Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Impressive

Over the weekend, I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I’m a big fan of Marvel so I had high expectations, especially since the first initial wave of reviews from the UK were extremely positive.  The movie started at an 8.7 on IMDB and dropped to an 8.2 by the time I got to go see it.  It’s been on the rise and here’s why:

It’s pretty damn good.

Everyone hates on the first Cap movie but I thought it wasn’t that bad. Yeah it wasn’t much of an action movie and jumped around a lot, but for a back story it wasn’t bad. I didn’t care for the ending but overall, I didn’t hate it.  I’m a huge Cap fan so I guess it’s natural I like it more than the average person.  The Winter Soldier blew The First Avenger out of the water. Hell, it blew every Marvel movie, sans Avengers, out of the water.  Here’s the thing though, you’re probably tired of hearing that.  So I’ll attempt to tell you some stuff you might not have thought about or might not have noticed.


Yeah don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen the movie. So first things first, if you’re like me, you tend to ignore the use of CGI in a movie until the second time around. Since I just recently watched the Red Letter Media review of the Star Wars prequels, I’ve been paying more attention to what’s “real” and what’s fake.  I read that The Winter Soldier was going to have less CGI and I definitely noticed when it was CGI and when it wasn’t.  According to Anthony Mackie, when talking about Anthony and Joe Russo, “If they could build it, they built it…They wanted to do as little CGI as possible. ”  It made the movie more real, for starters. It also impressed me that a movie with 3 helicarriers and a guy who can fly managed to pull off minimal CGI.

So you noticed that? Okay, let’s talk about the Easter eggs that you may or may not have noticed.  First and foremost, the one everyone in my theater caught was Jasper Sitwell saying a certain character’s name: “Stephen Strange.”  Doctor Strange huh? I hadn’t read about where the movie was in regards to production stage or casting stage or even existing but it would seem that it is intended to exist if it doesn’t already.

You caught that?  What about the bible verse on Nick Fury’s grave? Ezekial 25:17?  You mean the bible verse that is quote by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction right before he kills someone?  Yeah.  That bible verse.  Not good enough? “The Righteous Man” was also printed on the gravestone.

Not much of an Easter egg but I really enjoyed Arnim Zola’s return in this movie. In the first movie we just got a magnifying glass zooming in on his face as sort of a homage to his character in the comics. The Winter Soldier gives us a more… modern version of the genius mad man that is Arnim Zola, and he’s really the cause of most of the turmoil in the movie thanks to his algorithm. You could chalk him down as one of the main villians while having less than 10 minutes of screen time but I think barely being seen in the movie doesn’t count as much.

What’s Next?

So what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  A Doctor Strange movie? Agents of Shield ending after one season due to Shield disintegrating? Well I have a few that are either guaranteed or that I’d like to see:

Captain Bucky

Steve is going to die or give up his duty as Captain America.  Since that second one is definitely less likely, the first seems much more plausible.  Why would this happen?  Well, if you let me go meta for a second, Chris Evans said he was done with acting once he’s done with Cap. This means his last movie will be Avengers 3: Thanos is a Mean Guy (title not yet confirmed).  Who will take the shield?  Well, in the post-post-credits scene, Bucky seemed to find out who he really is, and if my comic book lore serves me well, he takes the shield when Stevey dies.  Just have to let Thanos kick his butt first.

Cap is dead, and so is someone else:

This is a necessary step, in my honest opinion, to get the movies to feel more suspenseful or, dare I say, real.  So far, we’ve just been told someone is dead only to find out that they totally weren’t. The guilty parties here are Cap (he got frozen, which we knew but it still counts), Phil Coulson, Pepper Potts (for like 20 seconds), Loki, and Nick Fury.  That’s way too many dammit.  It’s not suspenseful and it’s getting kind of annoying, just like the plot twist that “Oh the bad guy was someone good all along” (Dark Knight Rises I’m looking at you).  So we need someone to die, and I think it should be before Cap dies.  Yes, Cap dying works, but that’s not until 2018 when Avengers 3: Thanos is a Mean Guy (title still pending) is released.  So to hold us over, we get suspense about someone probably not dying when they die. My choice? Kill off Hawkeye.  I’m not sure if he has a contract or where it’s at (Google failed me this time) and he hasn’t been a huge part besides being Loki’s sidekick for half of the Avengers movie.  So in all reality, killing him isn’t crazy but it will bring some suspense to the movies since we know a character can actually die.

A Panther isn’t so Strange

Pardon the pun but we need Black Panther and Doctor Strange. They’ve dropped the name of one and the other is supposedly in development so that’s great. While doing the Panther won’t be too hard (from a Marvel science standpoint), I’m wondering where they’re going to come from when it comes to magic.  It’s apparently a touchy subject in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since everything has had some sort of science explanation.  I personally don’t think magic will hurt the movies but I’m worried some writer will use it as a cop-out to some plot line where the character was halfway across the world and just teleported there to save the day.  Besides that worry, introducing Strange will be tricky (if they really do introduce him and didn’t just drop the name prematurely) and we can only hope they do it right, but I’m not too sure anyone knows what the right way is.


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