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Hello and welcome to the final installment of The Kickoff for the year. I hope you have enjoyed following along for the past few weeks and I hope your team is one of the two to make it to the end! As much as I don’t want to be reminded of the train wreck these predictions have become, let’s recap. After the conference championships, the record is updated to 3-7…as both Minnesota and Jacksonville lost their respective games. Continue reading

Welcome back everyone to another week of the Kickoff. Hopefully this past weekend, your preferred team won and kept their chances to make an appearance in the Super Bowl alive. If they didn’t, then I feel your pain. After the past weekend, my 2-2 record was essentially annihilated by going 1-3 in those games. The Steelers, Titans, and Saints all lost their games meanwhile the Eagles gave me my only “win”. The new tally sits at 3-5… Happening this weekend are the AFC and NFC conference championships, let’s get started! Continue reading

Welcome back everyone to the second edition of The Kickoff. Last week we saw the Titans pull off the upset over the Chiefs and the Falcons not blow any leads to defeat the Rams. Meanwhile, the Jaguars and Saints both advanced as well. As a result, if we were to be keeping tally of how correct these predictions are, we would be sitting at a record of 2-2. We could literally flip a coin and get the same results. This week we will have the Divisional round where the winners will move on to the AFC or NFC Championships. Let us begin, shall we? Continue reading

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new series here at Frantic Talks. For those who missed the rundown on our last podcast let me give you an even briefer rundown before we start. A few years ago I ran a series on my own blog entitled “Bowl Bound” where I took the collegiate football bowl games that happen at the end of each season and simulated them in the latest NCAA Football game I had and posted the results. Eventually I took that idea and turned it pro, and by that, I mean I took important games in the NFL regular season and gave them the same treatment. Sadly, this only lasted for one week before I just quit doing it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking the NFL playoffs and running those games through my super scientific procedure.

Continue reading