. This match is a fast paced match that the crowd really gets into. Bullet Club are in control most of the match. Jeff starts making a comeback, but Kenny Omega blindsides him with a chair while the ref’s back is turned. CM Punk hits the Go 2 Sleep for the win. This match got an A.

The main event of the evening is Guerrillas of Destiny vs Los Ingobernables. This is a hard hitting match between two powerhouse teams. The match ultimately ends when G.O.D hit BUSHI with the Nightfall to pick up the win. This match got a B+ and sent the crowd home happy.

AWE Weekly Carnage 21:

We are live this week with the return of AWE Weekly Carnage from the Green Glens Arena in Ireland in front of 5621 people. We start off backstage with Bray Wyatt talking to Harper & Rowan, “You two did my proud 2 weeks ago. I want you to watch carefully the tag tournament. You never know who could be challenging you, but I doubt you’ll be in any trouble. Show them the way of the family, and follow the buzzards.” This segment opened up the show strong with an A.

Shinsuke Nakamura is in the ring with a mic, “Bray Wyatt you come in here, and immediately get a title shot? I’ve been here since day one, and I haven’t had a title shot even though I have busted my ass week after week. I’m challenging you to a title match at Meme-a-Palooza, and I’ll show you why they call me the King of Strong Style.” This segment got a B+

Our main event is the first round of the losers bracket: Los Ingobernables vs The Hardy Boyz. The Hardyz get off to a strong start by isolating Mr Freakshow in their corner before Freakshow powers his way out and tags BUSHI. BUSHI works over Matt’s leg for the next couple minutes before tagging out to Freakshow who applies a Standing Figure 4 to make Matt tap out. This match got a B+.

AWE Weekly Carnage 22:

This week we are live from Manchester Central in the North British Isles in front of 5,981 people. The show starts with the Wyatt Family making their way to the ring. The crowd illuminates the arena with their cell phones. Bray Wyatt takes the mic, “Nakamura, you want to come out here and challenge me? I’m the eater of worlds boy. Let me tell you a story. When I was a boy I was raised by the most wonderful gift God ever created, Sister Abigail, and you know what she said to me? She said ‘Bray, one day when you grow up men everywhere will fear you. The whole world will bow before you.’ Nakamura you call yourself a king? Well at Meme-a-Palooza I’ll show you that I’m better than a king, because I. AM. A.GOD!” The lights go out, and the Wyatt Family are gone. This segment got an A.

Next we have the semifinals of the winners bracket: Bullet Club vs Guerrillas of Destiny. Bullet Club attack G.O.D during their entrance, and beat them up all around ringside before rolling in the ring to start the match. G.O.D make the comeback punishing CM Punk with brutal two-on-one attacks before hitting the Nightfall on CM Punk with Omega breaking up the pinfall, then hitting the V-Trigger on Tonga Roa for the win.

After the match two masked men come out and attack G.O.D with chairs. Shane McMahon comes out, and the two masked men leave through the crowd. Shane takes the mic, “Well it seems like Guerrillas of Destiny aren’t in an shape to have their losers finals match tonight, so it looks like that will be put off until next week. I can’t have wrestlers getting injured on my watch.” This segment got a B-.

AWE Weekly Carnage 23:

This week we come to you from the Bootham Crescent in the North British Isles in front of 6,245 people. We open up the show with Shane McMahon in the ring, mic in hand, “I don’t know who attacked the Guerrillas of Destiny last week, but I want you to know that’s not how you rise up the ranks in my company. Maybe under the last regime you could, but not here. I’ll find out who you two are, and there will be hell to pay.” This segment got a B+.

Next up we have Shinsuke Nakamura vs Hirooki Goto in a very quick, very aggressive match. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa for the 1-2-3 then grabs the mic. “Bray, you talk a big game, but in the end you’ll just end up like poor Goto here: flat on your back.” Nakamura throws the mic down. This match got a B-.

The main event is Guerrillas of Destiny taking on Los Ingobernables in the final round of losers. This match starts off slow with both teams being cautious as neither team wants to be out of the tournament. G.O.D gets the upper hand when BUSHI takes a dive to the outside, and crashes and burns. G.O.D hits Mr Freakshow with the Nightfall for the 1-2-3. This match got an A.

AWE Meme-a-Palooza

Hello everyone, we are live from the Globe Arena with a sold out house of 6,476! This month’s pay-per-view is brought to you by Kyle Craven a.k.a Bad Luck Brian. Here’s hoping your luck turns around soon!

We open the show up with the grandfinals of the tag team tournament Bullet Club (winners) vs Guerrillas of Destiny (losers). The match starts out with Tama Tonga being aggressive trying to get the win early to reset the bracket. CM Punk fights back and gets the tag to Kenny Omega. Omega hits Tama Tonga with the V-Trigger, but Tonga Roa distracts the ref. Tama Tonga hits Omega with the Gun Stun for the 1-2-3. This match got an A-.

Next up is Bullet Club vs Guerrillas of Destiny. Losers gets eliminated, and the winner gets a title shot. Tama Tonga is celebrating when CM Punk comes up from behind and hit Tama Tonga with the Welcome to Chicago Motherfucker. Tonga Roa comes in and pulls his brother to safety. Tama Tonga takes a powder on the outside until the 9 count. The match continues back and forth for another 10 minutes. Kenny Omega hits Tonga Roa with the V-Trigger on the apron, then hits Tama Tonga with the Rain Trigger. Then CM Punk hits the Go 2 Sleep. Omega covers for the 1-2-3. This match got an A.

Shane McMahon appears on the stage mic in hand, “Bullet Club, congratulations on winning the tournament. Sadly due to the delay that means you’ll have to wrestle again tonight. You can go on in the main event, that way you get a rest between your second and third match.” This segment got a B-.

Next up we have Bray Wyatt vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the AWE World Championship. Nakamura makes his way to the ring, and the lights go off. Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron and says, “Nakamura you come out here, and you dance and play to the crowd. Do you do that because you’re scared no one will like you? Are you scared you’ll be left alone if you don’t play the part of the dancing monkey? Well tonight I have my family with me, and you Nakamura, you have nobody.”

The lights turn back on and the entire Wyatt Family is at ringside with Bray in the ring. The match is very hard hitting on the part of Nakamura with Bray Wyatt taking his time, and being very methodical. He hits Nakamura with a Ura-Nage then rolls to the outside to take a powder. Breaking the count at 9 then rolling back outside. Bray rolls back in, and Nakamura hops back up to his feet. Nakamura runs at Bray and Bray side steps the Kinshasa attempt and counters it into a Sister Abigail for the 1-2-3. Winner and STILL World Champion: Bray Wyatt. This match got an A.

The main event of the evening sees Bullet Club take on Harper and Rowan for the AWE Tag Team Championships. Bullet Club comes limping down to the ring. Harper and Rowan rush Bullet Club on the ramp and beat them down before rolling them in the ring and hitting them both with The Way. Harper pins them both for the 1-2-3. Winner and STILL AWE Tag Team Champions: Harper and Rowan.

That’s all for this installment! I hope you enjoyed it. Join us next time when we find out what’s next for the Wyatt Family. Join us in two weeks when we cover the month of October and the pay-per-view AWE Devil’s Night.

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