Chronicles of AWE: Anarchy Rulez

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Last time we were here, Anarchy proved they aren’t ones to be trifled with. Going forward these articles may be a little longer as I now have a storyline going on and will be writing out important promos and backstage stuff. Let’s jump in feet first!

AWE Weekly Carnage 9:

This show comes to you from our homebase in Scotland in front of 173 people. The show opens with all 5 members of Anarchy in the ring as Bryan Danielson demands the crowd be silent. He goes on to list each member’s accomplishments: “Pentagon Dark is the reigning European Champion. The Hardy Boys are the best tag team on the planet today, and have proved it time and time again. I’m the best damn wrestler on the planet today, but there’s one of us that doesn’t have any gold in this ring.” *Everyone looks towards Black Spirit* “It’s nothing personal, but we only needs champions here.” *Anarchy beat down Black Spirit, and he has to be carried away on a stretcher* The main event of the night was Pentagon Dark defending his titles vs Gedo with help from the other members of Anarchy and was rated A+. The show ends with Anarchy beating down Gedo with the locker room emptying to help Gedo. Anarchy retreats through the crowd.

AWE Weekly Carnage 10:

This week we come to you live from the South British Isles in front of 228 people. The show opens up with Bryan Danielson in the ring on the mic: “This gold around my waist means I’m better than all of you, and all the boys in the back. Me and the rest of Anarchy are the best of the best, and we want what is ours. We have been held down despite being champions, and we won’t stand for it anymore. From this moment on I’m no longer ‘The American Dragon’. I’m ‘The American Anarchist’ Bryan Danielson, and wherever I go Anarchy, is sure to follow.” In a match to determine the #1 Contender for the AWE World Championship, Eddie Guerrero takes on CM Punk. Halfway through the match Bryan Danielson comes out and distracts both men while The Hardy Boys sneak in the ring and beat down both Eddie and Punk, plus the referee Larry Peace. The match ends in a no contest with an A rating. The show closes with Anarchy standing tall amongst the fallen wrestlers.

AWE Weekly Carnage 11:

This weeks show brought to you by the fine folks at Frantic Talks, and it’s coming at you from the Central British Isles in front of 230 people. The show opens backstage with a group of wrestlers talking amongst themselves. They’re talking about how having Anarchy around has made for an unsafe work environment. Afterwards Pentagon Dark is out to the ring with mic in hand, and he calls out owner Shane McMahon. who proceeds to come down to the ring to loud cheers. *Pentagon Dark starts talking* “Shane, I wanted to warn you that until we get what we want, no one is safe.” *Pentagon Dark beats down Shane in the middle of the ring* The main event sees The Rock taking on Kenny Omega in a match won by Kenny Omega in an A+ rated match. After the match the camera cuts backstage to the parking lot as the members of Anarchy are taking baseball bats and crowbars to all the other wrestlers cars.

AWE Weekly Carnage 12:

This show is coming from the North British Isles in front of 247 people. The show opens with a group of wrestlers led by The Rock in Shane McMahon’s office. *The Rock starts talking to Shane* “Shane, the boys in the back had a long talk, and if you can’t do anything to stop Anarchy from attacking us while we’re trying to work we will just have to quit coming to work. We can’t make a living if we are laid up with an injury like Black Spirit.” *Shane nods his head* “Listen Rock, I understand your concern, but I promise nothing is going to happen tonight. All the boys from Anarchy have been banned from the building.” During a midcard match featuring The Rock vs Kazuchika Okada, four men in hoodies came through the crow, and beat down everyone from the wrestlers in the ring to the ring announcers. This match got an A rating. Later in the night The Rock is back in Shane’s office. *The Rock slams his fists on the desk* “DAMMIT SHANE I TOLD YOU EARLIER IS YOU COULDN’T KEEP THEM OUT WE WOULD WALK!! HAVE FUN HOLDING THE PAY PER VIEW WITH ONLY FOUR PEOPLE!” The show closes with all the wrestlers except Anarchy walking out on the company citing unsafe work environment. As that happens, Shane looks at the camera and says, “Well fans I’m sorry, but it looks like Sunday’s Somebody Got Murdered event, and the future of the company is in doubt.”

That’s all for this week. Join me next time as we cover the month of April. Can Shane rally the troops to fight back, or will we fall to the wayside due to Anarchy?

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