The “wave defense” style game modes have been around for a while. In recent years, they have grown in popularity and have been included in many games ranging from indie games to some largely known triple A titles. While I feel these game modes are fun, I think this burst popularity was both good and bad. If we want to see them a positive light, some changes need to be made.
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Hello and welcome to the final installment of The Kickoff for the year. I hope you have enjoyed following along for the past few weeks and I hope your team is one of the two to make it to the end! As much as I don’t want to be reminded of the train wreck these predictions have become, let’s recap. After the conference championships, the record is updated to 3-7…as both Minnesota and Jacksonville lost their respective games. Continue reading

Sword fights. We have seen them in countless movies, shows, and games, plus have read described versions of them in various works of fiction. Most of these scenes are done quite well both in terms of being made to look cool and being accurate. There are times though, where you’ll notice they are simply designed with the intent to add action to the show, movie, or whatever it may be. These scenes are typically flashier and less accurate in accordance to real-world fighting techniques. Continue reading