Amazing Spiderman 2 Review – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I’m not much of a man for reviews. I mean after all it’s your opinion that determines whether you like a movie, unless you just listen to what other people say and allow that to guide your thoughts. But, after a few days to think about this movie, I’ve finally come to a conclusion about what I feel the newest Spiderman movie did well, what it did bad, and what it just sucked at.

This review contains spoilers!

The Good

The Acting: The best part of the movie in all honesty.  I went in with somewhat high hopes for this movie.  I was curious to see how things were handled due to all the skepticism that everyone had been talking up.  Something that truly stood out to me was the acting.  It was fantastic.  Jamie Foxx blew me away with his portrayal of Max Dillon.  Andrew Garfield proved he is the Spiderman we need (but some would say we don’t deserve).  Emma Stone did a fantastic job as Gwen.  I’d never seen Dane DeHann until this movie but he was a great Harry Osborn.  I could go on for a while but the overall acting in this movie made me extremely pleased. The Villains: Not speaking for character development, I’m speaking to those who thought 3 villains was a bad idea.  They did it well.  Electro was the main villain.  He caused the majority of problems throughout the movie and he even had some help from good ol’ Harry but never lost the limelight until his demise.  That’s where Harry comes in laughing it up (oh the laugh. So sinister).  I’ve heard people saying that this portrayal of the Goblin is just gross and looks awful.  I’ll be honest, I liked it because he wasn’t a green and purple goblin.  I think it was a good “realistic” version of the goblin.  And then Rhino gets five seconds of screen time.  That was a great ending because we got basically one and a half villains with some crazy foreshadowing.  That makes me wonder how they’ll do six villains next time… The Romance: I guess Marc Webb does know a thing or two about romance.  It also helps Garfield and Stone are actually dating.  I really enjoyed the relationship and romance between them in the movie, even if sometimes it felt kind of dumb (the lines they’d say), but I’ll get to that in a minute. The Death: Gwen gets killed, and it’s beautiful.  Not the fact that she’s dead, the whole scene is just beautiful. Garfield makes it extremely believable with his sudden shock and how he won’t accept that she’s dead.  Everything about it just made me almost cry (I believe my girlfriend actually shed a tear).

The Bad

The Unexplained: This movie has a target audience of children and young adults primarily.  So why in the world is there so many things left unexplained?  You can’t expect the younger people to just connect imaginary dots.  Where did Electro get that fancy suit and bluetooth headset from? I figured they were testing on him to make a suit to use in warfare like everything else in that building but it’s never said. Where did the pumpkin bombs come from? Probably a similar answer to the previous question. Why, at the beginning of the movie, does Gwen immediately know Peter is upset about her dad?  They probably had some issues with it before and had discussed it but we as an audience don’t know that.  You can’t just expect us to figure it out.  I know they had to cram a lot of stuff into the movie but seriously, some 5 second explanation wouldn’t have killed the time. The Motivation: Electro and Goblin’s motivations were a bit sketchy to me.  Electro wanted everyone to know who he was, I get that, but he gets shot at and then just wants to kill everyone?  Spidey took the limelight because he was a hero at the time of the Times Square incident but I’m sure Electro was too crazy to completely understand.  It just seemed forced that one second he wants help and the next he’s trying to kill everyone.  Harry’s motivation made a bit more sense. His father laughed at him since he’s got some hereditary death sentence (what was up with that scene anyways?) and he got overthrown at Oscorp along with being denied Spidey’s blood.  It made more sense but still left some unanswered stuff.  Harry had to have been one messed up guy to just go insane like that over the course of one day or however long it was.  If he was, where was the explanation for that?  We can’t just assume everyone’s read the comics (if he was that bat-shit insane in the books).

The Ugly

The Script: I want to say this script was written in a short period of time, maybe somewhere around two weeks, where the writers just said “let’s just get to the good parts” and sort of neglected the rest of the story.  I could be wrong, but that does explain some of the lacking in story, explanations, and motivation to the characters. It also felt like they rushed everything. Going from one emotional extreme to another isn’t good for the viewer because we aren’t sure what to feel if we don’t have time to let the emotions flow. The Cheesy Lines: There are plenty out there that are praising the comic book-esque lines and cheesiness that this film presented.  I didn’t care for it.  I mean Electro just makes up his name and then gets shoved back into the water?  It was a nice buildup to a somewhat lame execution of dialogue, only to be thrown back into the water to show how helpless he was in that situation.  I liked the way the characters got named in the original Raimi films: The Daily Bugle.  Venom and Sandman didn’t get a name but Doc Ock did and so did the Goblin.  It wasn’t something the guys just thought of and shouted to the world (I’m looking at you Rhino).  It just felt lame in a movie that had a more serious undertone. The Planes: What the hell?  I mean what was the purpose of the two planes in the air?  It didn’t tie in to the story at all. There were no people the main characters would’ve worried about.  There seriously was no purpose to this besides the attempt to add suspense, which really didn’t work.  When you don’t much care about characters, you tend to not care about what happens to them. They just introduce these two planes and expect us to worry that they’re going to crash?  I think I know how this got in to the script.  It went something like this: Writer 1: “Hey what would happen in a city-wide blackout?” Writer 2: “Uh, I don’t know, plane crash?” Writer 1: “Brilliant!” I guess that goes back to that poorly written script I mentioned earlier.


7 out of 10: A generous seven is what I give this movie. Yes I had some issues with the things I mentioned above but the acting and impressive CGI helped this movie a lot.  There weren’t humongous mistakes that I saw, just smaller ones that made me just think “what?” and “wait a minute…”.  I’d still recommend going and seeing this movie to others because I didn’t find myself bored when watching it.  It was a fun experience and I like Spiderman and want him to eventually find cinematic success post-Spiderman 2.

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